What Does CBD Oil Taste Like


Have you ever sat down and wondered what CBD Oil tastes like? Since you are reading this, I am going to guess you have. CBD is rapidly becoming more popular with an increasing number of states across America legalizing CBD Oil with less than 3% THC. More normal people are starting to become interested in CBD Oil and with that comes more questions.

Perhaps the most common question is regarding what is legal and what is illegal with CBD. This is a different topic and one we have covered over here. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the different tastes associated with CBD Oil. CBD can possess a variety of different flavors, and the taste all depends on the method of consumption of which there are quite a lot.

With the obligatory intro out of the way! Let's delve into each one of the 6 different ways you can consume CBD Oil and then I will give you my thoughts on the different tastes.

6 Ways To Consume CBD

  • Oils
  • Concentrates
  • Vape cartridges
  • Tinctures
  • Infused edibles 
  • Cannabis buds/flowers/strains,

What Does CBD Taste Like As An Oil?

Typically Oil form is mostly taken by people dealing physical and sometimes mental symptoms. Depending on the vendor, CBD oil can either be very dark or quite light in color. The taste, however, remains the same regardless.

Let me tell you straight up, if you plan to try a CBD oil, be prepared for a very disgusting taste. Just imagine going out to your garden and eating either dirt or grass. Does that paint a picture in your head?

Here are some tips to avoid the bitter taste. You can either take the oil inside a veggie capsule as well and swallow it or drop a small amount onto something sweet like cake! The Oil will stick nicely, and both those methods will get rid of the nasty taste.

The Best Tasting Gummies

I have tried many CBD Oil products and would say that Sunday Scaries have the best tasting CBD Oil Gummies in my opinion as of 2019.

The Best TASTING CBD Gummies


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The Gummies are delicious! The best way I can describe the taste is by asking you to try some like I did.

What Does Concentrated CBD Taste Like?

The popularity of concentrates is growing going into 2019. A lot of users find that taking the CBD Oil in Concentrated form really gives additional more potent results. From my experience, I would have to say that the taste can vary from either a sour citrus taste to either an earthy flavor like in the CBD Oil.

There are however flavored CBD Concentrates which makes a whole world of a difference! CW Hemp, for example, has Mint Chocolate (my personal favorite) and Olive flavor. You get to choose.

What Does CBD Taste Like in Vape Cartridges?

There are several different options for you to choose from with CBD vape cartridges. Each one has a unique characteristic and flavor depending on the method used to manufacture the cartridge. Certain companies make use of different oil bases such as hemp seed oil or vegetable oil for cartridges, which affects its flavor.

You can also purchase flavored cartridges too. Often, people prefer flavored cartridges to regular CBD cartridges. Most individuals report that plain CBD vape cartridges tend to taste like sour cough syrup or sometimes very bitter and dry. Vape cartridges are available in flavors like orange cream, vanilla, and much more. I would recommend CBDistillery for flavored vape cartridges.

What Does CBD Taste Like in a Tincture?

If you have been looking around for CBD Oil you might have seen Tincture's come up more than once. The best advice I can give here is to try it out. The tinctures from Elixinol for example come in Cinnamint, Grape and natural flavor which tastes earthy.

The Tinctures from Elixinol are highly rated, and for me, the Grape flavor tastes excellent. Keep in mind that the higher the amount of CBD, then the stronger the taste is going to be. You just have to find the perfect compromise for yourself.

What Does CBD Taste Like in Edibles?

This is where things get exciting and crazy. If you are a foodie and hate the taste of natural CBD Oil then this is going to be the perfect solution for you. From gummies to brownies and cookies, CBD can be put into almost anything and everything. Just imagine your favorite food then think about if you could cook it with CBD Oil.  

If you are not much of a chef, then you can buy ready made edibles from a variety of different CBD Vendors. This article by Sarah Argus and Jenna Haulfer is quite a good read. It takes a look at some tasty edibles like gummies and peanut butter. And yes, for anyone asking. It's vegan.

What Does CBD Taste Like in Flower Form?

Nowadays there is something for everyone, and that includes CBD in smokable flower form. Compared to THC blunts, Cannabinoid oil is grown to have high concentrations of CBD. The focus was on THC in the past, but that has changed. 

These flowers tend to have a flavor that is very similar to that of old fashioned pot. With that being said, experienced users can usually taste the difference straight away. With high levels of CBD, some people report that it takes away some of the fruity, sweet, candy-like tones that marijuana is typically associated with.

Final Thoughts

So there we have it, hopefully now you can visualize in your head how each CBD product will taste. Just remember though taste isn't always the most important thing to consider. Find a reputable vendor with good reviews and experiment around until you find a product that gives YOU the best results. That's the most important thing after all.


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