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When it comes to the current state of the cannabinoid industry and the rapid growth each year, comes a lot of growing pains and rogue vendors. The battle against cannabis itself was started with slander, fear-mongering, and big campaigns of misinformation created by big pharma to protect their bottom line. It’s a long story, but that story has brought us to today, where cannabis and CBD products are legal in numerous states across America. But, when you’re talking about the medical applications of cannabis, THC, and CBD itself, there’s still a need for transparency, science, and study. That’s where the Flowering Hope Foundation comes in.

The Haleigh’s Hope Story


For decades before the founding of his organization, Jason Cranford studied and created cannabinoid plants in a wide variety of atmospheres and situations for scientific and medicinal purposes. This experience eventually led him to seek out a more advanced process for creating and administering high CBD-content medicinal products, bred and handled by him and his team on the genetic level from the greenhouse to the end line customer purchase. Stationed in Colorado, Jason was right on the cusp of burgeoning legalization and the growing funding being given towards medicinal cannabinoids and founded his company with medical advancement in mind.

This timeline somewhat coincided with the birth of a young girl across the country, Haleigh Cox, born to Janea and Brian Cox in Georgia. At the time, Georgia was one of many states still under the archaic laws preventing even the medicinal use of marijuana and cannabinoid products, which many--Janea herself included--hadn’t even started to consider at the time. But, Haleigh was born with Cerebral Palsy, and as an aside had a condition that sent her into seizures several times a day, sometimes nearing the one-hundred mark or even more. As time went on, and her condition got worse, Janea was more and more determined to find medical help, whatever the cost.

In 2014, on the heels of the founding of Flowering Hope, Janea was turned onto the use of medicinal marijuana and cannabinoids, and travelled with Haleigh to the young heart of the industry in Colorado, and by chance met up with Jason who was even then an expert in growing and processing techniques. The Foundation had been working with patients for some time even then. They were using complex formulas and growth procedures to alter the levels of THC and CBD in plant strains to custom-tailor each product to an individual whose needs it would best serve, and working with Haleigh resulted in the stellar product that would later come to take her name, and represent her best hope of a healthy, happy life.

Haleigh’s Hope Products


Haleigh’s Hope started out as a simple, homegrown cannabis product with a highly condensed ratio of CBD to a low THC content, making it not just a matter of strength but general effectiveness. It was a nice blend that worked wonders for Haleigh, soothing her struggles and easing some of her anxiety, while drastically improving her quality of life and even heavily reducing her average number of seizures per day. At a time when she was maybe weeks or months off from a potentially fatal attack, where her mother had turned over every rock and looked under every shrub in her home stat for possible answers and had come up empty, it was a godsend.

The modern Haleigh’s Hope line, run by its own sister organization under Flowering Hope, comes in a variety of specific, tailored mixes predetermined and packaged for a variety of needs, all of them non-GMO compliant, certified and accredited by numerous organizations, and hand tested in-house and out by the Foundation, along with other external and unassociated labs. It’s all very above-board, and both the science and experience of the staff is evident. In addition, the Foundation and Haleigh’s Hope are always willing to communicate directly with patients to help you narrow down which formulas and products would be best for you, taking your hand and leading you along when you might otherwise be lost in a sea of CBD products.

The various mixes are almost all standard CBD oil, to be taken over weeks orally with a handy, included syringe. Everything is exacting; from the amount and ratio of the included oil mix, to the dosage, to the applicator you get, which is always specifically pre-measured to give you exactly as much as you need. A lot is taken out of the hands of the average user and kept in the professional hands of the scientific and medical experts behind the product. However, that’s not always a good thing, as the end product--while backed by many guarantees--often doesn’t include exact ingredients, weights and amounts, and even industry-standard batch and processing information.

While the total lack of transparency would normally be a pretty severe cause for concern, with Haleigh’s Hope it works. You have a very strong foundation underneath it, quite literally in the case of Flowering Hope, and years of science experience plus glowing experiences and reviews to work with. It’s no lie to say they make a quality product, and it’s easy to understand with such stakes why they’d mostly keep the decision-making to themselves. And even then, the Foundation itself is often willing to just provide aid to those looking for help and products, which goes beyond simple customer service.

For those that need it, the Haleigh’s Hope line comes in a variety of sizes, all the way from a flat 10:1 ratio of CBD to THC product content, to a sheer 30:1 spread. As mentioned above, each comes in a completely pre-measured bottle of doses with a prescribed dosing syringe included, so you definitely get your money’s worth. But, that’s where you might run into a bit of trouble. Haleigh’s Hope is not cheap. Of course, it is a high-end, professional medical product, and it was never designed for day-to-day use as a simple pain reliever or comfort product like some oils and topicals, but rather as a strong medical tool to help those with strong medical problems. And in that regard, it’s definitely affordable for those interested. As an industry run by caring humans, as well, there are cases of both the FHF and Haleigh’s Hope helping out a bit on that end, so I’m sure they’d work with anyone who needs the financial assistance.

They also have a lotion on-site. While not to the level of use and variety of dedicated topical solutions made by companies who work with them exclusively, it’s a handy cream used in more typical CBD oil fashion, to apply to aches and pains, joints, and injuries for some measure of relief. It does suffer from the lack of general information provided by the company for their products, which can be a detriment for anyone more used to a certain content of CBD to other components.

Would We Recommend Haleigh’s Hope?

So, knowing all of that, is it safe to say I recommend Haleigh’s Hope? In a word, absolutely.

It might just be the stiff-necked concern of industry veterans to obsess over easily available batch tracking and freely public lab results, but at the end of the day that’s about the only concern you can really find with Haleigh’s Hope. With the recreational background of cannabis in American history--and modern use, of course--and the often quasi-professional level of product design, use, and marketing in the CBD industry, it’s easy to forget that many of these products are high-end medical goods protected by leading companies in the field. The Flowering Hope is no exception, and they provide a level of quality both in their product and as a company on the whole, that might surprise you.

Final Thoughts

In summary, if you’re looking into cannabidiol oil product that goes one level beyond the standard market, for something you take when you need it and can expect results from, look no further. The Foundation is a dream to work with and their level of quality is well-worth the cover price. I’d recommend looking into the group and contacting them to ease yourself into the product and find out what would work best for you, because that’s where they shine.


And as an aside, both The Flowering Hope Foundation and Haleigh’s Hope are worthy causes to look into and potentially support. If you’re interested in their products after reading this, or if you want to contact them for help or make a donation, I’ll provide both links below:



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