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Hempura is CBD Oil Brand that manufactures its CBD Oil in the UK and delivers to all EU countries. They are a Cannabis Trade Association Member that works to make sure UK CBD Oil Sellers "Say what they are and are what they say." Solid advice some US sellers could take onboard.

Hempura sells CBD Oil, Capsules, Vape Liquid, and Chocolates and is starting to become known for its High-Quality CBD Oil. In my review, I am going to take a more in-depth look into Hempura and see why they are such a great brand.

Hempura CBD Oil Reviews


There aren't many negative reviews for Hempura to be found online. Trust me; I tried to find them. They have a 4.7 out of 5-star rating on Facebook, which is quite rare for a CBD Oil Company. There is usually always one small complaint at least. Furthermore, I checked the user profiles that left the reviews, and they all appear to be genuine. The reviews have credited Hempura with helping for Back Pain, Knee Pain, Pets, Arthritis, Depression, Fibromyalgia and a bunch of other life crippling issues. They also have a 5-star rating on TrustPilot and Google Reviews. It's is quite astounding.

Hempura Lab Reports


Hempura provides industry-leading monitoring and laboratory testing, by permitting you to enter the batch code from your CBD package into their website tool so you can find the tests for your order's ingredients. Hempura has excelled themselves in this regard, and we hope that other CBD oil vendors will do the same in the future. There's nothing that puts your mind at ease more, than being able to see the science behind the ingredients and understand why the product will be sufficient. 

With accurate laboratory testing, everything about the product is laid bare. This includes good quality CBD (cannabidiol), and the accompanying cannabinoids that maximize the CBD oil's therapeutic benefits. This phenomenon occurs by enabling the plant compounds to function together in synergy, rather than extracting a single compound on its' own. Primarily, most experts think that extracting CBD in isolation reduces its' impact and potency. Hempura avoids this problem, with a full spectrum oil plant extraction.

Hempura's Most Popular Product


Hempura is best known for its high potency CBD Oil. You can purchase 250mg for only £19.99. Although many people use tinctures, an alternative option is vaping. Tinctures are only small glass oil containers that enable oil droplets to travel below the tongue, for fast absorption. Lots of inexperienced CBD users enjoy tinctures, however vaping works well too. Vaping differs from smoking because there's no liquid combustion. With vaping, the oil heats up gradually above a vaporizer coil, before the vaporize compounds can be inhaled. The vaped oil has hardly any smell and is an effective way to consume this oil. Hempura offers 100mg of Vape Oil for only £9.99.

Hempura Shipping

With the low price of Hempura's products, you might think that they will make up for lost margins by pricing up the shipping. Royal Mail Tracked 48, however, is free! If you want next day delivery, that is only £3.98. If you are an American reading this then, unfortunately, you won't be able to take advantage of this excellent service since they only ship to the UK and EU. Tracking is quite advanced; you get access to that within a couple of hours after your payment. You can track order right from Picking your contents in their warehouse straight to dispatch. Royal Mail has its own tracking after that which isn't as in depth.

Raw Versus Refined

This is a matter of opinion, so there's no 'correct' answer. Here's what you should know when choosing your oil type. Raw oil contains more material from plants. Sometimes, people say that this oil tastes like clippings of grass combined with oil. Other people love it though and say that raw oil can't be beaten. Refined oil undergoes an additional filtering procedure that gives it a less earthy taste and a golden color.

Hempura Coupon & Discount 2019

Use coupon code CBDOILPOLICE for a 10% discount your final check out price. Also make sure to keep an eye out on their Facebook page for regular competitions. 

Final Thoughts

Hempura is by far the best UK seller we have reviewed and put many USA sellers to shame. Their UK Trade Association lab reports verify that their products do indeed contain high amounts of CBD and no THC. They also confirm that there no nasty chemicals or pesticides inside of them. You can check for yourself after you order.

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