Is CBD Oil Legal In Utah 2019?


This article will detail a couple of different strains of marijuana. It will also hopefully answer the question, is CBD oil legal in Utah?

Road Dawg

This strain is a result of the collaboration between JJ-NYC and Top Dawg Seeds. Top Dawg provided Karma's Biker Kush and with JJ-NYC giving their Stardawg to the partnership. This high yielding plant produces an earthy tasting bud with hints of fruit. It provides equal levels of mind and body high, yet packs a powerful punch.

Amnesia OG

Amnesia OG is a Sativa leaning hybrid plant. It is a mix of Amnesia and Biker Kush and was bred by Karma Genetics. This strain is 30% Indica and 70% Sativa and has won several different awards. This bud has a full flavor profile with notes of a sweet fruit flavored bubble gum mixed with peppered incense taste. The high produced from this plant has an equally full profile producing a body and head high. There is an Indica leaning strain of this same hybrid that has the alternate moniker of Where's My Bike.

Mother of All Cherries

This hybrid is equal parts of Indica and Sativa. It was produced by House Genetics and is a cross of Berries as well as Cherry Pie. It tastes as good as it sounds. It has a strong berry fragrance with compact buds that are tinged in a berry colored purple.This is a perfect bud for those who love an Indica high.

Utah Laws for CBD Oil

In the state of Utah the House passed bill 105 in 2015. This bill permitted the cultivation of industrial hemp by the Department of Agriculture for both agriculture and academic research. This bill specifies that the Department of Agriculture is given this permission only if the THC content of the hemp does not exceed three-tenths of one percent. Patients with tractable epilepsy have immunity from persecution if the CBD oil consumed has more than 15% content. However, this is the only condition where CBD oil is tolerated and even then not legal. 

Utah's Medical Marijuana

Only those who are terminally ill, and given six months or less to live, were allowed to use CBD oil. Even when the requirements were strict permitting an extract with a maximum volume of 15% CBD and 0.3% of THC, furthermore, they could only receive the oil from a state-authorized distributor.

In 2018, Senate Bill 130 proposed the selling of CBD products by qualified pharmacies. The Cannabidiol Product Act would allow for an extract strength of ten to one CBD to THC. This extract could only be taken with a doctor's prescription.

Ironically, there is another bill the Cannabis Cultivation Amendments that allows the Department of Agriculture and Food to manufacture marijuana and marijuana products. This and the medical industry is projected to bring vast amounts of revenue to the state. The 2021 projects are expected to exceed 17 million dollars in annual income.

Utah's Recreational Laws

The recreational use of marijuana in Utah in 2019 will swiftly land you in jail. For amounts less than an ounce will garner up to 6 months in prison and a fine of up to a thousand dollars.



Believe it or not, Utah is a popular place to buy CBD oil. Several cities have retailers including Ogden, Salt Lake City, Layton, Kaysville, and St. George. Some of the stores are Aloha Nutrition, Green Horizen, Alternatives, Smoke Spot, and Koodegras Snufr. You can always choose to buy CBD oil online. So, if you are terminally ill or if you have epilepsy you can safely use a CBD extract of a certain percentage. Find a state-authorized provider of the oil or purchase it online.

Laws and bills are being introduced all the time that are changing the attitudes bit by bit about marijuana laws. With states in all directions legalizing recreational marijuana, the climate towards change is warming. However, for the meantime medicinal laws are strict and recreational use is strictly prohibited. Make sure you understand all the rules in each state before crossing state lines with CBD oil, marijuana, or marijuana or CBD infused products or edibles in your possession.

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