McHudson Farms CBD Review – We gave them 1 star


A recent addition to the market, McHudson Farms says it uses an extraction of CO2 for a complete spectrum CBD capsule, which customers can access through an affordable monthly payment scheme.

In reality...this isn't a CBD oil shop that CBDOilPolice would endorse to anyone. After conducting some research, there's a few alarm bells about this business that we think our audience should know about. This review is not going to be a positive one, so it is with an air of trepidation that I continue.

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CBD Capsules From McHudson Farms

With thirty, ten mg capsules per container, this is one CBD extract product line. The company website says that a CO2 extraction process is used to produce the oil, and that the product includes a complete range of cannabinoids. Notwithstanding, as will be explained further along in this review, there's good reason to view this claim with suspicion.

This supplement is a discounted product for people who want CBD oil for an extremely low price. It may be worth sampling if you have little spare money, however you might be less than impressed with the results.

McHudson Farms CBD Review


On the surface it may seem like Mchudson Farms has something good to offer, such as a competitive price and a refund guarantee. Nonetheless, the number of issues associated with this company warrants some major concerns.


This includes contradictory website details (accessed on April 29 2019), a laboratory report indicating pesticides and lead, and a subscription service that automatically renews, amongst other things.

The Founder

Is Steven Attig the founder of Mchudson Farms? There isn't any information on the website about a "Steven Attig", but this Facebook profile shows this man manages a "Mchudson Farms" page amongst other pages like "Naughty Girl Lingerie", "69 Toys Online" and another CBD Project called "".


  • One Month Full Refund Guarantee. This could be three months, based on which part of the website you look at. However, if you wish to take a chance and give the low-cost product a try, you should be able to send it back if you do not get the results you want.
  • Because they only sell one product that needs little processing, McHudson can offer an affordable price if you want to get hold of CBD in capsule form. This could certainly help some people, so the product does have merit in this respect.
  • Widely regarded as the benchmark of CBD processing, Cold Pressed Processing of CO2 doesn't involve any petroleum based substances or solvents to carry out CBD industrial hemp extraction. The company says it uses this extraction technique.


  • Personally, I don't like auto shipping practices on CBD websites, since many scammers have used these techniques in the past. Having said that, We are not accusing McHudson Farms of being's just another small detail that would make me choose another vendor instead.
  • Little is Known About McHudson Farms. Nowadays, customers want behind the scenes insights into businesses, particularly with CBD manufacturers. While the company's contact page gives a customer telephone number, virtually no further information about the company is provided on the website. A physical address is not even included -- which is a serious red flag. 
  • Complete Spectrum? Apparently not, if the laboratory report they published is to be believed. While the brand says it is selling complete spectrum oil, the laboratory report dated April 15, 2018 on their website does not support this assertion. It is .20 percent CBDV and 99.7 percent CBD, with 0 percent of any additional cannabidiol. While I suppose you could say it isn't a full CBD isolate, it certainly doesn't appear to be "complete spectrum" as far as CBDOilPolice are concerned!
  • Contradictory Sourcing Details. When I visited their website on December 15th, 2019, there was contradictory details on the homepage regarding their hemp source. In one area it mentioned Denmark, while in another it said Colorado. Highly dubious.
  • Pesticides and Lead. The laboratory report they published features a chemical assessment, which indicates forty-five ppb lead - along with trace quantities of numerous pesticide residues. This is in spite of the fact that they claim their supplement is produced from natural hemp.
  • Dated Certificate of Independent Testing, their product has been tested by an independent laboratory. The company has published the test report on its' website. Nonetheless, at the time of writing (December 15, 2019), the latest report that has been published is dated April 2017. While it is good that they're attempting to be open, it would be better if some more recent tests were shown.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately you are free to make your own decision but for your own safety we would highly recommend choosing another vendor.

There are plenty to choose from with solid Lab Reports and full details on the founders. 

I would recommend This Company since I have tried them personally and they have a special sale on right now.

Their CBD Oil is the best in my opinion.


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