Myaderm CBD Oil Review – The Truth & Coupon Code 2019


When it comes to Cannabidiol oil, or CBD oil, you have to take care to find and buy the right product. No just for the intended purpose and actual results of a product, but the methodology, the specifics of how and why it works. To that end, topicals have become all the rage in the CBD industry, being an alternative to traditional oil products. Topicals are applied directly to the skin, skipping past countless problems with some forms of intake and ingestion and in some cases providing region-specific aid and relief to areas of the body.

The industry right now is something of a lawless Wild West, with regulation and oversight struggling to catch up with more and more states like Alabama allowing the legal production and sale of cannabinoid products, including CBD. Keeping track of everything can be difficult, which is where thorough testing and product reviews step in. Today we’ll be taking just such a look at Myaderm, a company founded on topical CBD products and centered around providing a wide variety of them for general use.

MyadermCBD Products

First, let’s take a look at what Myaderm has on offer. As with many of the budding organizations making topical CBD creams and ointments they provide a basic formula for general relief, something you can use to ease all kinds of pain ranging from arthritis to sprained joints and even bruises. They also have a few more specific niche products, such as a popular foot-pain cream that includes a moisturizing element, intended for use after long work shifts, and even a topical cream for pets that claims to quickly modest levels of safe pain relief for your home’s smallest family members. And Myaderm provides a skin cream designed to clear blemishes and help with acne and other skin problems, something uncommon even outside of the CBD industry.

What makes Myaderm stand out is their general approach to topicals. They don’t make any grand claims, so they don’t come off as a company selling snake oil, but they do have very clear delineations between their products, offering accurate product details and CBD content labeling, with clear strength ratings and product designations that creates a level of professionalism you can sometimes miss in CBDs. And all at pretty affordable prices; nothing industry defining, but cost-effective.

And most importantly, Myaderm makes all of their products by an intense round of chromatography to chemically separate the core components and remove any trace of THC from the final product. This is a nice touch for customers out to avoid THC or an allergy to it. In addition, the various creams are often loaded with other essentials, including some vitamin extracts, natural minerals, useful plant components like aloe, and even some other useful oils, depending on the product. While not exactly medicine, the end result is a highly-produced pharmaceutical cream with science behind it.

Myaderm Review - Does it work?

First, let’s start with the standard Pain Relief Cream Myaderm is known form. On their website, it’s available in two sizes and two strengths, with their Double Strength products being exactly what it says on the package, coming in at double the concentration of CBD oil per application. The application isn’t exactly brain surgery, as it’s a cream with a measured system built in, but just in case both the products themselves and the website have clear instructions and application sizes. The cream itself is pretty quality, and feels natural to use, almost like a scented lotion with extra benefits to it.

Myaderm Pet Review


The Pet Cream is stated to be completely safe, engineered to work on animals of any size safely and is even safe to ingest, though of course I wouldn’t recommend it and neither would they, if only because that’s not a very good method of absorption. The treatment claims to provide help for a wide variety of issues, including pain and inflammation, and some other disorders it may help with. As with the other Myaderm products, it comes with a pump gauged to provide the exact dose required, and alternate instructions are given for sustained application against general problems your pet might be having that aren’t traceable to one specific location.

Myaderm Sport Review


Interestingly, Myaderm provides a specific Sport Cream product, labeled and geared for athletic use. It comes in the same sizes and strengths as the high-end Pain Cream, with a special mix of natural chemicals and vitamins and a bit of a cool kick to the application meant to ease muscle sores and provide some measure of relief to strained body parts and joints, mostly during or after a workout. I could see the potential benefits for use in difficult physical work, with lots of walking or moving around, particularly in labor. This is similar to how their Foot Cream works, though it has an added element to fight foot fungus included just in case you needed a bit more in with the product itself.

Myaderm Blemish Cream


Lastly, we come to their anti-blemish Skin Cream, something the company endorses hard with testimonials and video advertisements, and it’s easy to see why. The skin care field is a somewhat crowded market, but for CBDs this is largely uncharted territory, and Myaderm has the added benefit of offering a product here with no THC or paraben in it, especially one that doesn’t rely on alcohol or any artificial ingredients whatsoever. As the CBD market stands, there’s not much competition, especially not with this level of product transparency and in this price range. Unfortunately, this product’s effectiveness is difficult for me to test specifically, aside from the usual properties of Myaderm’s CBD topicals.


Overall, you’ll find a pretty small and limited selection of products offered by Myaderm, but that stands as a counterpoint to the individual quality of each. They seem like solid CBD topicals for a reasonable price, available in varying sizes and amounts both in each product itself and in the ordering, which could save a steady buyer plenty of money long-term. You’re also very sure of what you’re getting with each purchase, as every product contains a detailed ingredients list, a built-in measuring pump for precise applications, and exacting measurements in size and product weight, with a percentage of CBD charted out for you.

Myaderm’s products also do provide some measure of relief, or at least the human creams do as no talking animal was available at the time of this review to provide a spoken diagnosis of the Pet Cream’s end results. Though, it’s worth mentioning that the company’s website does have numerous glowing reviews from pet owners who have taken the dive. The lack of THC in any of their CBD items is also a positive, ensuring customers will never have to worry about allergies, or any stray THC showing up on a drug test. And while topicals aren’t known for providing a high, the lack of marijuana’s main drug chemical will give those concerned with such even more assurance that this is a safe product not designed in the slightest for recreational use.

As for Myaderm themselves, the company’s policies are a breath of fresh air, with several steps taken in the right direction to affirming CBD topicals and CBD products in general as legitimate consumer options, while going several miles further towards the integration of clarity and trust into the sale of all cannabinoids in the wild market we’re all undergoing currently. As I mentioned above, each product includes a full list of natural ingredients, listed almost as if it were a food product, down to the weight and measurement of the CBD oil contained within.

What’s even better, however, is that Myaderm hosts a dedicated third-party testing of their own products, and that all of the information is available right there on their website in clear terms, divided up by product and batch number. Every single order can be traced back to this, giving them a surprising amount of openness not even matched by many other “real” drug companies or big time food suppliers with decades in the industry.


It’s not all positive, however. While their products and industry ethics are solid, it’s difficult to find out more. In this age, it’s not just enough to promise the safety and clean production of such products, especially with the cannabinoid market being as free and varied as it can be. Myaderm says all the right things when it comes to the tracking of their refined CBD oils, but the company is rather insular and faceless. Even contacting them involves a generic business email and phone number, though they do have a simple office in Colorado, leaving real information about them as an organization a mystery. It would also be nice to know the exact method of chromatography used in isolating the CBD content of their products from the base substance, particularly since some methods of this involve intricate chemical reactions, while others can be harmful to the end product or even the environment.

However, when all is said and done none of these issues is really a deal breaker. As hard as it might be for some to trust a company like Myaderm that shows up out of nowhere with no real business information to go on, their dedication to providing an in-depth look at the makings and contents of their CBD products, and their solid price-to-performance ratio, make it a pretty easy buy.

Myaderm Lab Results


Running a Lab Analysis can get quite expensive depending on what testing company you chose to go with. When a CBD Vendor takes steps to run one and publish the report live on their site, that is a very positive thing to see. Myaderm has run multiple Lab Tests with a company called Botanacor Services. The test results show that all of their products contain 0% THC and varying amounts of CBD making the products legal in the USA. Moreover, all of the reports chose that harmful heavy metals and pesticides were Not Detected at any time. Some reports date back to 2017, and some are as recent as November 2018. If you wan to read through them yourself, click here.

Real Customer Reviews


One great way to check if a CBD Oil company is legit is to check their Facebook page for reviews. Some scam companies won't even have an option to review them. It's a great way to check because the Page owner can't delete the reviews and everybody gets the chance to contribute as well. The Myaderm Facebook page currently has 4.9/5 stars, and the reviews are quite powerful! Real people are claiming that Myaderm cream helped them with Acne and Back pains which are two horrible conditions millions of people suffer with yearly.

Myaderm Coupon Code

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Final Thoughts


To sum up, if you’re looking for an affordable CBD oil product, whether it’s for pain relief or pet relief, you could do a lot worse.

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