Is CBD Oil Legal In Maryland 2019?


The 443 House Bill of 2016 gave the Agriculture Department authority to allow institutions to develop industrial hemp to conduct academic studies on. Subsequently, the 698 House Bill of 2018 mandated additional expansion to this law, by allowing hemp grown under the scheme to be distributed, traded, processed or transported in Maryland and outside its' geographical borders. The passages below will discuss hemp harvesting in the US, two popular THC/CBD and CBD rich strains, Maryland's laws governing CBD, and ways to buy it legally.

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Hemp Harvesting in the US

These days, hemp plants are commercially grown in over thirty countries, such as the EU, Japan and Canada. While the plant grows wild throughout much of America and represents no danger to public safety, it is still dug up and frequently disposed of by the police. Roughly ninety-eight percent of the marijuana destroyed annually by the DCE/SP (Domestic Marijuana Elimination/Suppression Scheme, run by the Drug Enforcement Agency) is hemp.

A High Strain of CBD - Cinderella 99 

This high CBD strain, also called R-4, has profound therapeutic benefits. It is a genetic mixture of Wu #1 (a Reclining Buddha blend and Heartland Lotion) and Blueberry Haze. It is renown for its' forty percent CBD and low one percent levels of THC. Consequently, it will not create psychoactive problems, and it can help to relieve chronic physical pains, sickness, muscle cramps, and numerous other symptoms that large amounts of CBD can control. This strain produces a chocolate aroma mixed with a subtle floral undertone.

A High Strain of CBD - Haleigh's Hope

This strain, which is CBD dominant, gets its' name from a young person living with cerebral palsy and epilepsy from Colorado. Her symptoms were treated using oil derived from this strain. The strain has a 24/1 ratio of CBD to THC. The manufacturer spent roughly four years testing various phenotypes to develop this low THC, high CBD cannabinoid concoction. This strain is famous for its' uplifting and relaxing effects. Besides, it helps to reduce stress, depression, inflammation and muscle cramps. It does give users dry eyes sometimes, though.

Maryland's Laws Governing CBD oil

The 443 House Bill of 2016 allowed the Agriculture Department to instruct higher academic institutions to develop industrial hemp for testing. Also, this bill launched a licensing scheme that enabled people to harvest, grow, commercially trade and process industrial hemp in the state. Also, the 698 House Bill of 2018 expanded the law further, by allowing hemp grown under the scheme to be distributed, traded, processed or transported in Maryland and outside of the state's geographical borders.

Maryland and Medical Cannabis

Throughout Maryland, there are nearly 20k registered patients and, by 2021, medical sales are predicted to skyrocket to $45.9 million. Since 2018, medicinal cannabis is legal throughout the state. The state's General Assembly passed a law to legalize it four years previously. State residents who suffer from the conditions below can use medical cannabis in Maryland:

  • Sickness
  • Seizures 
  • Cachexia
  • Chronic pain
  • Severe muscle cramps

Maryland and Recreational Cannabis

Since early last year in 2018, cannabis is classed as a Schedule one controlled psychoactive substance, so it is illegal even to possess a small quantity of it. Nonetheless, the state is reasonably lenient on offenders, because it has waived prison time for those with no previous convictions. Moreover, despite the 1264 House Bill and 1039 Senate Bill being overlooked by legislatures to allow adult use cannabis, people are optimistic that this will be different in 2019. The forecast sales of recreational marijuana in Maryland is an incredible $613.1 million by 2021.

Purchasing CBD Oil in MD

You can buy CBD oil in Maryland and online. For the legality of other states check this page. Bit by bit, Maryland is gaining ground on other notable CBD states throughout the country, as increasing numbers of CBD retail outlets are being opened. Your best options in Maryland are as follows: Vape Loft (in Edgewater), CBD Oil from Every Day Optimal (in Arnold), Smoke Shop one (in Glen Burnie) and Maryland Marijuana Physicians (in Carroll County).

Closing Thoughts

The 443 House Bill of 2016 instructed the Agriculture Department to allow institutions to develop industrial hemp to conduct tests on. Subsequently, the 698 House Bill of 2018 expanded the law further. Since 2018, medicinal cannabis is legal in Maryland, although the state General Assembly had introduced a law legalizing it four years before this. Nonetheless, marijuana is still classed as a psychoactive controlled substance, and owning even a small quantity of it is illegal in the state. You can buy CBD products legally over the counter in Maryland. However, the convenience of purchasing online makes this a more attractive option for many people, compared to visiting an offline store.

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