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From all the CBD Vendors we have reviewed at CBDOilPolice, Palmetto Harmony are unique. They have made it their mission to create natural healing remedies for all ages which in some peoples eyes may seem controversial. If you are one of those people, then you may change your mind by the end of this review once you hear their full story.

The staff at Palmetto Harmony take things very seriously and claim to test every product from "seed-to-sale" and only use hemp that has been grown organically which if true puts the customer in safe hands. 

Instead of using herbicides and pesticides, Palmetto Harmony makes use of combative pests to deal will anything negative affecting the plants. To back up these claims it would be great if we could get access to a Lab Result, keep reading to find out if they have published one or not.

Palmetto Harmony Review


Palmetto Harmony came about through a mom's love for her baby similar to Charlottes Web. CEO Janel Ralph's daughter named Harmony was born with a serious brain malformation. Ralph decided to come up with an alternative to the more mainstream types of pharmaceutical treatments.

Palmetto Harmony offers medicine to the seriously committed and merely curious alike. The products range between $39-$200 and include CBD vaping oils, capsules, suppositories, tinctures and more. Though it is not so conventional concerning CBD products, suppositories help those who are in situations in which their nausea prevents them from undergoing therapy via the oral routes that are traditionally used on cancer patients. 

Are Palmetto Harmony Lying?

You can see that Palmetto Harmony truly cares about every individual's health. They have an ISO-certified lab in which they test all of their products at every level of production. The tests check for heavy metals, mold, pesticides, herbicides, terpenes, cannabinoid levels, microbial contaminants and various other things. Through this transparency, consumers can rest assured that they can take these remedies without any worry or stress. It looks like all their claims are true which is great!

If this isn't enough to convince you, Palmetto Harmony claims to extract only from the premium parts of hemp that is 100% organically-grown. They show their mastery of the art of cannabis more with the fact that they have opted not to use herbicides and pesticides on their hemp plants. Instead, they work with combative pests like ladybugs to cut down on insects that would otherwise eat or damage the plants. Though there is no clear documentation to carry this claim, this is one impressive company that people should keep an eye on in the future.

Ms. Ralph has undergone three years of trial and error with her daughter's treatments. With the use of these natural remedies, she has been able to decrease use of pharmaceutical drugs for her Harmony. Also, she has had an 80% reduction of seizures. It is clear that a different type of remedy is necessary for children with special needs. Fortunately, Palmetto Harmony seems to be the new best friend when it comes to the fight for real holistic health. 

Real Customer Reviews


With nothing to hide Palmetto Harmony have set reviews to be public on their Facebook page and since 2016 they have received hundreds of reviews there giving them a 4.9 rating! This is a great way to check a CBD Oil companies reputation because nothing can be faked there. Companies with a shady set up will never allow reviews to be made public for obvious reasons.

The only negative review on their page that stopped them from getting a perfect 5-star rating wasn't even a real review! It was just an uninformed customer abusing the rating system.


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Final Thoughts

Palmetto Harmony is by far one the best vendors we have reviewed here at CBDOilPolice. Their quality is perhaps the best in the entire industry, and the genuine positive reviews out there reflect that. Yes, there are cheaper options out there, but there is no way they can match the quality of Palmetto Harmony.

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