Is CBD OIL Legal In Alabama 2019?


Coming up to around five years ago now CBD Oil has been legal in the state of Alabama for Medicinal use. Despite this, however, it is still a state that makes it difficult to obtain CBD Oil products and if you want to purchase some for yourself be prepared for it not to be a simple straightforward process.

Let me first explain what CBD (cannabidiol) is and how it is different from THC. Knowing this will help you to own your own CBD OIL in the Heart Of Dixie legally without any issues.

Can You Buy CBD Online?

If you want to buy your CBD Oil Online it is vital you choose an American located vendor that has CBD Oil with less then 0.3% THC. That is the legal requirement for Alabama. None of that EU trash.

CBD Explained

Cannabidiol more commonly known as CBD is just one of many cannabinoids compounds that make up the Cannabis Sativa L plants. The most popular compound is THC which tends to give users their "desired" effects. Take that out of the equation though, and you can get the healing benefits without the munchies and sometimes bad trip effects.

CBD OIL Explained

You might be wondering how they get the CBD without the psychoactive THC. Usually, the marijuana plants people take are grown for their high THC compounds. Growing plants with low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and then extracting the Oil from these plants is how we get the magic non-psychoactive substance.

It’s becoming more well-known every day now that marijuana can instead of getting a gamer baked be beneficial to people with conditions like PTSD, various pains the body, sickness, bowel diseases and just general mental health. Smoking a joint could help with some of , but with the added THC there is a risk for individuals with mental health issues.

How to take CBD OIL

There are quite a few different methods of taking CBD Oil, the most popular is simply through drops that you place and hold either under or on top of your tongue for around 60 seconds and then swallowing it with your saliva. People with pains in their joints can use cream and people can also vaporize CBD if they dislike the taste.

So is CBD Oil Legal in Alabama?

People are always looking for a solid cure, and there is a lot of hope placed behind CBD. In 2014, Alabama approved Carly's Law, which allowed the usage of possession, which was backed by Leni's Law, passed in 2016. In essence, it allowed patients and their parent caregivers to possess CBD with up to 3% THC, provided that you have the proper prescription. It was hoped that the CBD would be useful in dealing with certain symptoms caused by some diseases. However, the legislation is still in the early stages and there are some potential issues as legislators create the necessary laws.

Alabama and the Use of Medical Marijuana (not CBD)

It should be noted that the possession of marijuana (with the exception of industrial hemp) can result in being charged with a felony. Currently, the state is awaiting a legislative vote on a proposed medical marijuana program. The State Department of Health is expected to formulate a program and run an identification program for qualified Alabama patients. Until then CBD users are recommended to have all relevant paperwork close to hand in case you are arrested in order to verify your status. However, it is worth noting that Alabama has at least taken steps toward legalization of marijuana, but it is in just its first steps.

Qualifying for CBD Usage

While CBD does have some therapeutic advantages, it is not seen as a cure for the disease. Nonetheless In order to qualify you need to have a legitimate physician/patient relationship regarding a critical condition for which traditional cures have no effect. The person must suffer from chronic or sever pain, grave or unrelenting muscle spasms, seizures, or cachexia syndrome (or wasting syndrome); also, any other medical conditions that are effectively not affected by conventional medicine. In essence, CBD is determined for relief of symptoms, not curing them.

How To Legally Buy CBD Oil In Alabama

It should be noted that while the purchase of marijuana is illegal in Alabama, citizens can purchase CBD oil for use in the state provided the person has a prescription from a doctor. However, it is virtually impossible to obtain CBD oil in the state itself as there are no provisions in Alabama for its cultivation and distribution. In this case we would recommend going with an online vendor.

In Summary

In short, Alabama legalized the use of CBD-based products without legalizing marijuana itself. However, it is still hard to obtain CBD products legally. It requires a doctor's permission to obtain the products, but it is only for therapeutic purposes; you need to be diagnosed with a symptom from a list of specific symptoms and the CBD product itself is limited to no greater than 0.3% THC by volume. As long as you follow the law in obtaining your products you should be able to obtain some relief from some of your symptoms.

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