Highland Pharms CBD Oil Review – Is it a scam? Coupon Code


Cannabidiol has been quite the hot topic in the last couple of years and is showing no signs of slowing down in 2019. It has promised to cure many ailments without the drawbacks that come with prescription pharmaceuticals. For those without insurance, it can in many cases be a cheaper alternative to pricey prescriptions. As CBD rises in popularity more and more, manufacturers are trying to ride the wave. Since the CBD Oil market is still entirely new, it's important to do your due diligence since a lot of these vendors are putting profits ahead of customer care.

Today CBDOilPolice is going to honestly review Highland Pharms and find out if they are genuine in their intentions or just snake oil sales men.

Highland Pharms Summary

Highland Pharms opened their doors to the CBD Oil market 4 years ago in 2015, and since then it appears things have been going very well for them with an Ahrefs estimate of 50,000 visitors+ per month to their website.

Highland Pharms have become known as one of the big players in the space, and it is unlikely this would happen without high-quality products & customer service. Their main focus seems to be on a clean and professional manufacturing environment with their CO2 processing systems and the use of medical grade organic hemp for their oils. We are going to delve deeper into these claims to see if they can back them up them.

Products provided by Highland Pharms

All products provided by Highland Pharms use a wide array of varying cannabinoids.

CBD Capsules & Pills


The convenience factor of the CBD capsules is hard to beat. By taking the pills you know you are getting the exact dose every time and the horrible taste is taken away. Highland Pharms even offers a vegan option of their capsules since usually capsules are made with gelatin which is made from animal body parts. The vegan-friendly capsules are 30 count like the other 4 milligram counts and are priced currently at $200.00 . The different 4 milligram sizes are 15, 25, 50, and 75 milligrams. 

Hemp Oil Drops


The Highland Pharms Hemp Oil Drops come in up to 6 various sizes, and all include free shipping. Their 1oz or 250mg bottle is the smallest amount for sale and will set you back about $50.00.

Next is the $95.00 - 500mg bottle, the $160.00 - 1250mg bottle which is also referred to as the Max+, the $450 - 6,000mg bottle also known as the Ultra+, and the $900.00 - 15,000mg tincture called the 15K+. You might have already noticed their product are not on the cheap end, but if you keep on reading, we will share a coupon code with you.

The sixth and final option is the Paws+ bottle that is a $30.00 - 100mg option that can be used on pets although for CBD pet products we would highly recommend using LolaHemp instead for many reasons.

During the manufacturing process of the hemp oil, Highland Pharms does not use common cannabinoid isolation and filtration method. This causes their oils to contain trace amounts of THC the psychoactive component, but even with these trace amounts, their oils are still legal in America and maintain a THC amount that is well below the maximum 3% that is Federal limit.

Taking Highland Pharms products should be enough to pass a basic drugs test but if you want to be 100% sure you pass then they till have products that utilize isolation methods and remove all THC.

CBD Gummie's


Not everyone finds it easy to swallow capsules; a great alternative is CBD Gummies. Highland Pharms gummies are branded as Hemp+ Gummies and come in 2 different doses, 20mg and 10mg. Hemp+ come shaped as the classic gummy bears. The Hemp+ gummies are manufactured with all natural and high-quality ingredients, which is the overarching promise of Highland Pharms. They don't have a strong taste but make sure to keep them far away from any children.

CBP Vaping Oils (Juices)


Highland Pharms American grown vape juices is claimed to be made from “Ultra high-grade hemp plants” as opposed to “Industrial grade hemp”. We will look at this claim deeper further along in the review to see if it's true.

It is said that vaping CBD Oil provides faster results than oral consumption and aside from looking cooler. It's also a popular option for smokers especially for smokers who want to quit. If you have never vaped before it's definitely worth reading some guides online to avoid any common mistakes.

Highland Pharms vape juice comes in 2 different styles, the Highland Pharms CBD oil and FX CBD oils. Both of their styles of vape juices do not include the Propylene Glycol that provide the sharp tinge in other vape oils and use Vegetable Glycerin instead making it safe for vegans.


  • The cannabis used by Highland Pharma is genetically modified to produce maximum CBDs and low levels of THC, thus making it legal and with only medicinal effects. Some CBD Oil vendors derive their oils from industrial grade hemp that is used for industrial purposes.
  • Highland Pharms offers transparent test results from third-party laboratories on their website. Posted for all customers to see, you can verify the levels of the wide array of hemp cannabinoids in their oils. You can view a copy here.
  • The extraction method used by Highland Pharms allows for a total phytochemical extraction from their hemp. This method is referred to as Supercritical CO2 extraction and it leaves behind no chemicals or heavy metals.

Highland Pharms Coupon

If you want to save yourself some money at Highland Pharms, first visit their site through our affiliate link https://cbdoilpolice.com/highland and then go ahead use coupon code "CBDOILPOLICE" to save up to 20% on all products.

Final Thoughts


Highland Pharms gets a perfect 10 out of 10 from the CBDOilPolice team. The focus on quality is unrivalled. Even down to their environmentally friendly packaging and company focus on minimizing their carbon footprint as a whole.

The one downside that can be attributed to Highland Pharms is their pricey inventory. While they are a bit on the pricey side, you are getting what you pay for. If they didn't provide Lab Reports, they wouldn't have been able to back up their claims, and we wouldn't have been able to give them 10 stars. It clear to see why they have risen so fast and built up such a substantial happy customer base.


  • Ordered 7 days ago and still not received anything!!

  • I paid a massive $125 for some of their stuff and also have not received anything yet. I am starting to feel worried because their support is not getting back to me. I really hope I have not been scammed, that is a lot of money for me and all I am trying to do is ease my daughters suffering.

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