Is CBD Oil Legal in Connecticut 2019?


Connecticut has legalized CBD oil usage with the Connecticut House Bill 5780, and then, the 2017 SB-603 helped regulate its production and usage. The product can be availed at both traditional retail stores and from online sellers in the state.

The following paragraphs throw light on CBD, the two most widespread Low-THC/High-CBD strains, CBD's legality in Connecticut, and purchasing it legally.

Can You Buy CBD Oil Online?

If you want to buy your CBD Oil Online it is vital you choose a vendor that ships CBD Oil with less then 0.3% THC to Connecticut daily. That is the legal requirement for Connecticut.

What is CBD?


Short for cannabidiol, CBD is basically a plant compound containing medicinal traits that have demonstrated to assist with mental clarity, productivity, pain relief, a robust immune system, and general mental peace.

The collective research that supports CBD's several positive attributes is growing with each passing day. A study carried out recently indicates people are quitting conventional medicine once they come to terms with CBD's benefits. Apparently, CBD is a legitimate wonder drug without any mind-affecting haze that's usually associated with similar drugs.

Common Low-THC/High-CBD Strains

CBD Shark

An 80/20 strain in favour of indica, CBD Shark provides an equal CBD:THC ratio. The cannabinoid combo parity helps patients treat an array of disorders, such as inflammation, anxiety, and pain, without any psychoactive effects caused by the high THC content strains. CBD Shark is an amalgam of certain high-CBD variant and Shark Shock indica. Its fragrance comprises sweet fruit notes sprinkled with mild hints of garlic and herb.

Ringo's Gift

Ringo's Gift, which is named after Lawrence Ringo (a CBD pioneer), is basically high on CBD strain that cross Harle-Tsu and ACDC and comes in a range of phenotypes and ratios. "1-for-1" strain is the first ratio that signifies an equal CBD-to-THC ratio. But Ringo's Gift could provide CBD/THC ratios as high as 24:1.

This strain is becoming the crowd favorite in cannabis clubs since it provides a genteel blend of calming complete-body softening and cerebral activity without the too stoned or high after-effect.

Connecticut and Medical Marijuana

You may seek a medical marijuana certificate registration if you meet two conditions: being a resident of Connecticut, and you are undergoing treatment by a licensed doctor for a major medical condition. The program is regulated by the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection. Moreover, in 2016, the state cleared a new law that enabled usage of medicinal marijuana by minors, provided the medicine isn't in a smokable, vaporizable, or inhalable form.

The medical sales of 2017 was approximately $30 million, with the 2012 projection being $104.9 million. There are nine medical dispensaries in the state that serve more than 25,000 patients.

Connecticut's CBD Oil Laws

The Connecticut House Bill 5780, 2015 made legal the usage of industrial hemp by banishing its fiber, seeds, and hemp stalks from marijuana's definitional confines. Later, the Senate Bill No. 603, 2017 regulated its manufacturing and end-use, and an agricultural pilot initiative shall begin in Connecticut by July 1, 2018 but as of January 2019 it seems to have slowed down. 

The statutes were revised to ensure the state's industrial hemp law coincides with the Federal Agricultural Act, 2014 by ostracizing it from what defines a controlled substance. It is important to state that Section 7606 of The Farm Bill permits agriculture state universities and departments to start making industrial hemp for scientific studies and other research purposes.

Connecticut and Recreational Marijuana

In Connecticut, you would have to pay $150 as penalty for being in possession of anything equal to or less than half-ounce of recreational marijuana, and a fine of $500 if the act is repeated. Also, growing or distributing herb is considered a felony. But this status quo is expected to alter in 2019, as The General Assembly has already removed the legislative hurdle.

The bill's proponents claim legalising recreational cannabis would attract several million dollars in taxes and other forms of earnings for the state, besides creating several thousand jobs. The estimated revenue is more than $60 million for 2021. Lastly, Connecticut has decriminalized the law already for small amounts.

Buying CBD Oil in the State of Connecticut

You may buy CBD oil derived from industrial hemp in the state of Connecticut, as cannabis-infused goods are sold publicly in the state. Mary-Joe's Coffee, Paint N Toke Parties, Ricky D's Rib Shack, and US Hempcare are some of Connecticut's CBD pioneers.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned, it's important to go through the label of a product before purchase to confirm the THC and CBD presence. There have been quite a few past instances where products that claimed CBD presence were tested in the lab only to reveal they had no CBD content. They were fined by the FDA subsequently. Buying CBD online is a lot more convenient since you can be certain of the manufacturer's credibility before buying the oil.


The consumption of CBD oil derived from hemp was legalized courtesy the SB-603 in Connecticut, and an agricultural pilot initiative would begin in the state by July 1, 2018. If you live in Connecticut and are undergoing treatment at the hands of a licensed physician for a life-altering disease, you may enrol for this medical marijuana program. However, you are still legally banned from consuming recreational marijuana in Connecticut. Visit for more information relating to this.

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