Love CBD Review – Dutch, Entourage & More Explained


Love CBD are a company from Cambridgeshire in England UK, like Hempura they are also a member of the Cannabis Trade Association member. I did actually say that Hempura would be my number 1 recoommendation for UK and EU residents but that was before I came across Love CBD. Let's see if by the end of this review my opinion and number 1 recomendation will have changed. I will be looking at their reviews, products, lab results and everything else that will show me if they are a genuine company worth ordering from.

Love CBD Reviews

Love CBD have a Trust Pilot page which is a positive thing to see since I know that it is quite hard to fake reviews there. They have over 3,000 reviews and 95% of them are either 4 or 5 star reviews which is better than Hempura's Trust Pilot ratings. Customers have left reviews stating that Love CBD has helped with chronic pain, dog arthritis, knee pain, fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, stiffness, anxiety, spinal compression and nerve pain.

There are a small number of negative reviews on the page. One customer called Leslie stated that after 2 months her CBD Balm stopped working for her. Somebody called Alan said he spent £50 he took 800mg of something twice a day for 4 weeks but had no results. He didn't say what he was trying to manage though. Somebody called Will said their products didn't help with his lung problem and Ian said that their products had no effect on his unspecified condition. 

I think from these reviews we can see a clear pattern. It seems like Love CBD products have helped a lot of people with Pain issues but customers purchasing their products for complicated health issues may be better going to see their Doctor. There don't seem to be any negative reviews for delivery issues which is great too see.

You can check all of the reviews over here. Love CBD are not allowed to show the reviews on their website anymore.

Love CBD Products

Think about buying nontoxic and nonaddictive pain relief products using the magic of hemp extract. A good example is Entourage Oil from LoveCBD Products. The effects are maximized by obtaining legal extracts from different cultivators that even differ in their climate of origin. Combining different extracts creates an amazing product.

The Entourage Effect


A little known term coined by the scientist who first isolated THC and CBD from hemp plants, the Entourage Effect is an adventurous term that herbal enthusiasts might call synergy today. Hemp has so many compounds, and some of these substances work together to create the desired effect. It is not enough to extract a particular drug to get the full benefits of cannabis.

A topical drug company that specializes in CBD applications is so fond of the phrase that they use "The Entourage Effect" to describe one of their favorite products. Through trial and error, they have combined different hemp oils to create something unique. The goal of Entourage Oil is to offer an experience that no competitor can duplicate.

The Purpose of Dutch CBD Oil


Some cannabis is grown professionally in Holland and extracted on site. While other growers around the world do something similar, the Dutch material stands out as a fine oil with a surprisingly low price. This hemp was grown organically, just like it should be. Cannabis extract is mixed with olive oil to create a neutral but highly effective source material.

Dutch cannabis farms follow organic principles strictly. Hemp lends itself to minimal pesticides anyway, given its durable and insect-resistant properties. The lack of chemical fertilizer improves the end product.

The oil is also natural because it is raw and simple. Nothing is added to change its flavor or perceived effect. The CBD is extracted without denaturing solvents. Carbon Dioxide is used instead, which is safe and preserve delicate organic compounds.

You Are Going To Love CBD Balm


The actual product name is Love CBD Balm. It is a product for the skin that contains CBD for calming and pain relief. The CBD was extracted from flowers picked by hand in the sunny regions of Slovenia and Croatia.

This product can be carried with you in your purse or pack as an indiscreet personal treasure. It is not a prescription product and does not have any intoxicating effect on the body. Take your treasure anywhere the sun shines, and you will discover that a small package goes a long way. There are three sizes with approximately 100 mg of CBD per 10 gram of product.

Love CBD Shipping

Since LoveCBD are based in England, UK customers can receive their products as fast as 2 or 5 days for free! You can also speed that up to 1 -3 days for only £3.50. Unlike some other companies as well they ship 6 days a week provided it is not a bank Holiday or Sunday.

If you are not based in the UK, LoveCBD also ship too France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man, Hungary, Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic, Albania, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Latvia and Lithuania. If you are from one those countries you will have to part with £8.00. Delivery times vary.

Final Thoughts

I like what I have seen from LoveCBD, I think they might be a bit better than Hempura depending on what you need them for. I am going to order some of their products and update this review with my final decision at some point. I like that the customer testimonials I read have been overwhelmingly positive and that LoveCBD are a certified company. Their products are also priced honestly. They have an extensive FAQ section here but if you want to get some help, you can simply email them at which is good to know. They don't have a phone number listed on their website which is a shame but then again neither to Hempura. I guess that UK people just don't like to speak on the phone.

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