Natures Script Review – Would Not Recommend Them


Today I am going to be reviewing the vendor Natures Script. Their most popular product is their Gummies but they also sell Liquid, Oil, Capsules, Syrup, Pain Rub and Pet Oil.

 In my review I will be looking at their lab tests, compiling other customer reviews and looking at any claims they make. This will be an honest review, if anything changes I will update it.

What Is Natures Script All About

Natures Script claims to manufacture, packs, and ships all of its products from a single location. This provides them with the ability to maintain quality control as well as positively. I haven't seen any pictures of this in-house location and can't find where it is located.

Like many companies right now, Nature's Script believes that the future of your general wellbeing and natural health alternatives lies in CBD. This is the reason they ensure that their hemp is grown on eco-friendly farms and is non-GMO. We will be verifying this claim with their lab tests later on.

Customer Reviews


Some complaints are about the product not being strong enough and one customer even went as far as to say it contained no CBD Oil.


The majority of customers however are happy with the product. A lot of people saying that CBD Gummies helped them sleep well which is strange since high potency CBD Oil will usually keep you awake and make it hard to fall asleep depending on the time of day you take it.


They have a 4.3 out of 5 rating on Facebook and you can read all of the other positive reviews there. Some of the positive reviews mention that Natures Script helped with their pain and other similar things.

Natures Script Lab Tests

Natures Script make a big deal of making sure everyone can read their Lab Tests and they seem proud of that.

Their lab tests were carried out by a company called Desert Valley Testing. I have never heard of this testing company and as of today May 20th 2019 the Lab Website won't load and appears to be offline. It really doesn't look legit to me and casts a lot of doubts for me especially with some of the other customer reviews.

Featured In Other Publications 


On the homepage of the Natures Script website, they claim that they have been featured on the following. Tuck, Buzzfeed, Mashable, Startupworld, Vapor Vanity and Ministry Of Hemp. On Mashable they are indeed featured at position number 5 in a buyers guide and on Tuck they are ranked as the "Best Non-THC CBD Oil" which sort of backs up some of the customer complaints. I couldn't find the Buzzfeed feature.

Final Thoughts

There are just too many doubts for me regarding Natures Script. I would like to see some other lab tests from a well known laboratory that has a working website . There are just so many great vendors out there today that I would go with like Ananda Hemp and Bluebird Botanicals. If anything changes with Natures Script I will update my review but for now I'm going to pass with them. Let me know your experiences with them in the comments below.

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