Is CBD Oil Legal In Hawaii 2019?


The history of cannabis in Hawaii is notable. During the late seventies, Hawaii was where many home growers and farmers developed well-known strains, like CBD Kush and CBD From TJ's. The Hawaiian authorities legalized this industrial hemp, by enacting the 2175 Senate Bill in 2014. 

The passages below will shed more light on popular strains of CBD/THC, Hawaii's laws governing CBD, and some ways of buying it legally. 

CBD Kush - A Hybrid THC/CBD Strain

The hybrid strain CBD Kush has equal THC and CBD content. It is a collaboration of CBD Crew and Dutch Passion and is bred from Kandy Kush and an undisclosed-CBD-dominant variety. The equivalent 7% volume of THC and CBD has proven to help people who have a low tolerance threshold or those with conditions like inflammation, anxiety, and pain. CBD Kush has psychoactive effects that are gently mild and provides an experience that relaxes your muscles without a lot of mental cloudiness produced.

CBD From TJ's - A High CBD Strain

TJ's Organic Garden (Washington state) breeds a high-CBD strain. At the 2015 Oregon DOPE Cup, TJ's CBD was awarded the Best High-CBD Flower prize. Its subtle flavor and mellow profile is led by a skunky order and provides a calming effecting without the mind becoming clouded.

Hawaii's Laws Governing CBD Oil


The 2175 Senate Bill in 2014 made it legal to use hemp derived oil. It announced a twenty-four-month pilot research scheme to assess the application of industrial hemp for medicinal purposes. Then, in 2016 and 2017 respectively, Act 228 and an amendment to Act 199 were signed by Governor Dave Ige. This supercharged the pilot scheme for industrial hemp. The project began to accept cultivation license applications in early 2018. 

Hawaii and Medical Cannabis

The State Health Department in Hawaii supervised two unique yet associated medicinal cannabis schemes. The Registry Scheme for Medical Marijuana (introduced via Act 228), and The Dispensary Scheme for Medical Marijuana (introduced via Act 241), are set up to make medical marijuana safely available to nearly 21,000 Hawaiian patients.

Individuals are allowed to possess four ounces of usable cannabis at any given moment. It is worth mentioning that usable cannabis does not include the plant's roots, seeds or stalks. Besides, the law permits you to grow as many as seven cannabis plants. 

Hawaii and Recreational Cannabis

Pakalolo is the local name for marijuana, and it has a rich history in the State of Aloha. During the late seventies, Hawaii was where entrepreneurial home growers and farmers cultivated renown strains like Maui Wowee and Puna Butter. Rolling Stone described pakalolo as the number one crop in Hawaii, ahead of sugar and pineapple, in 1979. Nonetheless, in spite of its' state history, recreational cannabis is still illegal in Hawaii. 

How to Purchase Hawaii CBD oil

Hawaiians can legally buy products that use CBD oil in the state. Examples of the famous merchants that offer laboratory tested, pure grade CBD Hawaiian products are Still Smokin' -- Kahului from Wailuku, Mr Hemp CBD from Honolulu, Hale Hookah from Hilo, and 2Higuys from Honolulu. If you want to try a hemp extracted CBD massage, Maui Hemp Spa in Lahaina is the venue to visit. 

Final Thoughts

CBD oil derived from hemp has been legalized in Hawaii state, thanks to the introduction of the 2016 Act 228, and the 2017 amendment to Act 199 by Governor Ige, who took further the measures outlined in the 2175 Senate Bill in 2014. Aloha State supervises The Medical Marijuana Registry Scheme and The Medical Marijuana Dispensary Scheme to make medicinal cannabis available to roughly 21,000 patients in Hawaii. Notwithstanding, hashish is still forbidden in Hawaii, in spite of its' long track record.

If you live in Hawaii, you can purchase products that use CBD oil online from vendors. You can check the reviews on our website to find a vetted genuine CBD Oil Vendor, while the government debates the rules concerning cannabis.

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