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I am delighted to today share with you my review on Endoca. They operate in 11 different countries and are now a well known brand in the CBD industry. I am going to share why they have been able to do that and let you know if there are any red flags to watch out for with this company. I will also share my experience with the CBD chewing gum I purchased from them. Let's get straight into it.

Endoca Reviews

Endoca encourage their customers to leave public reviews on both Trust Pilot and their Facebook page. Unlike some other sellers we have reviewed recently. Endoca don't have a perfect 5 star rating and there does some to be some minor complaints but the VAST MAJORITY of Endoca customers seem to pleased with their service.

Endoca Facebook Reviews

On the 3rd of May 2018 a customer named Ron who said that Endoca's strongest products had no effects on his pain. He said he had tried all methods and none of them had worked.

In 2017 a customer named Evina stated that she urgently needed her CBD Oil for medical reasons and had issues with shipping. She stated she placed her order on the 1st of August and that it still had not arrived by the 14th of August. Endoca replied to her in a very proffesional manner stating that deliver times in Europe are indeed slower and they realised they need to make that clearer on their website.

So far in 2019 there doesn't seem to be any major complaints with Endoca on Facebook. Just last week a customer stated that Endoca "benefits humanity on so many levels". 1 month before that a customer said that Endoca was helping her Anxiety and Pain. 

Trust Pilot Reviews

Perhaps a better place to look for customer testimonials would be via their Trust Pilot page. Just 5 hours ago, Francessca stated that she purchased some products for Arthritis & Pain and that the taste was "one of the worst ever".

Remember the issue with Evina's slow delivery? Several customers in April and May of 2019 reported very slow delivery times. There are also some complaints in 2019 of the product not working for intended uses.

I have dug through all of the reviews to find just some of negative ones and it wouldn't be a fair representation if I didn't include some of the positive testimonials. In fact, about 90% of the reviews there are either 4 or 5 star reviews! Customers have reported it working for inflammation, stomach issues, anxiety, pain, Cellulitus, skin dryness.

Endoca Reddit Reviews

The first Reddit thread I found about Endoca was created in 2016. It had a couple of people mention that they thought Endoca was somewhat shady and even claims that their analytic data was copy and pasted.

Fast forward to 2019 today though and this reddit thread has users saying that Endoca is a reputable brand. In the thread an Endoca representative even responded to some queries.

Endoca Products

Endoca currently have 7 different types of products for sale in their shop. They also have a really cool quiz feature that can help you find the best product for you if you are unsure.



Endoca CBD oil drops are available in different strengths; for instance, 3% and 15% concentration. The main difference between these two types of CBD oil drops is the concentration effects of CBD oil and the manufacturing process. The CBD oil drops with 15% concentration in 15000mg has more content of CBD than the 3%. Similarly, it is processed by filtering the CBDa, which later forms a liquid free from wax. The 15% of CBD drops are also quite robust and quite complex.



The collection of Endoca CBD oil is also available in capsules form for folks who may not prefer the taste of CBD oil. They are also appropriate for vegetarians since CBD capsules are gluten-free and available in the way of kosher. Tes CBD capsules are also available in two strengths 15% and 3%,however it is prudent to note that the CBD with 15% will cost you more than the 3% .besides the CBD capsules with 15% concentration is recommended for persons suffering from chronic pain,it will soothe your nerves and relieve your crippling pain leaving you comfortable . The CBD capsule with 15% concentration will cost you $180.



CBD is also available in suppository form, which means that it should be inserted via your vagina or rectum. The suppository preparation requires you to adhere the step by step instructions from the manufacturer to experience the desired effects of CBD oil. It is package contains 0 CBD capsules with 50mg concentration. It is, however, wise for you to consider using a lubricant when inserting the CBD capsule in your vagina or rectum to avoid the process being painful. Moreover, you can consume oral CBD preparation because the suppositories will bypass the intestinal tract.

Chewing Gum


My favorite product from Endoca is the CBD chewing gum and is the product I ended up buying. I like that it does not contain sugar, and it is available in two flavors mint essential oils and the wild peppermint flavor with latter being my favorite. I think that Endoca might have been the first to make a CBD chewing gum but don't quote me on that. It will cost you $15 for ten pieces of CBD chewing gum containing 15% CBD in each piece.

Endoca Founder


Henry Vincenty is the founder of Endoca and like the Lazarus Naturals founder he has an equally interesting story. He started his CBD journey by studying Biotechnology and Genetics at University of Copenhagen and before then embarking on years of travel on Humanitarian Health missions. He came across CBD Oil this way and in 2013 the Endoca domain was registered. Today he works on Endoca's production operation which includes a 2000 acre organic hemp farm extraction facility.  You can read a far more in-depth Endoca history guide here on their website.

Endoca Voucher & Coupon Code

Feel free to use ENDOCA10 for a 10% discount on your final cart price. There are currenlty no veteran or low-earner discount programs.

Final Thoughts

I am really impressed with Endoca, based on the early reviews with Endoca it seems like they had some minor issues when starting out but since then have matured into an excellent company. They have live chat support and reasonably priced products that seem to help a lot of people with various issues. I try the Endoca chewing gum and I did feel relaxed after a while but it wasn't that strong compared to other products out there. I would definitely recommend Endoca to CBDOilPolice readers. Especially if you are based in one of the non-US countries they operate in. Just keep in mind though that shipping times may vary if you are not based in America.

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