CBD Oil For Stress & Coritsol Levels


One of my favorite things to do after a long stressful day is to make a chamomile tea, put 3 drops of CBD Oil inside the cup and sit down with my headphones on. The CBD Oil gathers on top of the tea and as the first couple of gulps make it's way inside my body I feel all of the days stress evaporate out of my body. Not literally of course but that's the feeling I get.

This got me thinking about CBD Oil's effect on Stress and Cortisol and so I have done some research I would like to share it with you in this article. If you are a stressed individual you need to keep on reading.

The Study

I found this "Effect of cannabidiol on plasma prolactin, growth hormone and cortisol in human volunteers." study on PubMed.

It was carried out by Antonio Waldo Zuardi, Francisco Silveira Guimarães and Fabrício A Moreira all professors from prestigious Universities in Brazil.

These professors have previously carried out studies on psychotic conditions and other CBD Oil related stuff. 

For this study, the men gathered 11 volunteers and asked them to turn up in the morning for a couple of sessions over 2 weeks. Some of them were given a placebo and the others were injected with CBD Oil. Standard stuff in a study.

Interestingly the placebo did have a decrease on Cortisol levels but not as much as the CBD Oil did. The study found conclusive proof that the CBD Oil decreased Cortisol levels only 120 minutes after it was administered. If you are a stressed person like myself with high cortisol levels then this study should get you excited. Keep on reading to find out why.

Too Much Cortisol is BAD!

High levels Coritsol on a long term basis can cause the parts of your brain that cause concentration, decision making and social interaction to shrink in size over time. That Sh** is terrifying.  

But wait, it get's worse it also leads to fewer new brain cells being made in the hippocampus and can set the stage for depression and in the future Alzheimers.

But WAIT! It get's even worse! Actually I am just joking it doesn't get worse. It can get better.


Reversing The Damage From High Levels Of Cortisol

Personally, I have been chronically stressed since I was a toddler due to my environment. When I got older I always felt like something had switched in my brain. The good news despite that, is (fingers crossed) I still have many years ahead of me to live a stress life and nurture my brain.

Some older resources have credited Meditation and Exercise with increasing the size of your hippocampus and making things a lot better. CBD Oil does an even better job though and combining them all together is like using a IRL cheat code.

Is CBD Oil Good For Stress?

Yes. This study on CBD Oil though shows that if you are going through a stressful period in your life then taking genuine CBD Oil that isn't tainted with nasty chemicals can decrease your cortisol levels which in turn is going to protect your brain! Amazing. 

Final Thoughts


Putting CBD Oil In My Tea

If you are a chronically stressed individual it's time to order some CBD Oil and chill the F*** out. 

Small amounts of Cortisol is actually beneficial because it helps you to focus on stuff. 

Because of that I only take CBD Oil once I am finished with my work day. Meditation in the morning is better for me anyway.

I hope during the next 10 years I can reverse whatever brain damage my high cortisol levels have caused.

I believe in the science so I am optimistic. CBD Oil, Meditation and Exercise are going to get me there. Being an American citizen I feel lucky that I can now legally buy CBD Oil and improve my life.

I don't have to worry about the psychoactive effects from THC in marijuana. CBD Oil just gives me the stuff my body needs. 

Thanks for reading! Here's to a stress life.

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