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The pet health niche is surprisingly one of the most rapidly growing areas of the booming CBD industry. New hemp products such as creams, oils as well as animal treats (e.g., for dogs, cats, horse etc) have continued to hit take over the world wide web.

Helping the growing trend is the many holistic veterinarians that now started to recommend CBD for dogs and other pets. Dr. Katherine Kramer said  "She couldn't imagine practicing without it" and if that isn't a vote of confidence, then I don't know what is.

The success isn't just a fad and it's rise is directly down to the success that the oil can have on Pets and more importantly for the lack of for any side effects that traditional pharmaceutical medications have.

As well as having the full support of veterinarians. Hemp advocates in California succeeded in passing a law that would give animal doctors the much-needed legal protection to talk about how hemp-based medicines, like CBD, could improve the health of their pet patients. Sadly, veterinarians need to be permitted by laws before they can use their knowledge and know-how to treat our furry friends as they deem fit, but that is the law.

Lola Hemp's Story


Almost all successful CBD brands these days have a story behind them, and Lola Hemp is no exception. The owners and founders of this family-owned company was sprung into action by Lola, their rescue dog. The then six-year-old chihuahua rescue had general anxiety issues and an immense fear of thunderstorms which is quite common in a lot of dogs, in severe cases like Lola's it was preventing her from living her doggy life to the fullest. Remarkably though her condition significantly improved after she was given a full spectrum CBD oil. At the time it wasn't easy to find high-quality CBD Oil, and it was even harder to find stuff for pets, and so LolaHemp was created.

LolaHemp isn't just a hobby run business though, they have an animal doctor on board, and LolaHemp also focuses on animal welfare via the partnership they have with several rescue groups. For every four bottles sold by the brand, a needy rescue dog that might benefit from their CBD oil gets one bottle for free. The story of their startup is endearing, but here at CBDOilPolice, we like to look at cold hard facts and dig deep for negative reviews. Keep reading below to see if we can find any dirt.

Lola Hemp Review

CBD Hemp Oil Tinctures


LolaHemp likes to keep things simple and focus on perfecting one product rather than selling everything under the sun. CBD hemp oil tinctures are the only thing that they currently produce in 2019. They are available in 3 different bottle sizes: 60ml (600mg), 30ml (300mg), 15ml (150mg). The right bottle you need to get depends on your dog’s size.

LolaHemps veterinarian has provided the correct dosing information for their products on their website to guide you if you are not sure of the right size to buy and it's worth checking that out. With some other Pet CBD Oil brands, there isn't any information dosing, and a lot of them certainly don't have a Veterinarian on board to assist with those matters.

Lola Hemp’s Tinctures allow your furry friend to enjoy the maximum effect. The extra health benefits that researchers have identified when various groups of cannabinoids are present in their natural combination. While this means that this product contains trace amounts of THC the illegal and psychoactive part, the levels are not high enough to give your canine the “high or stoned feeling” which isn't even what CBD Oil is for.

Lola Hemp Lab Results


LolaHemp have their lab tests publicly displayed which is great to see. The tests were performed by Cannalysislabs a testing company in Southern California. I read through them and I can see that their Matrix Tincture contains legal levels of CBD vs THC and that no nasty chemicals are inside. You can read the lab tests here on their website.

Lola Hemp Coupon Code


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  • Lola Hemp’s products are not the cheapest available on the market. However, their prices are fair enough if you consider the quality of their oil, as shown by their cannabinoid laboratory reports. They haven't cut any costs to produce their product, and we believe that they have priced their products accordingly.
  • While contact information might seem trivial it is something we always look for, CBD Oil companies need to have a physical address and phone number to show that they are based in the US as they claim and it's always useful to have a phone number in case something goes wrong with your order.
  • Lola Hemp only obtains raw materials from registered organic farms. They also use GMO-free hemp as the basis of their whole plant oils, and this shows in the Lab reports.
  • As mentioned already in this post it is good to see that Lola Hemp has an animal doctor on board: Dr. Robert Silver, is the founder of Boulder’s Natural Animal Clinic in Colorado. He is an experienced veterinarian that has made great contributions to the pet care with CBD Oil.
  • It is good to see that many CBD companies now provide 3rd party lab test results on their websites since it's still a very new field and you don't want to harm your pet. Lola Hemp goes a step beyond since the company carries out full batch testing so that you can see the cannabinoid profile of each batch before you make your purchase. Also, the brand provides full laboratory reports showing the potency, pesticides, microbial and solvents in their untreated (raw) oil which is almost unheard of. Lola Hemp obtains raw materials from registered organic farms. They also use GMO-free hemp as the basis of their whole plant oils, and this shows in the Lab reports.
  • As said earlier, this company has the welfare of pets in mind. Lola Hemp is in partnership with various organizations to donate one bottle of their oil for every four sold to a rescue dog with health needs. They have also partnered with (S.T.AR.) Social Tees Animal Rescue, an animal rescue group based in New York City that is committed to rescuing pets from shelters where they are being euthanized and getting them proper veterinary care they badly need before rehoming them.
  • At CBDOilPolice we like it when companies give a face to their product(s). This shows that they are ready to stand by the product. Lola Hemp has a well-written and well-developed “About Us” section on their website. It includes a short bio for the rescue dog, Lola that gave the founders the inspiration to start LolaHemp.
  • If you read the labels of many pet products, you will find out that they are based on CBD isolates, not full spectrum oils. It is exciting to see a CBD company that produces a whole plant oil for pets. 


  • At least as of the moment of writing this review in 2019, Lola Hemp does not have more than one product line – CBD oil tinctures. Most people prefer raw oil due to its flexible dosing, while others do appreciate the targeted power of topicals and the ease of animal treats, which cannot be found here. 
  • LolaHemp as not made public reviews available on their Facebook Page. This is where we usually find the negative reviews for a CBD Oil company.

Final Thoughts

I hope our review on LolaHemp has helped you to learn more about Lola Hemp. Yes, they have a limited product line, but the Lab Reports can vouch for the quality. An experienced staff, a robust philanthropic focus and reasonable prices all sum up to high-quality indicators for this fast-growing brand of dog CBD oil. We did say we like to find the hidden dirt on a, but with LolaHemp we really could not find a single bad thing.

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