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CBDMD is a 3 and a half-year-old company with corporate offices and a warehouse in Charlotte, NC. They now built up a solid reputation and have a clean history, unlike some other companies I have recently reviewed.

In my CBDMD review, I have compiled customer reviews from external sources, ordered some of their product, tested their support, and been shocked at how good everything was. Sit back and find out why I have decided to give them a 4 out of 5-star rating.

CBDMD Reviews


CBDMD is now prominent and widespread enough that it is easy to find customer testimonials all over the web. I have done some research for this CBDMD review and compiled as many as possible. The first source I used was Reddit.

CBDMD Reddit Reviews

In this threadone user said that his CBDMD vape oil was "More Potent than Hemp Bombs" which is another CBD Oil Seller we rated quite highly. He also mentioned it being thicker and tasting "pretty good."

This thread in the CBDOilReviews sub was created by a user asking for some opinions on CBDMD. One reply described CBDMD as a standard cookie-cutter CBD Oil seller with a large marketing budget. 

Through all of the other Reddit threads I found, that seemed to be the consensus. There wasn't anything special about CBDMD, but there wasn't anything seriously wrong with them unlike Natures Script.

CBDMD Facebook Reviews

Thankfully CBDMD has set customer reviews to be public on their Facebook and largely un-policed. They currently have a 4.9 rating from 372 reviews.

Customers Shawn and Linaa both credited CBDMD with having excellent support. Shawn chatted with one of their reps Amanda, who was very knowledgable, answered her specific questions, and went the extra mile. Linaa had similar things to say about the rep Kadejah, who was also very knowledgable. The other reviews for customer support all reference specific people and follow a similar story.

Some of the other customer reviews also credit CBDMD products helping with anxiety, pain, pet seizures. A customer called Jessica left one review that could have turned into a 1-star rating. She said that during the shipping process, her tub of inflammation cream had opened spilt inside the envelope. It turned into a 5-star review when CBDMD shipped out a replacement for her within a couple of days. I seriously could not find any negative reviews for CBDMD. Let me know in the comments if you disagree with my findings.

CBDMD Support

After reading the customer testimonials on Facebook, I was left curious. It seemed like the CBDMD customer support was getting a lot of praise, so I thought I would try it out for myself. To use their live chat support you have to go their homepage and enter your name, email, and phone number although you can leave them blank if you prefer too.


Luckily I am not currently suffering from insomnia or sleep issues, but it is a common issue and one I have written about before here on CBDOilPolice. My support rep "Zac" gave the reply I expected since legally they shouldn't be giving out medical advice.


He was quick to reply to my queries, and I think I could have spent a long time asking questions if I had too. I can see why there were so many good reviews for CBDMD support. They may have the best customer support out of all of the vendors we have reviewed here especially when vendors PureKana don't even have live support.


CBDMD Dosage

We have written a dosage guide here, but Zac linked me to an equally good easy to digest resource from TheCBDExperts.comIt covers information for both pets and humans, to use it you should first know your weight and if your symptoms are mild or severe.

CBDMD Coupon Code

CBDMD don't seem to have any veteran or low earner discount programs like Lazarus NaturalsTheir products are however reasonably priced, and you can use Coupon Code CBDOILPOLICE15 for 15% off your final checkout price. 

Third-Party Lab Tests

To make their CBD natural and non-gmo. CBDMD use a CO2 extraction method which but take it one step further. They use also use a hybrid full-spectrum process which also works to remove any trace of THC. CBMD are transparent with their Third-party lab results by publishing them on their website. When looking at them, I could see that their extraction method had indeed left their CBD Oil with a 0% trace of THC and there was still the full list of cannabinoids and terpenes. It was impressive to see this in their lab testing for their full-spectrum CBD products.

CBDMD Products

Cannabidiol or CBD was the first drug isolated from cannabis in a lab. It is perfectly healthy to use as a drug because it has been isolated from the other chemicals found in the cannabis plant. It has many uses, including providing relief from pain and anxiety. It has been approved for use in humans and pets that need a prescription drug with low toxicity. Let’s take a look at some of their CBD products.



A tincture is a dropper formula that uses both alcohol and pure water to dissolve some medicine. In this case, CBD oil is dissolved in alcohol, and a dropper is one way to add medicine to food. The CBDMD pharmacy offers dropper prescriptions in both 30mg and 60mg bottles. Flavors include orange, mint, and berry. These flavors mask the bitter taste of natural CBD Oil quite well. I decided to go with the 30mg bottle in Berry flavor. It tasted like real berries, and I found it be very potent and beneficial just like all of their other CBD oils and products.



CBD is available in both 30 and 60 count bottles. The strength of the prescription can range from 450mg to 3000 mg of CBD. A pet prescription is different from a human prescription and usually contains less medicine because of the animal's lower weight. Capsules are the best way for pets to take medicine as they do not have to taste it.

Freeze Cream


FREEZE cream is a specific brand that combines CBD with menthol and Camphor oil. It uses this combination of analgesics to provide reasonably quick pain relief. It can be used to treat surface pain arising from present and past injuries. It comes as a cream but also as a roll-on product. Assistance is quick, often less than 5 minutes.

Inflammation Cream


It is possible to buy a cream containing CBD and other herbal ingredients that helps to deal with inflammation and dry skin. Since some skin conditions are environmental in nature, a topical cream really can help relieve skin stress and dryness.

Bath Bomb


As surprising as it sounds, CBD can even be purchased as a bath bomb. Several different bath bombs are available on CBDMD, and each pod contains 100mg of CBD along with other desirable bath oils. It does affect the skin and promote relaxation. Since CBD is a mild and natural substance, it does not have any unpleasant side effects.

Other Products

They also sell 300mg and 750mg CBD Gummies, vape oil and a unique product called the "Companion Box" which comes with CBD Oil for both you and your pet dog or cat.

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned earlier in this CBDMD Review, I ended up buying the 30mg Tincture from CBDMD and was impressed. It arrived within one week and was stronger than a lot of other Tinctures I have tried. The customer support was the most helpful I have ever come across and works 24/7. Try it for yourself if you need some advice! I would recommend CBDMD and would give them a 5-star rating, which isn't something I often do. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping all across the US. Also if anything goes wrong with your order message the support, and if you are telling the truth, I am sure they will replace your order. I hope my CBDMD Review has helped you, let me know your thoughts in the comment section. If you run into any issues, then you can contact the email address support@cbdmd.com.

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