Is CBD Oil Legal In Mississippi 2019?


Despite the confusion and misunderstanding surrounding it, CBD oil is taking the beauty and health industry by storm. The reason behind CBD's controversy might be because of this product's relationship with marijuana.

Let's demystify this. CBD is a cannabinoid, which means that it can be derived from either the marijuana or hemp plant. Cannabis plants are psychoactive. What this means is that they contain the compound THC, which is what induces the high when someone smokes or eats marijuana or its derivatives. The THC content in marijuana products is often 15 to 30 percent.

However, the THC content in hemp is different. A harvested hemp plant contains about 0.3 percent or less THC. This much less than in marijuana, and therefore, there is no need to worry about psychoactive effects because CBD hemp oil has none.

If you live in Mississippi, you can easily find hemp-derived CBD product, but when it comes to cannabis or marijuana oil, then it isn't that easy.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Mississippi?


Gov. Phil Bryant.

The answer to this question is yes. CBD oil is legal in this state. The issue of its legality can raise some confusion because recreational and medical marijuana remains illegal in Mississippi. Under certain conditions, you can buy and use CBD products which have little or no THC in the state.

The House Bill 1231 was signed to law in 2014 by Gov. Phil Bryant. Also known as the Harper Grace's Law, this bill allows Mississipians to use CBD products that has a 15 percent content of CBD and 0.5 percent of THC. However, the person must be diagnosed with an epileptic condition that is debilitating. Therefore, under this piece of legislation, you are allowed to purchase and use CBD cannabis oil if you have a catastrophic seizure disorder or intractable epilepsy.

You are not restricted from using CBD hemp oil in Mississippi. Both the cultivation and use of industrial products made from hemp, under the 2014 Farm Bill, is legal across all the states in the US. The use of all products made from hemp is legal in the United States, unless individual state laws prohibit it. Please read the legality of all other US states on CBDOilPolice.

Kinds of CBD oils legally available in Mississippi

There are several different forms that CBD products come in. If you need to use them regularly, we strongly advise that you find out what you will be using in order to help with your beauty regimen or medical condition. Below is a list of some of the CBD products you will find in Mississippi:

  • Edibles
  • Topicals
  • Vape oils
  • Tinctures
  • CBD isolate
  • Concentrates
  • Skincare products
  • CBD products for pets

Use of CBD oil in the state

There are many benefits that you will enjoy when using CBD oil. Most users of this product take it orally. However, CBD has many functions and you can also used it for cooking or even as a topical cream for your skin.

In some cases, CBD is used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-psychotic medication. A doctor might recommend the use of CBD products on a daily basis because of a number of reasons. These reasons are:

  • Tumors
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Management of epilepsy
  • Treatment and management of diabetes
  • Seizures and other neurological disorders

How to get CBD oil in Mississippi

Even though CBD products are legal in Mississippi, their distribution is not very common. If you are not in the larger cities, you might find it very hard to get these products. The good thing is that you can shop online for them online and have them delivered to you, regardless of where you are in the United States. Apart from that, you can choose from a variety of products when you shop online.

Can a physician prescribe CBD oil in Mississippi?

The answer is yes. Mississippi law allows any doctor licensed to practice here to issue a patient suffering from a debilitating condition or a condition that is related with a written certificate for CBD oil treatment. However, the healthcare professional prohibited from prescribing cannabis derivatives to his or her patient. However, if the purpose for the prescription is for treatment of epilepsy, then they are allowed to do so.

If industrial hemp was used to make the product, then there is no need for any certification or prescription. You can just purchase the product and use it.

So there you have it. CBD products are legal in Mississippi in 2019. Therefore, if you need to use them, feel free to do so.

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