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I recently came across the CBD Oil company 4cornerscannabis. Today I am going to be reviewing if they are the best CBD oil company out there or one of the worst. I will be looking at things like their customer service, lab results, products and customer reviews.

4CornersCannabis Product Reviews

With a proven track record of growing marijuana, the people behind 4CornersCBD have used their expertise to create their own pharmaceutical-grade strains of hemp CBD products. They take an active role in growing, developing, extracting and harvesting their complete spectrum CBD oil.

The hemp they claim to be using is human grade, as opposed to industrial-grade, which is specifically intended for inclusion in CBD oil. Due to this, they say that their product is up to 100 times more effective than most of their competitors.

You will have to decide whether the higher cost of their oil is justified. Nonetheless, it is a positive sign that they play an active part in the whole process. From the genetic makeup of the hemp to the gradual, natural ethanol extraction techniques they use. Let's take a look at their CBD products.

Avocado CBD Oil Tincture Review


People interested in CBD oil tinctures can consider this option. There are a couple of ingredients, CBD oil and avocado oil (which is the carrier oil). If you disapprove of the MCT or limonene oil in their primary product line, Avocado oil Tincture is for you. It is packaged in a thirty ml, 1000 mg bottle, and it is meant to be orally consumed.

 CBD Oral Tinctures Review


This product is the highest selling product offered by 4CornersCannabis. It uses MCT coconut oil as its' carrier oil. This is believed to provide specific health advantages, like energy and brain-enhancing properties. Besides, it contains limonene, which is an organic orange extract.

Remember that, while these products are made from high CBD cannabis strains, there might be trace quantities of THC in them (under the threshold of .3 per cent). The makers do say that -- while improbable - it's possible to test positive for drugs with this supplement. Nonetheless, users who take this product will not get high.

CBD Vape Liquid Review


For lots of people, vaping is a quicker method of delivery for CBD treatment. The liquid is intended to be used with vaping equipment. However, it can be orally consumed for a longer-lasting impact.

At the moment, 4Corners doesn't provide any particular flavors, and the CBD' Orange Label' vaping liquid has an understated hemp flavor, which naturally occurs from the oil. Also, this supplement has limonene and vegetable glycerin in it. Limonene is naturally extracted from oranges.

This CBD e-liquid can be purchased in 250 mg, 500 mg and 1000 mg containers. Take it on its' own, or mix it with different liquids that you have already, to inject a dose of CBD into your daily vaping.

CBD Oil for Animals Review


To reduce costs for their line of pet products, 4Corners offers a different extraction using the trimmings from the human grade CBD hemp strain they produce. This still has a complete spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids in it. Precise dosing details are displayed on every container, so you can take this dietary supplement incrementally, based on how much you weigh.

Cheaper than the CBD tinctures intended for use by humans, the CBD oil Pedigree line comes in 250 mg, 500 mg and 1000 mg containers, with a substantial price reduction per mg for the bigger amounts.

CBD Salve Review


This contains the organic ingredients beeswax base and coconut oil, and every two-ounce bottle includes a 100 mg portion of CBD oil. Intended for localized application for moderate pain, dry skin or irritation, this formula is mild acting. For further notable relief, the makers recommend their vape and oral products, because they will enable the terpenes and cannabinoids from the oil to get into the blood.

Four Corners Cannabis Review


It is fair to call 4CornersCannabis an industry leader, concerning its' quality. The attention and care they give to the products, such as creating their own CBD human-grade hemp, reflects a commitment to the end product that surpasses most of the competition.

4CornersCannabis Coupon

You use coupon code "CBDOILPOLICE" over at 4cornerscannabis to save yourself up to 20% off your final purchase.


  • This company does not hide behind an anonymous website. They take customer relations seriously. With an active following of over 5000 people on Facebook, 4Corners is attempting to have meaningful conversations about the advantages that CBD oil offers, and are open about this fact. 
  • Claiming that other types of extraction damage the standard of the end product, the people behind 4Corners CBD use natural grade ethanol to facilitate a smooth extraction, which conserves the spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids present in their genetically modified CBD plants. 
  • I enjoy seeing CBD industry entrepreneurs make an effort to be transparent with their customers. I appreciate why some do not take this route -- the legal situation regarding commercial production is far from straightforward, so you can't really blame people for wanting to be discreet in this sector. Nonetheless, when I notice guys like Brian, Jimmy and Justin, co founders of 4CornersCannabis, place their faces and names to their products, it makes me feel more confident. 
  • As well as manufacturing a high-quality product, the company founders are closely involved with the process, beginning with planting the seeds. Creating their strains of CBD based on years of trial and error with marijuana, and lots of feedback from customers, this team is at the forefront of the CBD market.


  • Undoubtedly, the biggest drawback of 4CornersCannabis is that their products have a relatively hefty price tag. While the company says that their Ma'at human grade hemp strain is up to 100 times more effective than most of their competitors, the price might be off-putting for budget conscious customers.

4CornersCannabis CBD Lab Results


4cornerscannabis have lab reports published on their website, which is a positive thing to see from a CBD Oil company. Their lab test was carried out by AurmLabs, and the certificate of analysis does appear to be genuine. It shows that the amount of THC content in their products passed. Microbial Contaminants were, however not tested, which is a shame.

Final Thoughts

4CornersCannabis appears to be a genuine CBD company, and for now, I would probably recommend them to readers of CBDOilPolice.com. Their products are quite pricy, but they are of higher quality compared to some other CBD brands out there. They have some of the best CBD oils out there that I have tried.

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