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All CBD products seem the same at first glance. The reality is that there can be significant quality differences between producers. But, how can you deduce which the trash CBD Vendors from the genuine ones?

Our team at CBDOilPolice has put together this honest NuLeaf Naturals review to help you decide whether it is a suitable place for you to buy CBD. This will ensure you have all the necessary information in one easy to read blog post. We will explain their manufacturing process in depth, emphasizing all the critical points you need to understand before purchasing.

In 2019 NuLeaf Naturals is presently among one of most popular CBD Oil manufactures out there and according to Ahrefs, they are getting close to 170,000 visitors every month to their website. Nuleaf was the most requested vendor, and after so many emails we felt we had to review them and so without any more delay, here is our NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil Review.

What is NuLeaf All about?


To understand NuLeaf Naturals we have first to take a step back and look at their beginnings. It was created five years ago in 2014 by four people self-proclaimed as "plant medicine aficionados" with an obsession for making high-quality plant extracts. Unfortunately not much else known about the founders. If what they wrote is true then this company has been focusing on CBD in a big way as its founders claim that many individuals can benefit from this fantastic compound.

The mantra they hold close is simple, "pure and natural" reflected in their strong assurance to make quality products under strict quality standards. As you might be aware, cannabidiol is showing to be beneficial in a range of wellness and health-related applications. It can help with everything from chronic illness to minor pains and even PTSD.

It seems like NuLeaf Naturals is set out to bring those health benefits to the consumer with its range of CBD extracts although it's still a legal grey area to make those claims. All of NuLeaf's extracts are derived from sustainable and organically grown hemp. This raw product is then processed carefully to maintain the potency and purity of the CBD.

One of the downsides with NuLeaf is that cost is higher than average; however, they represent fantastic value in case you are instead looking for the highest quality possible. You will probably have already noticed how tiny the bottles of cannabidiol extracts usually are. This can be frustrating --- paying "so much" forgetting "so little." But, before passing judgment, you ought to check the concentration of CBD in these products. You can measure a dose in drops with super high levels. A tiny bottle from Nuleafs Naturals provides many doses.

Real Customer Reviews

One great sign is that NuLeaf Naturals have made it possible to review them on their Facebook page publicly. This is a great thing to see from any vendor, and it shows they don't have anything to hide.


Honestly, it was challenging to find a negative review there. Eventually, when we did see one we saw that NuLeaf Naturals handled the situation professionally and didn't fight back with the customer.


The vast majority the reviews are positive like the ones above so I wouldn't worry too much about that one negative review.

NuLeaf Naturals Pros

  • Many growers have turned to harsh fertilizers and chemicals to get high-quality hemp plants for CBD extraction; The 4 anonymous NuLeaf founders are thankfully not following this trend so far in 2019. They depend 100% on organic growers when sourcing hemp for extraction, to avoid any chance of contamination in their products.
  • Every gram of CBD used in manufacturing NuLeaf products is extracted from hemp plants instead of isolates. Although a number of some competitors depend on isolates for convenience purposes, NuLeaf commits itself to use 100% whole plant extracts, allowing them to guarantee the quality they deliver to you.
  • While NuLeaf only uses pure hemp seed oil for their products, cheap competitors use blended or even substandard oils. NuLeaf took the trouble of extracting organic and pure CBD; therefore they decided to take the extra steps required to maintain the purity of their product.
  • You can feel the quality when you hold a NuLeaf extract bottle in your hand. The brown and tough glass bottle can withstand a lot of abuse during the shipping process, and the droppers in the lid provide accurate doses.
  • As mentioned earlier, NuLeaf Naturals are not the cheapest option for CBD products. But at the same time, you cannot put a price on peace of mind. When you purchase a NuLeaf product, you can rest assured in the knowledge that they use the most organic fresh ingredients and any issues are going to be handled by their expert team.

Would we recommend NuLeaf Naturals?


CBDOilPolice have no qualms about recommending NuLeaf due to the ethical practices and quality controls they have in place. Our staff has tried their products more than once, and they have passed all of our quality controls.

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Final Thoughts

Locating a retailer where quality CBD products are available can be tough. Due to this, I always recommend that you purchase the product online, direct from the manufacturer. In such a case, you can be sure of purchasing a genuine product and will have your CBD delivered to your home, leaving out the middleman.

We would recommend starting with their half ounce (725 mg) CBD bottle which is priced currently at $99 without our coupon code. The half ounce will let you experience the fantastic results this oil can deliver. 

After reading this Nuleaf Naturals review, you could still go and buy whatever is available in a local store or opt for a cheaper CBD oil, but just remember quality might from other places  be unknown. Therefore, we recommend to purchase directly from NuLeaf and have faith in the product you are using.


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