HighTechCBD Gummies Review – 1 star from us


The CBD or industry seems to be taking the world by storm. This industry shows no signs of slowing down especially since the first CBD pharmaceutical, Epidiolex from Greenwich Biosciences Inc, was recently approved by the FDA to treat specific kinds of diseases such as epilepsy.

However, whenever the demand is more than the supply in an industry you are bound to find scams. So ensure that you do your research before spending your money on any CBD products that may or may not be original supplements.

The following company, HighTechCBD has not received a very high rating from us at CBDOilPolice and here is why.

Would We Recommend HighTechCBD?

We are somewhat skeptical about recommending High Tech CBD Gummies and if you're looking for high-quality CBD Gummies, there are alternative quality products out there with better reputations.

This is probably not a CBD product CBDOilPolice.com would recommend since there is not much information available on the company right now in 2019 and there are quite a few aspects that raise red flags. This rings true especially in the areas of quality and consumer concerns.

High Tech CBD Gummies Review

HighTechCBD has one specific product that comes in at 300 milligrams per bottle and equates to 10 mg per gummy.

The company claims that their products have health benefits including relief from chronic pain, nausea, low energy levels, hypertension, anxiety, depression, upset stomachs, poor muscle support, and inflammation. For a bigger list check out our 15 Health Benefits guide.

The website itself is very suspicious and therefore lots of customers including myself have their reservations about supporting them.


  • According to the manufacturer, the product is both made and grown in the United States. This is usually a sign of quality; however, only a physical address in Ireland is listed on the contact page and no US address. So this obviously raises questions about the credibility of the claim.
  • Although the manufacturer states that the product is sourced from organically grown Hemp, they provide no information about the supplier on the website itself.

High Tech CBD Coupon Code

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We would however highly recommend you continue ahead to read all of the Cons we came up with.


  • The company also has a lack of transparency it seems. The website does not contain an "about us" section and there is basically very little information about the background of the company.
  • Another red flag is that before you can even see the shop page or get an idea of pricing for this product, you are required to first share personal information such as your name, address and contact number. This is basically the only way in which you can purchase this product.
  • Although the company states that they conduct third-party testing, there are no reports available online regarding this neither are there even records of the name of the laboratory that does the so-called testing.
  • Although the homepage states that the company makes use of a process that produces a pure CBD isolate, they also state that their Gummies are made with a full-spectrum CBD oil. Unfortunately, these two processes are exclusive, and therefore these statements are contradictory.
  • If you are a CBD oil aficionado, then the extraction technique used to make the product will be extremely important to you. This is mainly because some manufacturers use dirty fossil fuels in order to conduct the cheapest extraction, and the result is that the finished products are full of contaminants and chemical residues. With regards to this company, exactly how they extract their CBD is not known because it is not mentioned anywhere on their website.

Final Thoughts


If you are searching for high-quality CBD products, you should do your homework about a specific company prior to dealing with them. This will ensure that you get quality products. We hope this CBDOilPolice review has helped you avoid getting scammed! 

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