Best CBD Oil For Depression For Me


Depression is a cruel illness that sucks the soul out of its victim leaving them a shadow of their true self. That's what it feels like from within.

It's easy to hide depression from people around you, smiling for 3 seconds to your neighbor might give them the impression you're a happy, pleasant person to live next too. What about the other 86397 seconds in a 24 hour day though?

Over 16 million Americans are said to suffer from "Major Depressive Disorder", and the number is undoubtedly even higher than that.

My Story With Depression

I first had Depression take hold of me at around 7 years old, It was mostly situational and a result from a traumatic upbringing. It didn't get better with age and eventually I started giving up hobbies, losing friends and sacrificing my health. I went from playing sports every day to spending 8 to 15 hours a day with my laptop trying to escape from my reality.

At some point in my teenage years, I nearly took my own life. Not long after I was prescribed the Anti-Depressant Citalopram also known as Celexa, it was slow to take effect and when it did eventually start working it wasn't what I had hoped for. I no longer felt sad but I also didn't feel happy. I just felt nothingness and a list of side effects.

These days thankfully I have managed to recover very well. I live a healthier lifestyle and make an effort to look after my mental health. Still though sometimes I can feel that darkness is creeping back as I have recently.

How CBD Oil Can Help With Depression

CBD oil can offer relief to persons with a diagnosis of depression. Studies indicate that oil cures depression by stimulating 5-HT1A to produce serotonin. Serotonin is a compound synthesizes by your body and is responsible for exiting the brain nerves to bring about the efficient function of different parts of the body.

The compound serotonin is significant to your body. For instance; it affects your motor function and influences your moods. It also controls your sleep patterns, digestion and eating habits.

Depression arises as a result of your body producing significantly low amounts of serotonin. A prescription of CBD oil can help improve the secretion of serotonin to normal levels and cure subsequent depression. CBD oils work by influencing the limbic system in your brain. The limbic is a nervous system that stimulates emotions of fear, pleasure, and anger. 

Depressions and anxiety negatively influence the hippocampus leading to its degeneration. CBD oil can help reverse these adverse effects on the hippocampus by bringing about its growth and subsequent production of more neurons. 

My Experience With CBD Oil

I have spent countless hours reviewing CBD Oil Vendors here on this website so thankfully I was well aware of what to look for when trying to find some good CBD Oil for my depression.

You should be careful when searching for the "Best CBD Oil For Depression" because some website owners who haven't dealt with Depression may recommend an Oil because they get the highest commission from promoting it.

Some CBD Oil's may not be suitable for depression as well if they have high levels of THC since that has been proven to have a Psychoactive effect which could be dangerous for a person with suicidal thoughts.

I eventually settled on some CBD Oil from NuLeaf Naturals. The price was fair; they had a 30-day money back guarantee, I could see their lab reports were genuine, and I was happy with the customer reviews I read.

My Typical Day With CBD Oil & Depression

I woke up today 7 am feeling very lazy, It was a struggle to get out of bed, and once I got out at about 8 am I wasn't feeling very hopeful about the day ahead. My Oil from NuLeaf Naturals arrived at, and so without any further delay, I place three drops under my tongue and held the Oil there.

The earthy taste started to tingle my senses, and I began to feel a mild numbness around the inside of my mouth which transitioned to a body numbness and then a glowing feeling. Within 20 minutes of me first taking the Oil I began to feel very relaxed and chilled out. I have had this feeling when smoking weed with high levels of THC. For me, however, that pleasant initial feeling usually transitions to psychoactive thoughts, and I began to feel very anxious. When I took the CBD Oil merely remained in a calm state.

There was no depressive thoughts in my head and as extreme as this may sound. I cannot imagine feeling like I want to kill myself when taking this Oil. It's not like it made feel Euphoric but more like a warm, gentle hug. As I write this now, I can see how this Oil would shine a bit of light for me in my darkest times.

Final Thoughts

Taking 1 drop of CBD Oil isn't going to make your Depression vanish for life instantly. It can, however, you temporary relief as fast as 20 minutes. I would say that that CBD Oil can be a helpful tool in helping manage your depression. For example, one day you may be too depressed to go outside, but you decide to take one drop of Oil and then feel like you can manage to walk outside. Little things like this could compound over time and help you get out of a dark pit. Taking CBD Oil while eating junk food and sleeping all day however isn't the best use.

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