Receptra Naturals CBD Review & Coupon 2019


No doubt, you must be fed up of using prescribed painkillers for all minor aches if you are anything like me. No doubt, it is nice to get some relief when you feel like your joints are on fire, but the side effects are not worth it. I finally reached the stage where I finally understood that CBD is more suitable than medication.

I have, over the last 18 months, tried different CBD oils and the effect they had on my arthritis pleasantly impressed me most of the time. While low quality CBD oil is just as beneficial as sunflower oil for the pain, premium quality stuff oil works quickly and actually eases my suffering. I will today share my experiences with Receptra Naturals, who, instead of one, offer two variants of high grade CBD oil.

Who Are Receptra Naturals?


The boom in the popularity of CBD has resulted in hundreds of companies selling a wide array of such products. Therefore, there will always be a few scammers. However, as a consumer, it is your prerogative to weed out such scammers; always research a company as well as its products before purchasing.

Receptra Naturals is a CBD seller based in Colorado, which claims that it only uses aerial parts and hemp flower in its products. That means no seeds, stalks, or stems. It also makes use of cold ethanol extraction. In layman's terms, Receptra, a family run business claims that it only extracts the finest cannabinoids in the hemp plant. The hemp it uses is grown organically in Colorado state.

The website is nicely presented. However, I would have preferred if its "About Us" page offered a bit more detailed information. Nevertheless, the Certificate of Analysis* of the company helped to dispel any fears I initially had regarding the authenticity of the organization. By the way, the oil contains a small percentage of THC; hence, be wary of potential psychoactive effects. Finally, and for the record I did not use any of the pet CBD or topicals, even though I tried both of Receptra Naturals' CBD oils.

Receptra Naturals Health & Wellness Extracts

The Health & Wellness CBD products of the company are available in two different concentrations: Plus and Prime. Prime, which contains 20mg of CBD per dropper is the 'weaker' of the two. This means that if you place a full drop of oil beneath your tongue, you will be administering 20mg of CBD. It is available in three sizes:

  • 60 mL (1500mg of CBD): $134.95
  • 30mL (750mg of CBD): $74.95
  • 15mL (375mg of CBD): $39.95

I decided to try the 'Plus' version, containing 40mg of CBD per dropper, and is available in two different sizes:

  • 60mL (3000mg of CBD): $199.95
  • 30mL (1500mg of CBD): $134.95

The difference between Plus and Prime is that the former has a more powerful concentration of CBD (40 milligram per dropper compared to 20 milligram per dropper). This full-profile cannaboid extract did not disappoint me, even though I was expecting a lot from it. Following the instructions is a piece of cake. Fill the dropper and squeeze its contents under your tongue. Swallow the same after waiting for 15 to 20 seconds.

Regarding dosage, I decided to take a full Plus dropper two times daily. A full dropper contained 24 drops, and I pondered if I needed to increase the dose to three droppers per day for my arthritis. This was not necessary as I could positively 'feel' something within 15 minutes of consumption. Although the pain from my arthritis did not disappear completely, it reduced significantly to a level where I could enjoy playing with my daughter without gritting my teeth.

In addition, the 'Fresh Berry' flavor was much better than the stronger CBD oils I had tasted in the past. The taste, is actually quite pleasant and does not overwhelm the senses. If you are so inclined, you could add it to a fruit smoothie as well without feeling any difference in the taste. For yor information, I know about individuals adding this CBD oil to their weight loss programs' protein shakes and it worked perfectly.

Receptra Active Lifestyle

I like it a lot when companies do not attempt to over publicize their products; however, I believe Receptra is guilty of this sin as far as its Active Lifestyle range is concerned. The company states it will help you "achieve unheard of physical and mental performance" on its product description. I believe it does not require the added exaggerations, as it is a pretty good product. According to me, what ends up happening is that rather than expecting a CBD oil, which helps them become more active, certain users will assume it to turn them into a cross between Albert Einstein and Usain Bolt. These individuals will invariably end up being disappointed.

Irrespective, though, the oil, available in three different concentrations: Pro, Elite, and Active, is chock full of goodness as it contains neuroprotectant's, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and naturally occurring cannabinoids. The Active has 15mg of CBD per dropper, the Elite 30mg, and the pro 60mg. For those who are interested, here is a breakdown of the prices and sizes:

Active (15mg CBD per dropper)
  • 60mL (1000mg of CBD): $79.95
  • 30mL (500mg of CBD): $44.95
  • 15mL (250mg of CBD): $24.95
Elite (30mg CBD per dropper)
  • 60mL (2000mg of CBD): $149.95
  • 30mL (1000mg of CBD): $79.95
Pro (60mg CBD per dropper)
  • 60mL (4000mg of CBD): $249.95
  • 30mL (2000mg of CBD): $149.95

There is no difference between the Health & Wellness and Active Lifestyle in terms of consuming the oil, just drop it under your tongue and wait for a couple of seconds before swallowing. I tried the 1,000mg Elite bottle with the 30mg dropper and was quite pleased with the results.

While it did not help me compete in a Spelling Bee or turn me into an Olympic athlete or, it did cause a pleasant feeling of relaxation and made me feel energetic enough to conduct my daily tasks easily. It goes without saying that it succeeded in dulling the pain of arthritis as well.

Final Thoughts on Receptra Naturals


Undoubtedly, Receptra Naturals is selling high-quality CBD products. On using both the Active Lifestyle and Health & Wellness and CBD oils, I noticed the pain of the arthritis ease away, and it was barely perceptible within minutes. The best thing about these oils, like with all CBD products, is the lack of side effects. You do not feel anxious, high or tired. On the contrary, you feel calm, energetic.

The main downside in our opinion is that Receptra Naturals' CBD products are on the expensive side. Even its cheapest oil, priced at $24.95, there are perhaps 16-17 full droppers, good for a week's or for a month's worth of treatment, which depends on how much you use daily. That being said, if you are suffering from an anxiety problem or even a chronic pain, We think that Receptra Naturals' CBD products will be a welcome addition to your life. Finally, I hope that more people dump their pharmaceutical drugs and use CBD.

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