CBDPure Review – We Gave Them 4 Stars


CBDPure sells hemp oil that is produced by the brand Nutra Pure. The thing that is unique about the company is they focus solely on manufacturing hemp oil- not isolates, edibles, topicals or anything else. 

Limiting the inventory to only one product has enabled them to research and develop the product to a quality level that is unmatched.

I say this as someone who has tested three dozen hemp oil varieties at least, priced from extremely high to very low. So how does their product stack up against others that are available in the marketplace? 

2019 FDA Warning

On March 6th, 2019, CBDPure published a blog post titled "Why The FDA Is Wrong About CBD." It is an interesting read and talks about how he thinks the FDA is a threat to the CBD industry.

On March 28th, the FDA sent an over-night delivery letter to CJ Montgomery, the founder of Nutra Pure LLC and CBDPure.com. It stated that they had reviewed his website in February 2019 and concluded that his Hemp Oil and Soft Gel products were not "Dietary Supplements." He was also told to remove content relating to CBD Oil and Medical conditions which seems to have been carried out by CJ Montgomery. In the letter, there weren't any complaints about the quality of his products.

CBDPure Review

CBDPure is the finest quality cannabidiol oil. It is exclusively derived from hemp and grown on farms in Denmark. Were you aware that the Dutch and Danish are cannabis industry pioneers? Their hemp plants are grown using a 100% organic method which does not involve using any harmful pesticides and herbicides.

The industrial quality hemp is renowned for its outstanding purity and high CBD content. Nutra Pure is a company that follows very stringent production guidelines and this is followed up with numerous strict quality control checks to make sure that consumers are getting only the very best products.

My Favorite CBD Pure Product


Why not get some of these CBD capsules to use as a back-up for the long hard days at work? These new CBDPure Softgels provide all of the benefits that the oils do but in capsule form. Given that the same quality level is maintained throughout, I am confident in recommending it.

CBDPure Pros


I am naturally a skeptical person, so these ambitious claims did not set too well with me initially. The other reviews of CBDPure also seemed more like sales pitches to me. So I decided I wanted to dig a little deeper and learn more about the company came to the claims that they make about their product.

  • Both CBDPet and CBD Pure offer a 90-day money back guarantee in the event you are not fully satisfied with the results from this product. It is very bold and not many brands will return or replace their products up to 3 months after it has been purchased.
  • CO2 extraction is the only method that is used for extracting the entire spectrum cannabinoids, which preserves its natural properties. It works very well to restore our endocannabinoid system's balance and promotes improved mental health.
  • This hemp oil is made only using the highest quality hemp with no contaminants and is grown on Denmark farms. To ensure optimal quality each product undergoes rigorous quality testing conducted by an independent third party.

Ordering CBDPure


I took a leap of faith and ordered their 600 MG bottle of hemp oil that cost $79.99. It was an amount of money that I felt I could risk losing, so that wasn't a problem. The package arrived promptly, and I started to take the dosage myself. Note: since the product is considered to be a health supplement, I recommend that you consult with a doctor if you have any questions or confusion.

Each CBDPure serving offers 20 mg of cannabidiol, which for me was 2 servings per day - one time in the morning and another at night. When it comes to flavor, there isn't much to discuss since it just tastes like natural hemp. But for me, I like the flavor of natural hemp the most.

In terms of results, it did start to show results more quickly than I had initially anticipated. To test CBDPure, I stopped taking the previous CBD medication I had been using one week in advance. I felt my anxiety had started to tighten its grip once again. Just two doses a day made it possible to start my normal life. I am so happy!

So I can definitely say that CBDPure worked as well as the previous cannabidiol that I had been taking. Like nearly all CBD oil products - it is non-psychoactive. What that means is many symptoms can be treated without being afraid of "getting high" or that feeling of intoxication. That is, after all, what CBD is!

Officially, no dosage is mentioned, so taking the trial and error approach was my best bet. Begin with one serving of 3.3 mg per day and see what the effects are. Increase from there slowly to three servings maximum if you think you need it. Even better - consult with your physician and read our CBD oil dosage guide.

What I think about CBDPure

If the purity of CBD oil is equated to the trustworthiness of the company that is manufacturing the product, then CBDPure could be considered to be pretty trustworthy. You may be thinking, but didn't you say that the manufacturer is one of the industry's best? Yes, I did say that, but I do think that the company could have done more to reassure consumers.

The first thing is that proof coming from third parties that supposedly testifies to the purity of the product didn't seem completely convincing to me. I was a bit disappointed, so I checked their FAQ page for relevant information. Although quite a few of my doubts were dispelled by their questions and answers, I still wasn't 100% convinced about purchasing the product.

As I final resort, I checked their testimonials, and I was surprised to see that nearly ever testimonial that I saw only said good things. Sure may times testimonials are faked by companies to boost their credibility, but it didn't appear they were like that. It was only a hunch, or maybe a gut feeling that caused me to purchase the first bottle.

CBDPet Review


If you believe that you should have the best for your health, why shouldn't your pet have the same thing? CBDPetoffers all of the same goodness that CBDPure does with a small tweak in order to make it ideal for your pet. The same standard of excellence is upheld by Nutra Pure for maintaining quality, and that is why I can wholeheartedly recommend this product.

For as long as I can remember I have been giving my dog CBD treatments. The first time, I decided I would go against all of my inhibitions, which definitely paid off. CBDPet does a great job in helping to keep my dog active enough so that he stays healthy. According to the company, it can help with a number of other issues like cognitive problems, excessive vocalization, self-trauma, and aggression.

Although my dog hasn't ever had a lot of issues with excessive barking, he has been slowed down a lot by age. Fortunately, products such as CBDPet allows me to treat him so that his regular mood comes back.

If you give this product to your cat or dog, I promise that you will notice positive results, in behavior at least, and maybe health too. You can always fall back on the 90-day refund policy if the product does not produce the desired effects.

CBDPet Pros

  • Easy to administer - simply add it to a pet treat or food
  • It contains the entire range of terpenes and cannabinoid, which is much better than only CBD
  • The cold press extraction method is also used to keep the natural composition of hemp intact without any chemicals being added.
  • CO2 extraction is the method used by the company in order to preserve the entire spectrum cannabinoids.

Final Thoughts on CBDPet

It is easy to administer this product and it is 100% safe for your dog or cat to consume. Just mix in the CBD with their favorite treat or food and they will naturally ingest the substance.

In my opinion, Nutra Pure has been able to earn its good name, so I am definitely happy to recommend CBDPet. You will also find plenty of testimonials in the "Success Stories" section at www.getcbdpet.com.

Final Thoughts On CBDPure


I really love to use CBD Oil, the feeling that you get while you are vaping is fantastic. However, I understand that vaping at the office or public places brings unwanted stares. So to be honest, when I heard CBDPure added to their product line, I purchased the capsules so that I can use them when things start getting stressful at work.

To test this out, I started to take two capsules per day. Before I tried that, I had taken a one week break of taking all CBD products first.

The effects were really amazing. Although capsules do not work as quickly as oils. However, even with all of that, I would back into my no-stress mood within around an hour. So over time, it also helped my chronic back pain. In around one weak, I was up and running once again.

I am very happy to testify that the capsules were potent and helped me deal with the issues I was having.

This isn't a perfect product. I do wish that the company had published more lab results from the third-party tests in order to boost their credibility. However, when you look past that initial impression, I think that CBDPure will prove to be very helpful. So why not order the smallest bottle and try it out yourself?

More potent and better capsules always will be available, but the economic and small containers to pack a real punch! Why not try it out to see how it works for you?

Here at cbdoilpolice.com, we just want to remind you to carefully read the terms and conditions to know how to make a claim, if necessary.

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