Is CBD Oil Legal In Alaska 2019?


5 years ago from 2019, the third state to legalize adult-use cannabis was Alaska. Today in 2019 four years later thanks to the Farm Bill, industrial hemp finally became legal.

Your first thoughts of Alaska will probably be that it's way too cold to grow Hemp, but their summer is the perfect time of the year to grow industrial hemp throughout Alaska.

We have put together a short guide that will explain how CBD oil works, the legality of CBD in Alaska and how to acquire it lawfully.

How CBD Oil Works

This may sound complicated, but I will try and explain it as best as I can. Our bodies have an "endocannabinoid system", or ECS for short, and its function is to interpret signals from cannabinoids, which are also in our body. The system regulates various functions, such as pain and sleep to name a few. It almost like the human body and CBD Oil was created to work together.

Our bodies produce endocannabinoids, which is some of the cannabinoid but not the same. When you consume CBD, it will interact with the ECS, regardless of the form of CBD you consume. CBD plays a role in how our body uses endocannabinoids.

Because of this when we take CBD Oil it positively interacts with our body and that is why some people report it helps with a whole range of issues related to Pain, Sleep, Mental Health and more. It just makes sense when you understand that.

3 Ways To Take CBD

There are of course more than 3 ways to consume CBD Oil but if you are new to everything you might be overwhelmed when you see the list of options. Here are three popular ways you can try CBD.

Capsule Form

By far the most popular way to consume CBD Oil is in capsule form. You take it just like you would with a traditional Pharmaceutical. Taking it this way has the benefit of getting an exact dose each time but for some people trying to swallow a big capsule every day isn't easy. Pretty much every vendor sells CBD Capsules so you won't have any trouble finding a source.


For people who find it hard to ingest Capsules, the next best option could be Tinctures since they are easy to take, more potent and the effects are often felt faster. There are also a couple of drawbacks that put some people off. For starters, some of them taste terrible! And for a beginner, it can be difficult to know much you need to use.

CBD Gummies

Do you remember those soft little teddy bear sweets we had as kids? Well, with the evolution of the CBD Oil market we can now have those treats give us powerful benefits instead of a sugar rush. Taking CBD Gummies gives you the advantage of getting the correct dose every time, a pleasant taste and something easy to swallow. They aren't always the most potent or cost-effective option though. Highland Pharms have delicious CBD Gummies for sale.

CBD Oil Laws In Alaska


Bill Walker with signed law

In spring of 2018, Bill Walker passed a law that allows industrial hemp to become legal in Alaska. By the way, Walker actually signed the law with a hemp pen. The bill also removes hemp from the list of controlled substances. Even more so, CBD oil is exempted from the category of hashish oil. This means it is legal in Alaska, but only if it contains less than three-percent of THC, which is the compound in marijuana that is responsible for giving people the "high" feeling. 

Patients who have registered under the medical marijuana project can consume marijuana to help with conditions such as chronic pain, nausea, cancer and wasting disease, as well as HIV/AIDS and multiple sclerosis to name a few. By 2021, medical marijuana sales in the state are expected to reach nearly $12 million. 

Alaska And Medical Marijuana

In Alaska, the law describes marijuana as flowers stems or leaves of the cannabis plant. Concentrates such as cannabis hashes, waxes and oils and other marijuana-infused products are described as marijuana too. In the state, residents can only possess an ounce or less of the drug. They are not allowed to grow more than six plants for personal uses. 

Consuming cannabis in public is illegal in Alaska and you can be fined up to a hundred dollars. As of 2017, there are nearly 1,060 medical marijuana cardholders throughout the state. If you want to apply for a card, you can do so online. 

Alaska And Recreational Marijuana

The Marijuana Control Board regulates recreational marijuana use. Alaska's recreational sale launched in 2016 and now there are dozens of dispensaries that distribute recreational marijuana. There are also over 100 active cultivations throughout the state.

2019 Update


If you have been following the news around CBD Oil at all you probably would have noticed that Trump and other officials signed a bill. This bill wasn't created just to make CBD Oil legal but was more so related to farming. The effects though were that it was legal to grow Hemp across America.

Where To Purchase CBD Oil In Alaska

There are brick-and-mortar businesses that sell CBD products, but the most comfortable and most convenient way to buy CBD products is online. Many online sellers are wholesalers, which means consumers can purchase CBD oil products that are not expensive and they can purchase products in bulk. These products include brand-name edibles, balms, oils and concentrates, as well as waxes and tinctures. We are adding new reviews on these online sellers every month and you can read them for free.

The best thing about buying CBD products on the internet is the items are shipped right to your door, and you typically don't have to pay anything extra. Just make sure you purchase well-known brand names such as Lazarus Naturals and Myaderm.


Alaska is one of the few states that allow the sales and use of CBD and marijuana products. Several dispensaries and cultivations operate within the state, and by the end of 2021, the adult-use sale is expected to reach nearly $80 million. 

The bottom line is those in Alaska can confidently purchase CBD oil, either on the internet or at a brick-and-mortar shop, as long as less than three-percent THC is in it. Don't forget; you can also use recreational marijuana. With the recent Bill signed by Trump things are looking every brighter for Alaska and America.

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