Is CBD Oil Legal in California 2019?


2013 was the year that California State initially legalized the use of CBD oil (i.e. oil that is derived from hemp), when it passed the 566 Senate Bill. Nonetheless, it was not until the 1409 Senate Bill was approved at the beginning of 2018, that this earlier legislation made an impact.

The passages that follow will explain more about the nature of CBD oil, the most common Low THC/High CBD strains, the laws concerning CBD in California State, and ways to buy it legally.

Can You Buy CBD Oil Online?

If you want to buy your CBD Oil Online it is vital you choose a vendor that has CBD Oil with less then 3% THC. That is the legal requirement for California.

Avid Hemp is a vendor we trust that has products with less than 3% THC. First Click Here and then use coupon code AVID15 for a 15% legal discount at checkout.

CBD Oil In Focus

The incredible CBD oil is derived from the stalk and seeds of the marijuana sativa plant. This liberates it from any psychoactive effects of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) elements. CBD, or cannabidiol, offers a wide range of therapeutic benefits, which include antipsychotic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, analgesic, antiemetic, anti-arthritic and antineoplastic benefits.

Don't forget; strains can have high volumes of THC, CBD, or combine both. Each chemical compound has unique medicinal attributes. Nonetheless, some of these are enhanced when parts of each compound are present. For instance, blended or high CBD strains are most suitable for people prone to anxiety problems.

Recommended Vendor For California

If you are looking for a vendor and product, then we would recommend you order from Lazarus Naturals. Their products are high in CBD and low in CBD making them all legal in California. Their CBD products can help with some different health conditions, and they are our highest rated vendor here on

California's Rules Concerning CBD oil

It is ironic that states with regulations related to the adult usage of cannabis, such as California, tend to regard their industrial hemp schemes as insignificant. In 2013, California was ready for a transformation in attitudes surrounding industrial hemp, thanks to the introduction of the 566 Senate Bill. Notwithstanding, when Proposition Sixty-four was passed in 2016, this negated much of the purpose of the Bill as mentioned earlier.

This was why the introduction of the 1409 Senate Bill, by the Public Safety Senate Committee in 2018, was such a significant development. This will allow the pilot scheme to start, as the previous bill originally intended it to. Section 11018.5 in the Californian Health and Safety Bill is notable too. This describes industrial hemp as a crop restricted to marijuana sativa L plant variants, with less than 3/10th of one percent THC.

Cannabis for Recreational use

2018 marked the beginning of the period when cannabis could be sold for recreational purposes legally in California. This was what State residents voted for initially in 2016. Now, California is the most prominent legal cannabis market in the United States. So, people who are older than twenty-one can possess one ounce of cannabis, for non-medicinal purposes. Moreover, they can grow as many as six plants themselves, without medical certification.

BDS Analytics reports that, once 2018 is over, sales of cannabis in California will hit an astounding $3.7 billion. The forecast for 2019 is even higher, at an astounding $5.1 billion. This will happen, due to the increase in the number of dispensaries.

How to Buy CBD Oil in California

You can use CBD oil without medical certification in California. Nonetheless, because California is America's largest marijuana market, there are many disreputable vendors around, trying to make a fast buck from a substandard product.

Before buying CBD oil offline or online, always research the laboratory tested cannabinoid details of the product to check its' levels of THC and CBD. The manufacturer's websites will display this information. Examples of the leading stores are the Exhale Med Center (in West Hollywood), the People's OC (in Santa Ana) and the Rose Collective (in LA).

While several stores sell CBD products legally in California, it is not always easy to locate one near to you. Here at CBDOilPolice we have reviewed many vendors. We would recommend Avid Hemp. Click Here and use coupon code Avid15 for a 15% discount at checkout. Their CBD Oil all contain less than the legal 3% THC requirements.


California voted for a change to industrial hemp laws in 2013, when the 566 Senate Bill was enacted. However, this bill did not make much difference, after Proposition Sixty-four was passed in 2016. Now that the 1409 Senate Bill has been passed through, the pilot scheme can be run as initially intended. Furthermore, since the start of 2019, it is entirely legal to buy and own up to one ounce of cannabis for recreational purposes. This has been further supported my Trump signing the farm bill.

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