Lazarus Naturals CBD Oil Review – (Biggest Coupon & Discount Inside)


At first glance, the name "Lazarus Naturals" will have you guessing for what it represents and CBD Oil probably wouldn't be your first guess. Some other review websites claim that the name "Lazarus" is based on a story in the Bible about Jesus bringing some guy back from the dead and that perhaps "Lazarus" represents how they can heal people with their CBD Oil. Things might make more sense though when you see the founders name further along in our review.

Regardless of what the name means, what is most important is whether or not they are a high-quality genuine CBD Oil Vendor. In this review, CBDOilPolice is going to take an in-depth look at Lazarus Naturals to see if we can find anything that rings alarm bells.

Lazarus Naturals Assistance Program

Almost like a "modern-day Jesus Christ" Lazarus Naturals believe that everyone America should be able to get the health benefits of CBD Oil no matter the cost. They don't give away their product for free, but they offer a massive 60% discount on all their products. To qualify for the discount, you must either be a veteran, low-income earner or suffer from long-term disability. More info on their assistance program can be found here.

To qualify it's not as simple as ticking a box, instead, you must either mail them certification from a physician, Veteran documentation or your tax return. They also offer free shipping on orders over $50 which provides even more discount.

The Founder


There is an interview here that gives us quite a lot of insight into the mind of the Lazarus Naturals founder. Sequoia Price-Lazarus created the company. In the interview, he talks about how he dropped out University and was inspired by his friends mum looking for CBD Oil during her battle with cancer. He claims that he saw how he noticed how overpriced the CBD Oil industry was and decided to change that. At the time of that interview, Sequoia claims Lazarus Naturals has around 60 full-time employees and during the early years he struggled to turn a profit due to how low he was pricing products.

The All Natural Lazarus CBD Products


All products offered from Lazarus Naturals are claimed to be sourced from natural non-GMO hemp, and all extracts are prepared exclusively in-house by their team. The full-cycle extraction method makes use of Kosher ethanol and is then mixed with the oils taken from organic plants to create high-quality CBD products, and the products are also all vegan containing no animal products.

Lazarus Naturals includes high and normal-strength potency CBD tinctures. Keep in mind that their high strength Tinctures are very powerful. As for flavor, the products all taste very nice, and dont have a strong natural earth taste that is common with some other products.

The Lazarus All Natural CBD Coconut Oil

One of the most popular products from Lazarus Natural is their CBD coconut oil. From our experience it has been quite hard to find a high quality CBD coconut oil and Lazarus really do a stellar job with theirs.. The oil is smooth, and it quickly absorbs leaving behind no greasy residue. People with skin issues like eczema might be interested in this product but of course it isn't a substitute for your Doctors advice.

Lazarus All-Natural CBD Capsule

Their CBD pills are available in small, medium and large containers and they contain doses ranging from 10mg-200mg CBD. Some people choose to take these daily and the taste is quite bland.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Isolate

For the people who want to make their own Tinctures, Lazarus Naturals make it possible to sell bulk CBD isolate. While it does not dissolve in water, it is activated, and it is a safe product for making both internal and external products. 

Lazarus Naturals Coupon

As well as the discounts mentioned earlier for Veterans and other people, you can use coupon code "CBDOILPOLICE" for a discount of up to 40% on your final cart price. Make sure to first visit our affiliate link

Real Customer Reviews


Unfortunately, Lazarus Naturals have not set reviews to the public on their Facebook page which is some cases might be a suspicious move. However, looking elsewhere on platforms like Twitter where real opinions can't be deleted there are no negative reviews and instead actually quite a lot of confident, happy customers. Lazarus Naturals also have a 30 day no questions asked return policy, with a policy like that, it might explain the lack of negative customer reviews.

Lab Results


It was quite challenging to find a Lab Report, but posted one in their review. Looking through it we can see that their CBD product indeed does not contain any pesticides, heavy metals, solvents or any other nasty thing. This Lab Analysis conducted by Medicine Creek does back all the claims made by the company. They do make sure the customer comes first.

Final Verdict on Lazarus Naturals


Lazarus Naturals are a breath of fresh air in what some may think is a shady industry. Their founder puts customer health first, and profit comes second. The claims they make are backed up by a genuine Lab Report, and there are no hoards of angry customers complaining online. As of January 29th 2019, it looks like Sequoia's early visions have come to fruition with thousands of customers visiting Lazarus every month for the first time and no doubt many of them ordering for a second time.


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