CBD Oil Dosage Guide – How Much Should You Take?


You should know by now that CBD has various therapeutic benefits in the human body. Some conditions that CBD oils are in use widely for treatment of Anxiety, chronic pain and various skin issues. However, choosing the right dosage is not easy, mainly due to the different brands available in the market in addition to the different modes of administration.

The important thing to remember is that there is no correct dose for everyone, whether you're using CBD oils orally, sublingual, as a suppository or topical application. You may require a higher or lower treatment of CBD oil according to how well your body can tolerate it. If you are trying to figure out your dosage, you don't need to worry below is our CBD Oil Dosage Guide for different preparations and administration. Let's get started!

The Basics

Making sure you get the correct CBD Oil Dosage is critical for various reasons; for instance, you first need to consider the metabolism of CBD that the body can accommodate effectively. It stands particularly important because the mode you choose to deliver CBD to the body may increase or reduce the rate of absorption. Secondly, the healing effect will determine the amount of CBD that you can use. Case in point, the dosing for anxiety and relief of chronic pain may differ. Thirdly considering how much your body can tolerate, may inform an increase in dosing or reduction in dosage. Below are various methods of delivering CBD oils into the body to guide you on safe dosing when using CBD oils. 

Drop On Tongue Dosage

CBD oils are available in different preparations. Sublingual (on or under the tongue) provisions are sufficient and the most effective way of intake. Besides, the packaging is friendly with a dropper to guide you in dosing. Taking CBD oils using this method increases its absorption rate because they evade the digestive system that can hinder some absorption. In essence, the oil only takes 10-15 minutes to be absorbed into the body. 

The approach is simple, using the calibrated dropper; you fill in the required dose to the marked level on the dropper. You then drop the oil below your tongue. You should hold the CBD oil under your tongue for 30-90 seconds before swallowing to allow absorption to take place. You can consume your saliva once 30 seconds elapse. You will start to experience the effect of the drug over time as absorption takes place. The results will be less initially and increase over time.

Other Oral Methods

The oral mode of consuming CBD oil has several advantages that include; slower absorption rate into the bloodstream due to the digestive juices in the gut and a longer lasting effect of the oil in the body. You may also experience better outcomes of the CBD oil with oral consumption since the slow absorption rate allows the CBD to have an effect on other body systems including the nervous and endocrine system. 

However, the oral mode of consuming CBD has some limitation in the delay of the impact to a minimum of 30 minutes to several hours after ingestion. 

CBD oral preparations are available in two forms namely capsules and edibles. Capsules come in handy when you are looking at precise dosing that is consistent; you can add the CBD oil to the list of your supplements rather than taking them in isolation. Your CBD capsule can also consume CBD with any other drugs that you are currently taking. I addition it will help you comply with the dosing times. If you are planning to take CBD capsules, you may check on best CBD capsules reviews.

The second form of Oral CBD is the edible form, in which the oil is added in food during the preparation process. You can mix the oil in foods during baking for instance cakes; you can also consider adding the oil into your favorite milkshake or juice. 

If you prefer edible preparations, it is prudent that you deliberate on the CBD oils you are purchasing to avoid a mix of flavors that may not match your favorite drink or cake. In the event of time constraint, you can grab industrial edible preparations which are available in different flavors. 

Topically Applied CBD Oil Dosage


Applying CBD oil directly into the skin is gaining popularity. The local application is safe since it has fewer effects of metabolism and general body system. You may also experience its therapeutic impacts within a few minutes unlike the other routes of administration. However, topically applied CBD is useful for particular conditions, for instance, the treatment of acne and chronic pain and may not be helpful for ailments that require systemic effects of the hemp preparation. 

CBD topical preparations are available for various uses including treatment of skin ailments and relief of pain. Topical applications are convenient when you intend to relief pain instantly; you can apply CBD oil at the area of pain and inflammation, and you will experience immediate relief. Your CBD topical application can be part of your first AID kit, especially during sporting activities. It is slowly replacing the use of analgesics and NSAIDs in the relief of pain and inflammation among athletes.

Topical CBD has antibacterial properties making it efficient in the treatment of skin ailments. Besides the oil is soothes the skin topping the list in the relief of eczema and psoriasis. If you are intending to use topical CBD preparations consider checking on our reviews for the best CBD topicals for treatment of psoriasis, eczema and pain. The information will help you choose topical application CBD that will relief your ailment.

Vaping CBD Oil Dosage

The vaping and dabbing method of consuming CBD oil has a benefit of getting very high doses into your bloodstream within a short time. It is beneficial to young stars and individuals who are aiming to quit smoking. However, vaping and dabbing as a mode of consuming CBD is associated with overdosing. If you are consuming CBD for the first time explore other techniques other than vaping and dabbing to reduce the risk of overdosing yourself. 

CBD preparations for vaping and dabbing are available in different flavors in the market. However, the flavors may have adverse effects on consumers due to their changes as a result of burning and inhalation. Besides, they can also cause lung problems though these flavors are safe when you consume in minute quantities. If you are contemplating on using CBD in Vaping or dabbing forms, you may review best CBD vape oils for better use and choice.

Suppository Dosage (Rectum)

Suppository provisions are appropriate and the most effective way of treating chronic and intense pain. It also ensures your dosing is precise due to its prepackaging and dosing of each capsule. Inserting the suppository CBD capsules intensifies its absorption because of evading the digestive system. In essence, Suppository takes a few minutes to get into your bloodstream.

The approach is simple, using the hand; insert the adequate dose of capsule via the rectum. Suppository provisions are not readily available; you may consider CBDistillery to buy yourself a 150mg preparation at reasonable prices. You will start to experience the effect of the drug over time as absorption takes place. The experience signs of pain relief and less inflammation. This method is however not recommended for beginners because of the risk of taking unintended high doses of CBD. Beginners can use other means of making the CBD oil for slower absorption into the bloodstream.

Suppository preparations can be of great benefit if you are experiencing nausea and vomiting. It will bypass the digestive system and subsequently it efficient. You should avoid using suppository CBD if you are experiencing diarrhea.


The benefits of CBD in the treatment of various diseases including psoriasis and pain relief cannot is essential. To relish the benefits of this hemp preparation, it is wise that you start with very low doses. You may consider increasing your dose overtime when your body can tolerate. There is no actual dose for my individual since it depends on your body's ability to tolerate the hemp preparation and expected outcome in the treatment of specific condition. This article will guide you through the consumption of CBD in a harmless way.

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