Is CBD Oil Legal In Missouri 2019?


The Missouri state law 2014 HB-2218, creates the right for some patients to consume hemp extracts in certain circumstances. In Missouri, the legal hemp extract contains .3 percent THC and five-percent CBD oil. However, in Missouri, the only qualified patients to receive a hemp registration card are those who have a seizure disorder.

The following discusses the two common CBD-rich and THC-rich strains. It also highlights the legality of CBD and how to purchase the product in Missouri legally.

Shiskaquine - A Strong Concentrated CBD Strain

Shiskaquine originates from the Emerald Triangle in California. This CBD rich strain has mild sedative properties, derived from the Indica genes. Produced by Matrix NV, it is a genetic cross of Shiskaberry and Harlequin. The strains CBD to THC ratio is 20:1. The product is thick with the fragrance of sweet berries and the pungent odor of skunk.

This product acts as a sedative, that gently flows across your body brought on by the incredible amount of CBD oil. Shiskaquine works well for patients suffering from moderate anxiety, physical discomfort, and nausea.

Shurman - A Highly Concentrated Rich Strain of CBD

This CBD rich strain Shurman won the 2017 Best CBD Flower Award in Seattle. Shurman was created by accident, from the Solstice's THC rich strains. The genetic crossover of The White and Blueberry Cheesecake created this unusual type of CBD. Considering it is a highly concentrated form of CBD, it still maintains a robust terpene profile. Shurman was named after the co-founders beloved dog. The savory and sweet strain offers a CBD to THC ratio of 2:1.

2019 CBD Oil Laws in Missouri

In very controlled circumstances, individual patients have the right to obtain and consume hemp extracts such as CBD oil. The 2014 Missouri House Bill 2238, guarantees this right for some patients. By law, in the state of Missouri a legal hemp extract is one that contains five-percent CBD and .3 percent THC. Only patients who have a seizure disorder can receive the drug. The patient must receive written certification from a licensed neurologist, to obtain a hemp registration card. The products are available at two state-regulated CBD oil centers.

Medical Marijuana in Missouri

Legal CBD in Missouri contains at least five-percent CBD oil and only .3 percent of THC. In the entire state of Missouri, there are only sixty-six families registered to receive CBD products. A law legalizing medicinal cannabis, was scrapped by the legislature in the state of Missouri. However several groups of individuals furnished signatures to include medical marijuana on the November 2018 ballot.

Recreational Marijuana in Missouri

In the state of Missouri, the 2014 legislation decriminalized the possession of up to ten grams of marijuana. This is only for first-time offenders. Possession of marijuana is classified as a class D misdemeanor. In Missouri, the fine for possessing marijuana is up to five-hundred dollars. In Missouri, possessing a large amount of marijuana can still result in a long prison sentence. Formed in 2018, The Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association, (MOCIA) is the voice of the CBD trade for this growing industry.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Missouri

It's easy to order CBD products online. Many people claim there are more products available online, than in a retail store. If you live in Missouri though, the main stores to purchase quality CBD products are located in St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri. There are several retail locations to buy CBD products. The following locations sell CBD products.

In Conclusion Is CBD Oil Legal In Missouri?

In the state of Missouri, the 2014 HB-2238 created legal rights for patients to purchase hemp extract products in certain conditions. Legally, in Missouri legal hemp extract contains five-percent CBD oil and .3 percent THC. Only patients with a seizure disorder can receive a hemp registration card. Currently, Missouri does not have a medical marijuana program. Possessing a small amount of marijuana is decriminalized in Missouri. However, in 2019 consuming recreational marijuana is banned in Missouri.

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