Best CBD Oil For Anxiety – Can it Help?


If you are someone who is unfortunate enough to suffer with major anxiety disorder like Social Anxiety, General Anxiety or just anxiety at unpleasant times, you will know how much of a devastating and crippling effect it can have on your day to day life.

Panic Attacks when you least expect them, trouble falling asleep, irritability and even physical symptoms like chest pain and nausea can make you feel hopeless. If you got to the Doctor they may just suggest an addictive SSRI like Prozac or Lexapro without a second thought. 

Therapy is also another option although it can be expensive and might be too difficult for an Anxious person to go ahead and commit too. Methods like meditation, exercise and a healthy diet have been proven to help with Anxiety and in most cases are easier natural way for someone to help manage their anxiety. When that isn't working though another natural method some people turn too is CBD Oil.

CBD Oil For Anxiety

CBD oil for anxiety now ranks among the most highly funded and fascinating fields of modern research into cannabis. If things continue to progress in the manner they have over the previous few years; it is incredibly likely that scientists will produce effective ways for oils to be used as therapies for anxiety.

Furthermore, statistics indicate that anxiety and CBD oil are researched by people online regularly. Reportedly, people are keen to learn more about medical therapies and treatments related to cannabis. Searches for the keyphrase 'CBD oil anxiety' have risen immensely over the past half decade. This shows that natural marijuana therapies are starting to become more mainstream. Suffice to say, thousands of people the world over are already benefiting from this hemp-based product.

As far as recent clinical investigations into the subject go, during 2011 a research group carried out a test that transformed the perception of anxiety and CBD. They assembled ten social anxiety sufferers, who had not been treated for this condition in the past, and split them into a couple of groups. The first group was given a placebo, and the other group received 400 mg of CBD. The results indicated that the people who took CBD oil experienced an improvement in their symptoms, in comparison to the other group.

Researchers from Brazil also carried out a smaller double-blind test. After taking CBD oil, it was noticed that people with Generalized Social Anxiety (GSA) symptoms experienced a substantial reduction in anxiety.

Cannabis oil is derived from cannabis plants. Solvents like carbon dioxide are utilized to extract oil from the plants, producing highly concentrated solutions. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the primary ingredient in CBD oil. This oil usually comes in a few different forms:

THC and CBD Oil

This kind of oil is not legal in every state, and it affects people differently to the pure form of CBD oil. Lots of people use cannabis for the effect THC has because it allows them to combat various medical problems. They think that the combination of the two provides a better experience, which surpasses the benefits of using one or the other (i.e. only taking CBD or THC on its' own). It's vital to remember that THC often counteracts the advantages of CBD, so proper dosing is essential.

The Optimum Dosage of CBD oil to Ease Anxiety

To address the issue of what is the optimum dosage of CBD to ease anxiety, it is essential to ask your doctor, like a 420 doctor. Don't forget that CBD oil is not endorsed by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration), so any additional information you get from an expert is helpful.

Like most medicine, the correct dose of CBD frequently depends on your age, weight, genetics, physical condition, and what you want to accomplish. In light of this, several things are vital to consider when beginning to use CBD oil:

1) Begin with modest doses. CBD oil, be it in pure form or derived from hemp, affects each user differently.

2) Take consistent doses. Avoid starting small then jumping to more significant doses. It is vital that your system gets used to the substance, so slowly increase the quantity through time. Moreover, do not get impatient if the effects are not noticeable straightaway -- many people report that it takes them as long as fourteen days of use before they begin to see desirable results.

3) It is crucial to determine the correct dose that will benefit your circumstances. By raising the quantities slowly, you will be able to identify the ideal combination that offers you a feeling of relaxation and eliminates the symptoms of anxiety. Read our full guide on dosage here.

Important Things To Remember

Because there are lots of different brands and types to choose from, it is vital to assess your requirements and how you intend to use CBD. Also, it is worth consulting with a doctor, before using CBD oil to treat medical conditions, particularly anxiety.

Examples of the queries you should pose to yourself are as follows:  are you suffering from daily stress or an anxiety disorder?, What quantity of CBD oil should you buy?, Is it necessary for me to combine CBD with THC? and What is my top priority -- potency or the lowest price?

Also, it is useful to comprehend the fundamental differences between CBD oil based on marijuana, and CBD oil based on hemp. Essentially, oils found on marijuana are only accessible from medical dispensaries in areas where cannabis is legal under state rules.

In contrast, CBD oil based on hemp is usually accessed from approved industrial hemp plants, which have tiny quantities of THC in them. CBD of this kind can be cultivated under the American Farm Bill. If you buy oils to treat anxiety from an Internet vendor, for instance, you will probably purchase a product that is derived from hemp, as opposed to marijuana. There's no problem with this though because while industrial hemp does not have the mind-bending THC compound in it, it does contain functional quantities of CBD.

Whatever form it takes, hemp oil can be just as good at treating anxiety as other oils based on marijuana --- that is, as long as it has been processed and extracted correctly.

My Top Pick

Lazarus Naturals


We have reviewed close to 30 CBD Oil Vendors on CBDOilPolice and are constantly looking for new hidden gems! Our current highest rated is Lazarus Naturals. Set up several years ago by Sequoia Price-Lazarus out of passion has gone on to create something very special. 

They use the highest quality extraction methods in their CBD Oil Products and the value for money is one of the best in the industry. That's even if you are not eligible for their discount program. The potency of their Tinctures and Capsules is perfect for helping relieve Anxiety symptoms.


So there we have it! CBD Oil is scientifically proven to be able to help with conditions like Anxiety and you just need to take a look at the research that's been done. Of course CBD Oil won't work for every single person out there and nobody can make that claim. If you are Anxiety is hindering your life and you have tried everything else then it's worth a shot in my opinion. Remember though, taking CBD Oil with an unhealthy lifestyle and high stress triggers will limit the effectiveness of the CBD Oil an it's not a miracle cure for everyone.

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