Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies Review: 4/5 Stars


The CBD products offered by Hemp Bombs are a higher-grade line that is designed to provide complete health benefits to users. These CBD products relieve users from numerous health conditions including diabetics, depression, anxiety and much more. The right CBD dosage can provide you with total relaxation. Each phase of the CBD manufacturing process is taken care of by Hemp Bombs, and they focus on quality control since they consider their customers to be the most important. When it comes to production, the team at hemp Bombs works with some of the country's most popular and best nutritionists to unify both the high purity CBD and natural botanical extracts. The goal of the company is to produce a healthful, attractive, and effective product that supports the absolute best mind and body function and make you feel energetic and relaxed at the same time.

Hemp Bombs Knowledgebase

Hemp Bombs resource section is where both new and experienced visitors can read about developments with the company's brand and the CBD industry. Hemp Bombs management believes in taking a truthful approach with both their current and potential customers. The Hemp Bombs resources page is their information hub where dealers are able to communicate with the sales team directly and where customers can read the details regarding the product sourcing and manufacturing. Visitors also can read reliable reviews from reputable sources.

Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies Review


The edible CBD gummies from Hemp Bombs are super strong and made out of one hundred percent natural and organic CBD, which is completely free of GMO. The main thing you need to know about the company Hemp Bombs is they use only pure Cannabidiol (CBD) without any THC. That is due to the fact that Hemp Bomb products are made out of industrial hemp which is completely legal to purchase in all fifty US states. However, the benefits provided by CBD gummies from Hemp Bombs will vary from one individual to the next. Generally speaking CBD gummies users will benefit from natural sleep benefits, reduced anxiety, and the alleviation of pain and stress. CBD gummies are available in different package sizes, including five, two, etc.

The History of Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs main administration is in Tampa, Florida. This company produces different kinds of quality CBD oil products, which include CBD syrup, capsules, gummies, bottle tinctures, and e-liquid. In early 2016 the company began to produce its products. It is a new brand but is showing potential in this competitive and aggressive market.

Since the company's early stages, it has been quickly climbing the ladder and providing customers with reliable and outstanding CBD products. It is considered to be one of the most reputable and best companies because it manufactures high-quality industrial hemp and makes various CBD products. It has a secure dealer network that includes both retail and online stores. There are branded Hemp Bomb items in novelty stores, convenience stores, and smoke shops. Company employees are experienced and expert bombers who are ready to assist customers at all times and fully committed to providing them with the highest quality of CBD products.

Josh Kennedy, the company's marketing director, says their products are manufactured from internally grown hemp and is free of GMO. The eco-friendly hemp is imported directly from Europe. Industry-leading and high-standard formulated farming processes are used for delivering top-quality CBD products.

According to online reviews and social media accounts, it is clear that customers are thrilled and it is worth it to purchase Hemp Bombs products.

Hemp Bombs Products


Hemp Bombs offer a wide range of the highest quality CBD products. It formulates the hemp-based products to help users get relief from their depression, anxiety, pain, and more and so that they can enjoy numerous health benefits. One of the best qualities of the company is it produces cannabidiol that enhances mood and offers the user complete relaxation.

Leading nutritionists work with the company to integrate pure and high-quality hemp-based CBD that is sourced from Europe along with other types of natural botanical extracts. The goal is to manufacture healthy products to improve the body and mind function. Hemp Bombs CBD products and oil provide numerous benefits, including relief from anxiety, extreme mood swings, and pain. It is also a sleeping aid. The most pleasing and best environment will be experienced by the user and will get natural sleep whenever their body and mind is relaxed.

In-House Manufacturing

One of the reasons why Hemp Bombs is so popular is that in-house manufacturing methods are used for making CBD products. Many CBD companies don't use their own labels but instead buy products from other local companies and then brand them as being their own. Hemp Bombs, however, is completely different. It adheres to the FDA guidelines and has a quality control policy which makes them a top ranking company.

Companies using outsourced manufactured product might not be able to guarantee the quality since it depends on the manufacturer providing the hemp.

Imported European Hemp

Most local US companies use domestic hemp grown in states where it is legal to grow hemp-based CBD products. However, some companies use imported hemp that comes from Asia and South America. Hemp Bombs only used hemp imported from Europe for producing CBD products. The Netherlands in Europe is renowned for farming hemp that is pure and with the highest degree of potency. It also is grown with the highest standards and health regulations.

Hemp Bombs Lab Test Results

There are many legal CBD providers within the industry. However, you cannot purchase from just any company. That is because several companies produce fake CBD. However, Hemp Bombs guarantees you will receive genuine CBD products from them since all of their products undergo third-party lab tests before being introduced to the market.

Hemp Bombs products do not prevent diseases but can reduce symptoms such as seizures, anxiety and cancer cell growth. These products can have positives effects as well on:

  • Mood
  • Stress
  • Pain relief
  • Mental health
  • Quality of sleep

Customers can be confident they have purchased a high-quality product whenever they are buying a Hemp Bombs CBD product.

Always in Stock

The company provides powerful and strong products to all of its customers. Initially, the company started by only offering CBD capsules and gummies. However, their product line has been increased significantly and they are continuing to introduce new varieties, including CBD Syrup and CBD Vape.

Most Popular Product

The CBD gummies from Hemp Bombs is their biggest hit and has made this company popular very quickly. These CBD gummies have had a great response from consumers and online reviews. Hemp Boms provides the best in-house made CBD products and has developed trust with customers.


Hemp Bombs gummies have effects that are rated in two separate ways. First, they are measured based on their servicing size, and then they are also measured based on various gummies or targeted dose. For many people, one gummy isn't enough, although they are maximum strength gummies. A one CBD gummy dose is a beginner's dose. According to reviews, you might not see any effect from one gummy, but it might still be operating in the background. You may feel calm and relaxed.


The CBD gummies from Hemp Bombs are a bit expensive. Each bag of gummies cost $14.99. You can also buy sixty packs for $119 so that each gummy will cost about $2. So if your target dose is 3-4 gummies, then it could get pretty costly. However, discounts are offered by the company when you increase your dose. It still is an expensive habit.


Each gummy is 15 mg, which is considered to be a potent dosage. Each of the gummy bags comes with five gummies. So the whole bag has 75mg of CBD. Taking one gummy might be enough to get your day started right if you can stay on a small dose.


It is rare to get a score of 10, but the CBD gummies from Hemp Bombs get a perfect 10 score when it comes to taste. They tasted just like the regular gummy bear candies that you can get at the grocery store. These CBD gummies are just 15mg each and you can't taste any hemp. These gummies taste great.


Getting your CBD dose is very convenient. All you need to do is consume one gummy first thing in the morning. These gummies from Hemp Bombs are larger the CBD froggies, but they are sweet so it should be easy for you to start your day out with them. They are ideal for when you are on the go, and you can stay active all day with each gummy being just 15mg. You can take more than one for best results if you need to have a higher dose.

My Final Thoughts


This outstanding brand of CBD provides a broad selection of high-quality CBD products. They are made out of hemp plants from Europe that provide customers with numerous health benefits along with total relaxation. The products offer a healthy result that improves body and mind function. These high-quality products are affordable and this is why we at cbdoilpolice.com consider them to be one of the CBD industry's leading brands.

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