CBDistillery Review – The 2020 Update

Today I am going to be writing a CBDistillery Review; they are a well known popular company that sell pure CBD Oil products. They sell vape pens, isolates, CBD gummies, CBD capsules and even some Pet Products. I am going to be looking at their lab test results, customer reviews and everything else that will make this CBDistillery Review the best one out there.

I hope by the end of my review, you will be able to make an informed decision about CBDistillery CBD products. The following review has been updated for 2020 with the most up to date information I could find.

About CBDistillery 

CBDistillery provides an affordable and inexpensive option for all those who look for top quality, CBDistillery was founded by a group of Colorado natives.

CBDistillery has their very own prices quite affordable and reasonable, a significant selling point for this brand. Also, they offer up-to-date third-party batch testing so that you would be able to buy with confidence that you’ll get what you expected.

They offer and feature a wide selection of different products, including topicals, pet products, vaping equipment and more. We will give you a full review of CBDistillery below after presenting an overview of their product selection. 

So let us have a look at their catalogs:

CBDistillery Review



  • Their customer reviews are largely positive now compared to when I first found them at the start of this year. They seemed to have fixed all of the previous issues they had with customer support & shipping.
  • CBDistillery has their own products lab tested from the third party lab, ProVerde Laboratories Testing includes a full spectrum analysis and examination of cannabinoids, and also testing for heavy metals and pesticide elements. This kind of critical aspect of ensuring quality and something educated clients of CBD oil should expect to come from a reputable supplier.  
  • When it is compared to the competition when it actually comes to the price per mg of CBD, the cost point over at CBDistillery is very affordable and accessible to those on a budget.  
  • Unlike some, most of the online shops I have researched and reviewed in building this site, the customer checks then reviews on the products in their shop appear genuine. Here is a big clue: They are not really 100% sure. If you are looking to find the best deal on what other clients think about a product, it really is nice to be able to read real comments and feedback so this is an actual big plus for this site.  
  • Even though the website says that the company was founded and started by Colorado natives, we do not know much more than that from their website. However, they do come with an active Facebook page that includes 9K followers and an active presence by the people over at CBDistillery. 
  • Even though do offer CBD Isolate products, the majority of the other products are full spectrum meaning they include a selection of various cannabinoids present in the hemp they source. Since they offer the latest batch testing for their products on the site, you can see by yourself the actual balance and stability in their CBD oil before you purchase. It is not the best overall balance of cannabinoids I have noticed out there, but it does offer much more than just the CBD isolate. 


  • Some of the customer CBDistillery reviews in the past were not great. Customer complained of shipping issues and poor customer support.
  • Even though they are clear about using non-GMO industrial hemp for extraction, it is not very obvious where they source it from, or if they happen to be using only organic hemp for their product lines.  
  • I was unable to find definitive info on ways that CBDistillery uses to extract the CBD oil from the hemp plant. This is actually the kind of information that many educated customers know to ask about, so it should be provided.  

CBDistillery Reviews of Products

CBDisitillery has a wide range of different CBD products. They have CBD Gummies, CBD Isolate, Topicals, Vape cartridges. They are all non-GMO pesticide-free and of course THC free.

CBD Gummies Review


Although not advertised heavily, CBDistillery does sell CBD Gummies. The product range is limited, and so are the flavors. They have two 30-count bottles of CBD Gummies. One for night time use and one of for general use. They are THC free and currently priced at $60 dollars.

CBD Isolate Review


The Pure CBD isolate that is provided at CBDistillery comes in blocks form, probably because they want to showcase the astonishing crystalline composition and structure of their finished product. And it is quite pretty indeed! It is about %99 pure with the newest third-party testing, which is all available right on their website.

A quite significant amount of people prefer CBD isolate as it could be precisely dosed. It also has no flavors or odors that are linked with the terpenes that are present in CBD oils. That makes it perfect to be used at home. It also can be applied to vape that has e.liquids and oils.

An additional advantage of going with an isolate formula is that there is no THC which means you won’t have to worry about these products triggering a drug test.

CBD Hemp Oil Review


Coming in at a great/high price, this is a full-spectrum CBD oil which is created to be taken orally used as an addition to food or under the tongue or maybe, drinks or shakes. You can taste the hemp oil if you take it straight; however, if you add a few drops as a supplement, it will not affect the taste of your food. Their CBD Oil Tinctures contain the highest quality Fractionated MCT oil, which helps absorb the hemp CBD Oil faster for better effects.

CBD Topicals Review


There are three skincare products available from this shop, each by using full-spectrum extract. Plenty of people find that CBD can soothe and calm the skin and can even offer some penetration into sore joints and muscles. These localized effects are likely to happen nearly immediately compared to the 25-30 minutes usually it takes for oral supplements to take effect.

CBD oil Salve - This kind of topical ointment gives you 500mg of CBD per container, which is reasonably potent when compared to similar topics in the marketplace.

CBDefine - The following topical treatment also contains 500mg of their full-spectrum CBD oil, besides, soothing ingredients including apricot oil, almond oil, lavender, rosemary, aloe and more. It smells delightful.

CBD Vape and Dabs Products Review 


If you have been planning to try vaping or dabbing to enjoy the sensation of relief that a lot have with CBD, CBDistillery offers an affordable way to give it a try. They provide a full line of products, including:

E-liquid - Available in many signature flavors, including client favorite "Gran Daddy Purp." You can purchase them separately, or try a comprehensive selection pack. The majority of the flavors are in the vein of fruity, so if you just like bright flavors then this may be an excellent place to try. On the other hand, they do not have unflavored liquid. If you are searching for an additive for your preferred flavor at home, you will not find it in this product. 

Disposable Vape Pens and Vape Cartridges - If you do not have your gear, you can get gear with your purchase. It is just a little pricier than going with the vaping gear you already have and purchasing only the CBD e-liquid for refills.
CBD Wax - If dabbing much more your thing, this company also provides wax. They would use their CBDisolate and supplement it having a terpene infusion. It comes in many tasty flavors. 

CBD Suppositories Review


It may sound unusual, as well as the truth is not many CBD oil suppliers provide this product. However, the manufacturer promises that these suppositories are super-fast acting, which makes them a choice for customers in search of fast relief while suffering from extreme intense nausea or stomach pains. 

Even though pricier per milligram than their tinctures, the price remains quite reasonable and affordable. They are made with all-natural MCT Coconut oil and are available in packs of 3 50mg suppositories.

CBD Distillery Coupon Code

I am still looking for a CBDistillery Coupon Code and will update this review when I have one. For now make sure to visit our affiliate link https://cbdoilpolice.com/distillery to make sure you order CBD Oil from their official website.

There is also a discount available for Veterans and Soldiers, to qualify simple email sales@thecbdistillery.com an image of valid ID or paperwork for a 10% coupon code.

Third-Party Lab Results

CBDistillery does have some Lab Results available for the public. The results show that their products have high amounts of Cannabinoids and low levels of THC, making it legal in most US States and very potent.

The Lab Tests performed by Proverde Laboratories show that the CBD Tincture have no dangerous heavy metals like lead or mercury. The lab results on their website are all up to date and show that their products are safe to use. They get a 5 out of 5 stars here from us.

Real CBDistillery Customer Reviews


CBDistillery has made reviews public on their Facebook, which is nice to see. In the last 30 days of January 2019 however, customers have made use of this and it doesn't look great for the company.


There were plenty of good reviews earlier in 2018, and it seems that their products and customer service was good enough to warrant 5 stars.


For now, though, we have no choice but to take the most recent reviews into account and use that for our overall rating of the company. They are not the best CBD company, in our opinion.

2020 Updated Reviews

As mention previously since writing this review, things have gotten a lot better. There customer reviews going into 2020 are all largely positive and there are no major complains from a large portion of their customers which is good to see.


It's clear to see that customer are now happy with CBDistillery. The low cost and quality of their CBD Oil seem to be stand out points from the current reviews. It's safe to say ordering from CBDistillery is good value for money. 

Final Thoughts

When I first wrote this CBDistillery Review at the start of the review I did not give them 5-stars. I didn’t feel that their Lab Reports were clear enough and it was clear to see that many of their customer were experiencing the same issue with extremely slow shipping. Right now at the time of writing this I am happy to say that CBDistillery get 5 out of 5 stars from us.

The Bottom Line: Should You Order From CBDistillery?

CBDistillery products clearly work and are trusted by many.

Their CBD Oil is real and not a scam.

They are probably one of the biggest CBD Oil vendors currently out there.

If you order today I am confident you will have a positive experience with them from start to finish.


  • CBDistellery are as legit as it gets I have ordered from them multiple times now.

  • I would never recommend cbdistillery. Took a while to receive my order and when I finally did the tank was cracked. By the next day there was nothing left in it. I tried emailing them and got no response

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