How to Roll a Perfect CBD Hemp Joint

If you are planning on smoking CBD, you will have to buy a few things. With a few hemp pre-rolls and hemp flower, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of CBD wholeheartedly. 

If you have tried marijuana joints before, you might not find it difficult to roll a hemp joint. However, we have created a step-by-step guide for all the beginners who are very keen on rolling the perfect hemp joint. 


Rolling a spliff or joint requires a certain amount of skill. With practice, you will be able to reach perfection. Try following the steps in order to roll a joint that you can smoke to your heart’s content. 

Step I – Start Preparing

When you want to create anything, you need to be thoroughly prepared. It is the same with hemp joint. Good preparation is going to make things easy for you. You can get all the elements all together or get one at a time, depending on your preference.

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Once you have all the things necessary, you can put your skill to use. Let’s take a look at the things that you need for preparing the joint. 

  •  The Bed – If you do not have pre-rolls, then you will have to follow the following instructions. Preparing the bed is paramount to rolling the perfect joint. Just get the paper ready, and you will be set. You can use long or short papers. Just make sure that the sticky part of the paper is facing upwards, along the topmost edge of the paper. It can be pretty annoying when you find that you have rolled it the wrong way. In Europe, many people like to use two short papers in order to make a longer bed when they cannot find longer papers. In order to do this, you have to stick two papers in the shape of an L. 
  • The Hemp – For smoking hemp flower, you will have to grind it in tiny pieces. You might need a grinder to do it. Some people use a pair of scissors for dissecting the flower. If you do not have any tool, try your fingers. How finely you grind the flower will determine how smooth your joint is going to be. 
  • The Tip – Some manufacturers provide free tips with the paper. If it is not present, you can just buy it from a dispensary. You can also make one at home by cutting a piece out of cardboard with ¾” x 1.5” measurements. Roll it to make it as small as possible. Zigzag the paper a few times and then roll the entire thing in order to keep an “M” in the middle. The “M” prevents loose bits of the flower from entering the moth while puffing the joint. 

Step II – Assembling the Joint

You need to decide which side you want to place the filter. Once you do so, you have to put it on your dominant hand for better dexterity. Now, you have to place the tip and then the crushed flower on the paper. While you do so, you have to maintain the sleek shape of the joint. You need to distribute the flower evenly for allowing that to happen. It will help in getting the iconic conical shape. 

Step III – Rolling the Joint

It is time to start rolling the joint. You need to place the joint between your fingers. Pinch the paper slightly near the tip end and roll the other end gently while maintaining the shape. The front edge has to be folded very tightly. Make sure that there are no gaps in the joint. Once you are done, you need to lick the glue and close the joint. 

Essential Tips

Many people find it difficult to do the last part as it can require at some amount of finger dexterity. With some practice and time, you will get better at rolling joints. Try out a few times and smoke it even if it is oddly shaped. If some of the grinded flower falls out, you can keep adding it from the front end to fill it up. If you have less flower, the paper might overhang. You can cut it off using a pair of scissors to close the front end.

Closing Thoughts

It might seem challenging to roll a perfect joint in the beginning. But it isn’t impossible. Keep your hopes up because you will eventually learn to do it right. And if you think it is too much of a trouble, you can just buy one of those pre-rolls to let go of all the extra effort. You will find plenty of dispensaries selling these products in the market.

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