PureKana Review – I wouldn’t recommend them


PureKana is a well known CBD Oil Seller from Scottsdale, Arizona. Their domain was registered in 2017, and since then they have marketed their brand very well and built a name for themselves in the CBD Oil Industry.

PureKana CBD offers the standard capsules, tinctures, vape oil and also some exciting, unique products like the peanut butter dog treats and Vegan CBD Gummies. In this PureKana review, I will try to find some real PureKana CBD customer testimonials. Then take a look at the lab reports to see if I feel confident enough to order some of their products and recommend them publicly.

PureKana Reviews

PureKana CBD does not currently have public reviews on their Facebook page setup or a TrustPilot profile. This makes it a little challenging to find out what their customers think. They do however sell on Amazon, and as you may know, that is a great place to check customer reviews on products. Their mint flavor PureKana CBD Oil is an Amazon's choice best seller and has nine customers giving it a 3.6 out of 5-star rating.

The three 1 star reviews there claim that the product is "Fake CBD Oil", "Not CBD Oil" and a "Scam Company. On the flip side of that, the three 5 star reviews also state that PureKana is an "Amazing Seller", "Great" and helpful with insomnia. There are always two sides to every story, so at this point, I am not sure who to believe. Perhaps looking at their third-party CBD Oil Lab Results would clear things up?

PureKana Lab Report


It was quite challenging to find PureKana's CBD Oil lab report through their website, but they do have one published from the Lab, Pro Verde. The test was done in 2017 though and it doesn't contain any information on whether there is any pesticides, chemicals or harmful bacteria in their CBD Oil Tincture, which is a slight worry for me. PureKana makes a point of claiming that all their products are Organic, Non-GMO which makes me wonder why that the only Lab Report I can find published on their website is a one-page document showing only the Cannabinoid Profile of their Tincture from 2017.

PureKana Products

On the website, you can find four types of PureKana’s CBD oil that is Natural, Vanilla, and Mint. PureKena is a CBD oil processing company, claims its CBD Oils are grown organically and has 0.05% THC a sufficient trace amount. PureKana CBD oil has potencies of 1,000mg, 600mg and 300mg. The 1,000mg costing $139 and has 40 servings making it give the best value for your money. 

PureKana Mint CBD Oil


PureKana sell CBD Oil starting in 300mg, 600mg, 1000mg, 2500mg and 5000mg bottles. They currently have the flavors Mint and Vanilla with the Mint CBD tincture being their number 1 best seller. The taste and effects from this full spectrum mint CBD oil are both excellent from my personal experience.

PureKana Vape


Smoking is an option of taking CBD oil but vaping it is advisable as it allows CBD oil to work more quickly and effectively. It also leaves no pungent odor behind. Notably, vaping Vanilla and Mint flavored CBD Oils taste delicious and smooth. CBD Oil is the best alternative when it comes to alleviating stress, anxiety, pain, and mild. However, it is not well ascertained that PureKana CBD Oil products can reliably deal with harsh conditions. 

PureKana Capsules


PureKana pills & capsules are the best, especially if you do not like smoking or vaping. PureKana capsules & pills are available at $89, and each bottle contains 30 capsules with 25mg of CBD each. However, it is not cheap but spares your pocket. The capsules are certified organically and are manufactured without herbicides and low-grade nasty stuff. PureKana CBD capsules are consumed just like any other pill, and all you need is to pop it in the mouth with water. The capsules were used to deal with stress and anxiety symptoms, and it can be ascertained that they have a dramatic calming effect. However, capsules efficacy cannot be determined while coping with chronic pain. 

PureKana Topicals


In the PureKana CBD section, there is only one product which is CBD topical ointment that looks awfully like moistening cream. Each of its containers has 2oz topical Ointment totaling to 600mg CBD all for only $75. Its manufacturers claim that the Ointment is made from costly hemp oil extractions from the best locations on Colorado. The manufacturers infuse regular moistening cream combined with a silky texture and blood orange scent. This makes it so perfect you won't wait to taste it out. The manufacturers recommend that the Ointment should be applied directly o the troubling parts. Apply it like regular moistening cream to the pain areas, relax, and wait for magic in the shortest time possible. 

Theoretically, CBD ointment is effective compared to capsules or oil because it is applied to the pain areas. This is unlike the capsules taken orally and can take up two hours to start working. The Ointment is applied directly on the skin and absorbed immediately and acts fast. The doubt and skepticism we had before were alleviated quickly when we discovered the fast rate at which the Ointment works. The Ointment relieves painful sensations immediately when applied. PureKana attests that the Ointment can work on other skin conditions. It has coconut MCT oil, Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter, essential oils, and other vital ingredients. The Ointment is a real moisturizer.

Other Products

As I alluded to in my intro, I mentioned PureKana did have some exciting products. They have a pet's section that includes dog treats and a bath bombs section. Although the products are quite limited here, they are priced very well, and they provide a lot of relevant, helpful information for these products.

PureKana Coupon Code

For a 15% Discount on all PureKana products use the Coupon Code 5OFFCBD1.

PureKana Support

PureKana don't have live chat support like some of the sellers we have reviewed recently, but they do have toll free phone support, an address for their office and a contact form all listed here. Their support isn't open 24/7 but instead only from 11am-8pm EST, Monday to Friday.

You can contact them via this email address: info@purekana.com.

PureKana Pros

  • Vegan Options Available.
  • Organically Grown Natural CBD.
  • Good Customer Support.
  • CBD Products are legal.
  • Non-GMO CBD Products.
  • Free Shipping To All 50 US States.

PureKana Cons

  • Third-party lab reports are quite old.
  • Refund and Delivery process isn’t great.
  • Not the cheapest CBD out there.

Final Thoughts

PureKana does have an "our story" section on their website, but I couldn't see anything here about the actual people who own and founded PureKana. They don't have a story like CW Hemp or Lazarus Naturals, at least not publicly anyway. It's hard to know if the founders just set up this company as a venture purely for profit. I hope this CBD Oil Review helps you.

The Bottom Line: Should You Buy CBD From Pure Kana?

Use Coupon Code "COP50" for a huge discount at checkout.

The Lab Report is a red flag for me, and so is that fact they don't allow customers to review them on Facebook publicly. It's also strange they don't mention who actually founded the company. 

I don't doubt that there are many customers happy with Purekana. They wouldn't have gotten as far as they have if that wasn't the case. For me personally, there isn't enough there for me to trust order from PureKana and ingest their products into my body.

I would recommend Ananda Hemp instead (My Number 1 Recommendation) since I think they are better in every way. 

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