Bluebird Botanicals Review – Amazing Company!

Today I am going to review the Louisville, Kentucky based CBD Oil vendor BlueBird Botanicals CBD. I have hard a lot of good things about this vendor from friends and am excited to learn more about the company today. They are a 7-year-old company and have won several awards including the "Number 1 Hemp Company" just last year in 2018. I want to find out what made them win such a prestigious like that.

In this bluebird botanicals review, I will be looking at their lab results, customer reviews, and at the end, If I like what I see, then I might even order some of their CBD Oil products for myself.

BlueBird Botanicals Reviews


Sometimes when I look at other CBD Oil vendors reviews, I will see people saying that the products have helped them sleep better at night and nothing else. That is usually a red flag that the products they are buying do not contain CBD Oil and instead have something else inside like melatonin. From the reviews I have seen left for BlueBird, I can confidently say that BlueBird 100% they do not fall into that category. Let's take a look. Other vendors like Diamond CBD in the past have used dangerous ingredients

BlueBird Botanicals Facebook Reviews


On the BlueBird Botanicals Facebook page, they currently have 336 customer reviews and a 4.8 out of 5-star rating. This is encouraging to see considering the last vendor I reviewed had Facebook reviews blocked.

One customer called Ashley said that nothing had worked for her Anxiety, and she had to leave her job due to that. She felt hopeless. In her review, she said that BlueBird CBD Oil has helped her have a clear mind, made her smile and that she is now working towards getting her old job back. In a follow-up a comment she stated that she took 10 drops of the CBD isolate in the morning but that it would be different for everyone which is something I agree with.

Customer Vincent said he uses Bluebird CBD Oil for Migraines, Brooke, and it helped her relieve inflammation, April used it for her son who has autism. Adrienne who has suffered from Autoimmune hives and AICU for close to 10 years claims that swapping her medication with CBD oil has stopped her from now having a single hive. There are many other similar reviews, and they are a great testament to the quality of Blue Bird Botanicals.

BlueBird Botanicals Reddit Reviews


You know a CBD Oil Seller is popular when people start making Reddit Threads about them and BlueBird have plenty of them. Reddit User SonOfAZombie1 created a new thread asking for opinions on BlueBirds new THC Free CBD Oil. There was a reply from someone who said that he sold it in his Brick and Mortar store and that he had repeat customers buying it which is a positive sign.

Sydthekid9114 created a thread around the topic of Anxiety, saying that their "Hemp Classic" product has helped with his anxious thoughts and he wanted to know if anybody else had similar experiences. YoBoiTrump2020 chimed in saying that he used the "Complete Version" and he had "No Anxiety and No Depression."

From all the Reddit threads I read through, I couldn't find anything that showed BlueBird in a negative light. I tried hard to find something, but they're just wasn't anything there. CBDistillery on the other hand have quite a few negative Reddit threads.

BlueBird Botanicals Products


BlueBird Botanicals have many great CBD products. They sell vaporizer fluid and a variety of other products. They contain full spectrum CBD Oils, which are an extract from hemp plants and is a natural pain reliever. 

Several companies now offer over the counter products with cannabidiol. In the past, many countries regulated all hemp products because of their potential abuse as a drug. Since pure CBD Oils are now considered safe, it can be used in some countries as a nonprescription drug. It can be purchased and used as safely as itch cream or antibiotic ointment.

There are three variations of BlueBird Botanicals Hemp Oil. One is labeled as "Classic." This one has a lot of active ingredients so the customer can expect to receive a complete range of cannabinoids and terpenes. There are indeed different types, as hemp contains many compounds including over 80 distinct phytocannabinoids. 

Another popular label is "Complete." This contains an even mix of 50 percent decarboxylated CBD and 50 percent regular CBD Oil. The latter encourages the entourage effect, which is a euphemism coined by the original researcher of hemp's many constituent substances.

Also, consider looking at the "Signature" label. It has the full spectrum of ingredients allowed in over the counter hemp products but is also scented with frankincense and black cumin seed oil. These ingredients have their own properties. All these ingredients are organic and plant-based.

Other Interesting Products With CBD Oil

As it turns out, it is possible to purchase a concentrated version of the three common oil lines. They are labeled as Classic, Complete, or Signature; but are further distinguished as having a higher percentage of volatile extracts. The difference is possible because the oil is a carrier for the essential extract.

The concentrate version has 6 times more active ingredient than the regular product and can be diluted with any other neutral oil. The concentrate is more expensive, being around $109.95. For the same price, it is possible to buy a starter pack of the concentrate that is essentially a sample kit.

Another product is to buy the CBD Oil extract in a capsule. There are many ways to consume this pain-relieving drug, including taking it similar to a pill. The essential oil can be used topically when diluted or else consumed with salad. Capsules are precisely measured and can be used without fuss. The user does not taste the active ingredient which is instead dissolved in the stomach and circulated throughout the body. Bluebird also sells CBD Vape products like CBD vape oil and vape juice if you are into that kind of thing.



CBD Capsules containing this medicine can be bought in two bottle sizes. A bottle with 30 capsules contains 450 mg of CBD or 15 mg per capsule. This costs nearly $40 while a bottle with 60 capsules is a bit cheaper at $74.95. The active ingredient is extracted from organic hemp that was not genetically modified nor processed in the same plant as wheat products.

CBD can also be purchased as a bottle of vaporizer fluid and as a pet product. Cannabis is well known as a relaxant and pain reliever, and CBD gives pets the benefits of anxiety treatment without any particular side effects. CBD is considered safe for use with cats and dogs.

Third-Party Lab Results

As I mentioned in my introduction, BlueBird has already won several awards. If there were an award for the Best Most Transparent Lab Reports, I would give it to Bluebird. I have never seen anything quite like it. They have a Certificate of Analysis for every different batch of products, and everyone is up to date from within a month. They clearly have invested big time into this, and their manufacturing facility is registered with the FDA and licensed with the Colorado Department Of Health and Environment. They have a whole blog post that talks about their Quality Control System here and you check the lab reports here for every one of their products. They are all free of heavy metals and THC.

Final Thoughts

From the research I have done on BlueBird Botanicals, I feel more than confident in ordering their products. The customer reviews are excellent, the awards they have won are a bonus, the quality control system is exceptional, and pricing is fair considering how good everything else is.

I almost forgot to mention; BlueBird Botanicals also have an Assistance Program that provides discounts to Low-Income Earners, Veterans and for the Long Term Medically Disabled. These guys are just too good!

Still, My number 1 recommendation would have to be This Company since from my experiments; they are the best CBD company.

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