Is CBD Oil Legal In Minnesota 2019?


Hemp was a growing cash crop in Minnesota until the United States government banned hemp in 1957. Recently, after sixty years, the Department of Justice and the DEA approved Minnesota's hemp pilot program in 2016. The following addresses concerns about hemp. This includes two common CBD rich types of hemp and how to obtain hemp,(CBD) in Minnesota legally.

CBD Stocks

Aphria, Inc.

By the end of 2019, CBD a product of hemp is predicted to become a high-value cash crop. Some experts in the industry expect that its value will exceed two billion dollars in 2019. Successful investors know that it is time to consider investing in CBD stocks. The top CBD stock worth consideration is Aphria Inc., (TSX-APH). At Aphria, producing hemp, (CBD) is powered by natural sunlight. The cultivation and production of CBD is an entirely natural process at Aphria.


This product produced by Moxie Seeds and Extracts is a CBD rich hybrid. The product is a cross between ACDC and Viper City OG, is incredibly rich in CBD oil. The product rich in CBD oil is effective at eliminating the most excruciating pain. In addition to reducing pain, VCDC creates a mild rush of energy and a slight euphoric effect.

As the hemp nug is split open, it creates a smooth, light citrus aroma. The product produces a sweet citrus with a light berry flavor, as the product is exhaled. With its exclusive genetic blend of hemp, VCDC is the recipient of several awards. In 2015 VCDC won the top CDB Flower Award at the SoCal Medical Cup.

Is CBD Oil Legal In Minnesota?

In 2015 Senate File 5, sections 38-46 listed hemp as an agricultural crop. The newly created law is referred to as the Industrial Hemp Development Act, was created by the Commission of Agriculture. The agricultural commission, authorized higher education institutions to harvest hemp for agricultural and academic research. In 2016, the Department of Justice and DEA approved Minnesota's pilot program for hemp research.

Medical Marijuana in Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Health regulates medical marijuana. Currently, the state-wide program has over eight-thousand patients enrolled in the program. In Minnesota, the following medical conditions are treatable with medical cannabis. In 2016, the medical sales were slightly under ten-million dollars. In 2021, the industry is expected to exceed forty-four million dollars in sales.

  • ALS
  • PTSD
  • Glaucoma
  • Seizures
  • Sleep disorders
  • Crohn's disease
  • Tourette's Syndrome
  • Extreme intractable pain
  • Persistent severe muscle spasms

Recreational Marijuana in Minnesota

Unless you are a qualified patient, Minnesota is not the place to use recreational marijuana. However, compared to other states allowing recreational use of marijuana the laws are relatively lenient. In Minnesota, the fine for possession of 1.5 ounces of marijuana is a two-hundred dollar fine. Two-hundred dollars is a lot of money, but the penalty is better than serving time in prison.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Minnesota

In Minnesota, it is legal to buy CBD oil products at retail stores. However, consumers find the variety of products limited at most retail locations. Purchasing the product online, provides customers with a wide choice of CBD oil products. It is always important to research any online vendor of CBD oil, to weed out any shady vendors.



Final Thoughts

Until 1957, hemp was a profitable cash crop in Minnesota. The United States Government banned the cultivation of hemp in Minnesota in 1957. In 2016 the Drug Enforcement Agency, (DEA) and the Department of Justice approved the states pilot program for medical marijuana. In Minnesota, the Department of Health regulates the medical marijuana program. Only registered patients can use medical marijuana. Currently, Minnesota has about eight-thousand registered patients. Using recreational marijuana is still illegal in Minnesota. Therefore, don't light up a joint to relieve stress. Individuals can check out legality of other states on

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