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MedTerra was created by an unknown group of individuals who believed that CBD Oil should be available to everyone who needs it no matter the price. MedTerra products are created in Kentucky, and they put a lot of effort into creating a high-quality product.

In this review, I am going to shed some light on the company and check out what their customers are saying about the company. I hope my review will help you on your journey with CBD Oil.

MedTerra Reviews

Unlike some of the other CBD Oil sellers we have reviewed recently, MedTerra doesn't have a public Trust Pilot account set up so we can't use that for checking their customer testimonials thankfully though they have reviews on their Facebook Page to scan through.

Facebook MedTerra Reviews


The first customer testimonial I came across was from a cutomer called Sarah, who said Medterra had helped with her Back Pain and Anxiety. Another MedTerra customer Angie Coffman said she had Psoriatic Arthritis and Ankelosing Spondylitis giving her 24/7 back pain. She was taking traditional medication that she claimed was harming her liver. She switched to taking 500 - 1000mg tinctures and pain cream from MedTerra which she says helped her. 


One of the best testimonials I have ever seen

I have never heard of CBD Oil being used for hair loss, but I read a review from a customer called Monte that was very surprising. He said he purchased MedTerra for a severe health condition that he didn't think was related to his Hair Thinning. After only several weeks taking the MedTerra product, he claims that his hair started filling back in and that it was a "pleasant surprise".


Monte's hair after MedTerra

Monte said that he didn't have a before picture of his thinning hair since he didn't consider he would be able to reverse it. The picture he posted, does show his hair looking thick and long.

Another very different review came from a customer called Lisa, who has a son with autism. She says that she uses a small amount of MedTerra product and that it helps with his behavior, focus and mood. She feels worry free since it has no THC inside the product. You can read all of the Medterra Facebook reviews here.

MedTerra Lab Tests

After reading the almost unbelievable customer testimonials, I was left wanting to see the Lab Results for some MedTerra products to see what makes them so great! I found one that Cannainsider published in their review. The test was carried out by Pro Verde a legitimate laboratory, and it showed high levels of CBD Oil, No THC and no harmful bacterias inside of the product. I believe that some of MedTerra's products contain MCT Oil a natural extract from Coconuts.

MedTerra Coupon & Discount

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MedTerra Products

Tinctures From Medterra


MedOil CBD Tinctures from Medterra are the best selling product, which contains at least ninety-nine per cent MCT and CBD oil, with strengths of 500 mg, 1000 mg and 3000 mg. Cost-effective, safe, user-friendly and legal, every CBD tincture provides thirty servings and is consumable night or day, sublingually.

Extracted and cultivated in America, their high caliber CBD adheres to the Kentucky Agricultural Department's Industrial Hemp Scheme. The CBD products they sell are legal and mailed to all fifty states and overseas. Every product is guaranteed to contain nought per cent THC. They use an entire plant carbon dioxide extraction, which enables us to extract CBD from material in the plant and eliminate unnatural compounds, maximizing the concentration of pure CBD. All products that leave our facility are tested by a third party to ensure quality and consistency.

Every CBD Tincture, irrespective of strength, is one fluid ounce and contains thirty servings at one millilitre each. The cap dropper has measurement marks of one, 0.75, 0.5 and 0.25 to assist with serving sizes.



​​​CBD Gel Capsules from Medterra feature their CBD suspended inside MCT oil, in tablet form for simple consumption. These CBD tablets come in strengths of twenty-five mg or fifty mg, in a thirty-count bottle. Easy to carry and simple to consume, these are ideal for on the move when you require them. The tablets can be consumed night or morning for easy and quick relief.

Medterra products contain nought percent THC, guaranteed. This includes their CBD tablets. The industrial hemp they grow is extracted in line with the stringent rules of the Kentucky Agriculture Department. Developing in conjunction with the Hemp Pilot Scheme in Kentucky also complies with the Farm Bill of 2014, Section 7606. This means that distributing and harvesting is entirely legal under federal guidelines. Their entire plant carbon dioxide extraction enables us to obtain CBD from the material in the plant and eliminate unnatural compounds. This maximizes the concentration of pure CBD. All products that leave our facility are tested by a third party to ensure quality and consistency.

Cooling Lotion


A potent mixture of CBD and verified natural ingredients, CBD Topical Cooling Lotion from Medterra offers a fast cooling sensation, ideal for sore joints and muscles. Containing 100 millilitres of CBD lotion inside a 3.4 fluid ounce pump bottle, their CBD lotion offers long term relief for a substantial quantity of applications with an organic formula.

A key variable is the purity and quality of the CBD. Medterra selected the farm collective of Kentucky, due to the high-quality hemp plants they were growing under the Federal Farming Bill, and the Kentucky Agricultural Department's Hemp Pilot Scheme. The rules for growing, processing and planting CBD isolates are highly specific. Consequently, the standard of CBD generated by the plants ranks among the purest in existence. They are proud to provide their customers with a fresh, genuine, good quality product to people who appreciate CBD. All products that leave their facility are tested by a third party to ensure quality and consistency.

Final Thoughts

I was blown away by the customer testimonials I read for MedTerra; they were so impressive. I have never heard of CBD Oil helping with hair loss, but since I thought about it more, I can see how it could maybe help if a secondary health condition caused it. I like that MedTerra grows and manufactures its products in Kentucky, USA. That gives me a lot of confidence with the company. I would recommend MedTerra to everybody reading this review.

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