Hemptation Review – Real CBD Oil?


In 2017, Jeremy Skilling launched Hemptation. The company is located in the city of Burlington, VT. Hemptation creates products that are infused with hemp. Their product line includes isolate slabs, vapes, honey and bath bombs to name a few. 

Their hemp extracts come from Colorado, while their cannabis terpenes are sourced from buds that are produced in the state of Oregon. Hemptation extracts their winterized hemp for their oils via carbon dioxide, and for their plant waxes, they use ethanol filtration. Solventless distillation is used for CBD isolate hemp extraction. 

"Knowledge is power" is what Hemptation believes. Customers are aware of this by the services the company offers. Not only do they sell products, but they offer professional consultations to customers who are willing to pay for the service. 



Hemptation offers a small but high quality range of CBD products. I will mentioned each one and provide some more information.


This product is made with terpenes and resins from the hemp plant. CBD waxes can be purchased in two different sizes, and contain trace amounts of both THC and CBG.

Infused Oil

The oil is GMO-free and contains hemp extract and optional terpenes. The oils Hemptation sells are free of gluten, free of sugar and vegan-friendly. The oil is sold in a 4ml bottle, as well as in a 30ml bottle.


Isolate is made with cannabis terpenes and 99.9% CBD isolate. Slabs are available in two sizes, either 1/2 gram or 1 gram, and each contains 999mg of CBD per gram.


The honey is 100% Vermont honey. Each 2.4oz bottle contains 400MG of hemp extraction. 

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are produced with terpenes, as well as many other ingredients such as coconut oil, baking soda and witch hazel to name a few. Bath bombs are available in two varieties, with one being awakening bath bomb and the other being relaxing bath bomb. The latter contains granddaddy purp terpenes, while the former contains strawnana terpenes and durban poison.

Vape Cartridges 

The company's website says that they sell vapor cartridges are made from glass and metal or ceramic and that they have batteries that are for sale, but if you click on the link in order to buy them, you're directed to an informational page.


Hemptation's support is really good and if you have any issues then don't worry as it will be resolved very quickly. The company's phone number is 617-420-3489 and the email address is information@HemptationUSA.com

The Pros

  • In-store or online purchasing
  • Discounts are offered.
  • Free shipping within America.
  • The company offers products that can be customized.
  • Paid personal consultations via phone, online chat or in person. 
  • Defective or broken items are replaced when required.

The Cons

  • On third-party testing reports is available online.
  • Will only refund products that are sealed, unopened or have not been properly shipped.
  • Certain discounts are only available with a membership.

Final Thoughts

Hemptation has been in business for just over a year. They have built an impressive reputation, and their customer service is second to none. Their hemp infused product line is also impressive. 

The company has a membership program. This allows customers to enjoy benefits such as discount programs for the disabled, seniors, veterans or shoppers who are buying stuff frequently.

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