Kat’s Naturals CBD Oil Review & Coupon Code


As the marijuana industry continues to expand in 2019, the CBD market is now saturated with products, from oils, tinctures, creams, and edibles -- there is something for everyone!

With many CBD companies boasting of the same claims, Kat's Naturals does things slightly differently, which makes them stand apart from their competitors. We are going to honestly review Kat's Naturals In this article, together with some of their best selling products, to evaluate whether they live up to the hype.

About Kat's Naturals

With their philosophy around 100% sustainable and organic products, Kat's Naturals play into the 'natural' elements of CBD as a compound and are miles ahead of many of their competitors. Not only do Kat's Naturals promise health driven and pure CBD oil, derived entirely from organic hemp seed oil, and is chock full of healthy and vital fats, they combine their CBD products with a range of essential oils too for delivering a substitute to the standard CBD oil products available.

Some of the best-selling oils of this company are combined to target specific problem areas, making it one of the most naturally healthy and forward-thinking products on the market. Even though they do not just focus their attention on CBD oil, as they also offer a range of other popular choices from topicals to edibles, it is their oils that have gathered such a remarkable reputation. Keeping this in mind let's take a look at the best-selling CBD oils of Kat's Naturals.

'Relax' CBD Oil


Infused with sweet orange essential oils, this low potency CBD oil promises to promote an uplifting effect on the body. Relax is perfect for sufferers of mild anxiety, leaving them feeling soothed as the CBD activates the serotonin, adenosine, and vanilloid receptors in the body. This anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety oil, containing just 250mg of CBD per ounce of liquid, is the choice of oil amongst those who are new to the CBD industry, as it leaves a gentle effect on the body and brain. Again containing only natural products, the website details the ingredients together with the extraction procedure, leaving you in no doubt regarding what you are consuming.

Kats Naturals Heal CBD Oil


Boasting the highest strength of CBD of all of their oils, Heal is a THC free all organic CBD isolate infused with peppermint essential oils. Promoting complete good health, this product boasts of a generous 1500mg of CBD isolate per bottle.

It is not surprising that Heals is the best selling CBD oil of the company, which claims to possess "amazing healing powers." Its combination of pure CBD with a trace of peppermint has been said to have changed the lives of numerous customers.

The Kat's Naturals website, apart from providing details regarding how each bottle is put together, also informs you the size you should opt for depending on your recommended dosage. If this is not enough, you can easily access their third-party lab results too, making this company as transparent as they come.

'Metabolize' CBD Oil 


Metabolize is the CBD oil for you in case you are searching for that extra boost you require to shed the pounds. With a blend of essential oils and medium strength potency and catered towards a curb in appetite and boost in metabolism, it is an awesome addition to your healthy lifestyle. This CBD oil contains 500mg CBD per ounce of liquid, and combines grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, cinnamon, and ginger essential oils. This product has been specifically made to support individuals suffering from poor metabolism, with the help of research and studies about the power of CBD as a protein stimulant, which can help break down and oxidize fat. Metabolize is a great medium-strength CBD product, and is a great all-round oil, which compliments a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

'Naked' CBD Oil


Naked is perfect if you are searching the market for a high potency product. This is the CBD oil with no frills that offers 1500mg of CBD for every ounce. No flavorings or essential oils or flavorings, just 100% CBD oil -- this is Heal sans peppermint. Ideal for individuals struggling with depression, Naked's high CBD dose activates the 5-HT1-serotonin receptor, relieving anxiety, nausea, pain perception, and can aid sleep too. For struggling individuals, the site mentions that though there is a recommended dosage, it is safe to take this product at any amount, as CBD has no adverse side effects.

'Pet Care' CBD Oil


The CBD ear drops, arguably Kat's Naturals most unusual and innovative product is designed for easier administration to your adored pets. While the CBD industry keeps on growing, we are seeing that this compound can benefit our four-legged friends as well. Until now, the majority of businesses offered oral CBDs that can be difficult to administer at times. Kat's Naturals inimitable idea of CBD oil drops does away with the hassle leaving you and your pet free of stress. Another company that specliazes in CBD Oil for pet's is Lola Hemp and they are definitely worth checking out.

'Balance' CBD Oil


Developed by Kat's Naturals, Balance improves homeostasis in the body. From digestive disorders to hormonal issues, this perfect balance of full spectrum and isolate whole plant extract offers a powerful relief for people wanting to maintain a healthy body and mind. With 750mg of CBD per ounce, and infused with peppermint oil, this CBD oil delivers a wonderful release of glutamate and dopamine, the neurotransmitters responsible for many of the major functions of the body. You can also buy a 5ml trial bottle to get a taste of the product, in case you are not sure and want to evaluate before committing.

Kats Naturals Coupon Code

To get up to 20% off all Kats Naturals products in 2019 simple use the coupon code "CBDOILPOLICE20" at checkout and watch your final price drop.

Final Thoughts on Kats Naturals

While there is no doubt that the CBD oil market is full of fantastic competition, there is no option left apart from taking our hats off to Kat's Naturals for their different approach to the market.

We love the infusion of essential oil in the CBD oils, as well as the fact that each oil works to target a specific area that CBD is well known to treat. This allows clients to select a product based on their requirements and get the most out of their money.

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  • Very honest review, thanks for the coupon code. Kat’s Naturals CBD Oil has really helped with my Anxiety and everything up to delivery to my front door was spot on!

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