Diamond CBD Review – FDA Warning in 2019


Diamond CBD is a vendor we have heard of multiple times now. Diamond CBD has made a name for themselves in the industry with their CBD Products. They have a tainted history though, and in this Diamond CBD Review, I am going to take a look at where this company stands in 2019.

FDA Warning & Contaminated Products

The bigger a CBD Oil seller gets, the more likely they are to attract the attention of the FDA it seems. Like CBDPure, Mr. Gary Blum, President of Diamond CBD in 2019 has received a letter in the mail from FDA. Some of the complaints that Diamond CBD's content related to medical conditions was a breach of their rules even though sources to legitimate studies were included. There were also complaints from the FTC in the letter.

They made no mention of the ingredients inside of the products; however in later 2018 a study conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University concluded that some of their products contained Dextromethorphan and a nasty synthetic cannabinoid. The CEO denied that their current products contained either of these things and what products they sold in 2017 might have contained them. Leafly then went on to obtain a separate Lab Report and then found that a Diamond CBD product contained Melatonin.

Diamond CBD Reviews


It seems like that after the whole scandal with Diamond CBD in late 2018 the consensus from customers in their reviews was that Diamond CBD was not to be trusted and a vendor that should be "canceled".


Memories are fleeting, and Diamond CBD has been resurrected from the dead with electric shocks to the heart. Customer reviews in 2019 show that their products are "helping" some people and there doesn't seem to be any complaints.

Diamond CBD Products

Diamond CBD oils are available in quite a few different forms and CBD products. You can take the oil orally using a dropper to measure the required number of drops. You can also inhale your CBD oil or apply it directly on your body. Let's take a brief look at each product. They also sell vape liquid. Their most popular product is the Diamond CBD Gummies, so let's take a look at those first in this review.



Diamond CBD Gummies (also known as edibles and gummy bears) do not contain the psychoactive substance THC and are produced by processing CBD oil from the hemp plant. You can consider including some CBD oil Gummies into your diet to improve your well-being. They also have gummy worms which taste great, are soft to chew and quick to take effect.



If you are an athlete and you are looking for a cream to soothe your sore muscles, Diamond CBD creams could be your ultimate choice due to its menthol and high-quality CBD oil from the hemp plant. You can try the 1000 mg Biotech CBD preparation.

Bath & Body


If you are thinking of relaxing after a busy day at work, you can use the Diamond CBD shower & bath products to relax your muscle and rejuvenate your body as you take your shower. The shower products are safe and are infused with 100 mg of superior CBD oil. There are quite a few different bath products to take a look at on Diamond CBD.



Diamond CBD has some unique offerings like their drinks, for example. You can also consider consuming CBD juices if you are particularly watching your calories or as an option or if you can't stand the taste of CBD Oil.



If you want something that provides a higher dose, then Diamond CBD Capsules may be a better option for you. These provide the benefit of getting the correct dose every single time. The downside is that some people may find them hard to swallow, and they take a little longer for the effects to kick in.

Pets (Medi Pets)


As well as serving people, Diamond CBD's network for brands also extends to our four-legged friends. Consider adding some MediPets made of CBD when feeding your pets. They are also suitable for dogs because they enhance their health.



If you enjoy consuming CBD in vape form, Diamond CBD vape will come in handy. It has a variety of vapes in the form of oil, liquids, and additives. It is also available in vape CBD pens, cigarettes, and vaporizers. You can also choose the vape flavor that you like, or you may similarly take the unflavored preparation. The diamond CBD vape additive is a customer favorite.

Diamond CBD Oil Coupon

Use Coupon Code WELCOME35 for 35% off your final check out the price. This includes their CBD oils, creams, lotions, gummy bears and more.

Third-Party Lab Tests

Diamond CBD does have Lab Reports published on their website and clam to use CO2 Extraction for their products. Looking through all of their lab results, I could see that there was no synthetics or nasty chemicals. There were legal amounts of THC.

Final Thoughts

It's up to you to make your own decision before purchasing from Diamond CBD. The fact that some online review sites won't mention the 2018 scandal show why it is vital to use review sites like ours. They're just so many good online sellers now in 2019 with clean, unblemished histories that it's not worth it for me to go with a seller like Diamond CBD.

They have an excellent range of products, customer reviews are positive in 2019, prices or okay but still what happened in the past is quite scary for us at CBDOilPolice.com. We would not recommend them.

The Bottom Line: Should You Buy From Them?

Use Coupon Code "COP50" for a huge discount at checkout.

There is no doubt in my mind that there are many customers happy with Diamond CBD.

They wouldn't have gotten this far without working CBD products.

Personally for me though, there is just too many red flags.

My current recommendation would go to Ananda Hemp since I have tested them out.

Their CBD products are legit and they have a sale on right now.

Most importantly though, I got the best results using them.

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