Is CBD Oil Legal In Nebraska 2019?


During the year of 2014 in Nebraska, lawmakers approved legislation that helped to reclassify industrial hemp as a crop for agriculture, thus launching research sponsored by the state for cultivating hemp. However, this did not mean that medical marijuana had been approved, and was still in legal limbo. The following offers information on two of the most commonly known CBD/THC and CBD-rich strains, how to purchase these, and also how legal it is in Nebraska.

Can you buy CBD Online?

If you want to buy your CBD Oil Online it is vital you choose an all American vendor that has CBD Oil with less then 0.3% THC. That is the legal requirement for Nebraska.

Aliens on Moonshine

This is potent high-CBD phenotype which blends well with White Moonshine and The Cali Connection's strain of Sour Alien. Sin City Seeds created this funky smelling strain that radiates with a scent that is both sour, sweet and chemical. This Indica-dominant strain offers a 5 to 1 ratio of CBD/THC, giving you a functional high with potent medicinal properties. You'll notice that inflammation, body aches, and irritability will fly out the window with this, all without giving you the psychoactive haze that you may not enjoy.

Harlequin GDP

Although this has a high Sativa level (70 percent Sativa to every 30 percent Indica), it is widely known as being quite popular. This particular blend is a cross of Harlequin and Granddaddy Purple, thus giving it a name combining the two. It offers a good ratio of 3 to 1 in terms of CBD to THC, which makes it great for not only recreational use but even more so for medical use. All of the benefits, but none of the side effects. It is instrumental without being over-stimulating or leaving the user feeling 'high' and is excellent for those suffering from anxiety or pain. Overdoses of this can cause headaches, though.

Nebraska Laws and You

As per the laws in Nebraska, any marijuana containing no more then 3/10ths or 1% THC is going to be excluded from being classified as a controlled substance. Along with LB 1001, Congress approved Section 7606 of the Farm Bill, which allowed state-sponsored research programs.

The Cornhusker state does not have any specific medical marijuana program in place as many of the conservative Nebraskans are strong critics of cannabis. They have managed to cull every single bill introduced to legalize it, and Governor Pete Ricketts has also sworn to veto any related item that comes across his desk. Unfortunately, until these types of things change there will be no medical marijuana program approved for this state.

Sadly, a recent poll showed that 75% of Nebraskans supported the legalization of medical marijuana across the state, indicating that the majority of people there actually support LB 622.

Nebraska in 2019

Medical marijuana is not something that is approved here, so lighting up a joint in public is not a good idea. Even possession of an ounce of this will hit you with a 300-dollar fine. You may also be required to complete a drug education course if convicted.

A second conviction will be a misdemeanor (class IV) and will cost you 500 dollars. If you've not learned by this time that recreational marijuana is not okay, the third conviction is going to land you in jail for a week. Keep in mind all of this revolves around you having at least an ounce on you at a time. More substantial amounts can lead to even worse sentences.

Where to Buy CBD Oil Locally

While you will only find a few different spots to buy this as the state has stricken cannabis down as being unacceptable, you'll be happy to know there are some places to get CBD Oil, all of which are in Omaha. These places are L&L Vapes, Generation V, Caterpillar Vapes and Habitz Glass & Goodies. Since these are all in Omaha, it might be easier for you to buy your product online if possible, as travelling to another city can be problematic.


In short, while CBD oil has been approved, recreational marijuana is still a risk, and therefore you must take great care. Thus, buying your products online is going to be the best bet. You can also get information on other states here on our website.

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