15 Amazing Health Benefits of CBD Oil


CBD (cannabidiol) is among the more than 100 cannabinoids there are in cannabis. It has been subjected to some intensive research over the years, thanks to its varied and multiple medical applications. However, CBD is not only about its therapeutic properties that have led to an increase in its popularity in the last few years. Also, the compound is non-psychoactive, which means it doesn't create the "high" that is generally synonymous with cannabis usage. This makes it useful and safe to use for patients who could be worried about the effects THC, and other cannabinoids have on the mind. 

15 Health Benefits of CBD Oil

1. Decreases Pain

Those with chronic pain problems caused by diseases such as fibromyalgia would find relief in CBD. Administering CBD could provide pain relief and may also mitigate the degeneration of the nervous system. It has been approved for treating cancer pain and multiple sclerosis in patients in Canada. The best part is CBD does not lead to tolerance or dependence, which makes it ideal for people wanting to distance themselves from opioids.

2. Subsides Childhood Epilepsy 

CBD's anti-seizure traits have successfully treated neurological conditions in the past, such as epilepsy (with zero side effects) in drug-resistant kids. In a specific New England Journal of Medicine study, CBD brought down the frequency of seizures in kids by more than 30 - 40 percentage points when compared to those administering a placebo. 

While a natural remedy should be preferred as the initial course of action, you cannot unsee the fact that cannabis-derived medications have something substantial to offer - even the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) seems to agree with that. FDA advisers, last year in 2018, approved Epidiolex the first cannabis-derived medicine that claims to help with controlling seizures.

3. Lowers Depression and Anxiety

In this stressful global village, anxiety disorders impact a significant number of people, resulting in many resorting to anti-anxiety medicines or adopting unhealthy measures to relieve their stress. Studies indicate CBD is effective at lowering anxiety symptoms in people with anxiety issues. Depression usually kicks in as an anxiety co-diagnosis. A mice study examined CBD's effectiveness against a standard prescription depressant only to find them comparable. Also, CBD came without the lengthy unwanted side effects list that usually accompanies antidepressants. 

4. Decreases Inflammation

As per the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a significant health issue most people in the modern world face is chronic inflammation. The condition contributes to several non-infectious diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disease, and Alzheimer's. 

Lifestyle and diet play a significant role in chronic inflammation. CBD can help, provided people are already on a nutrient-dense, healthy diet and resorting to an optimized lifestyle (enough exercise and sleep, for example). As per research, CBD oil can subside chronic inflammation, thereby keeping several diseases at bay. 

5. It is an Antipsychotic

Psychosis is the result of someone losing their sense of reality due to mental illness, extreme stress or substance abuse. Several studies over the last three decades have exhibited that CBD has antipsychotic effects. As a result, CBD becomes a promising therapy for people with psychosis conditions, such as schizophrenia.

6. Battles Multi-Drug Resisting Bacteria

Researchers found out that cannabinoids (inclusive of CBD) have this canny knack to destroy bacteria (particularly drug-resistant strains). Further research is required to ascertain why and how it works. According to a 2011 study, CBD can also decrease tuberculosis progression in mice. Researchers concluded CBD does this by hindering T-cell proliferation, instead of possessing antibacterial traits. 

7. Battles Cancer Cells

Research states CBD could help with treating cancer in multiple ways. CBD, along with a few other cannabis compounds, has an antitumor effect. It could facilitate the destruction of tumor cells in colon cancer and leukemia. Moreover, investigations have exhibited that CBD could be used to mitigate the proliferation of cancer cells within cervical cancer cells. Kindly note that a considerable chunk of cancer and CBD research is pre-clinical, which means the studies are not carried out on humans or even mammals. And though the findings are quite promising, they shouldn't be viewed as conclusive evidence that CBD could cure cancer. You can visit this page on cancer.gov for further information on this sensitive subject.

8. Decreases Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress causes several modern health issues. Oxidative stress is the body having excessive free radicals and not being able to neutralize them. This problem is more recent because the environment a few decades ago wasn't as toxic as it is now. According to this study, CBD oil works as an antioxidant. Another study concludes that CBD oil has neuroprotective traits. Thus, CBD can decrease free radicals-caused neurological damage. 

9. Reduces Nausea

Another way CBD could be of value to cancer-struck people is through reduction of the feeling of nausea that chemotherapy treatments cause. According to a British Journal of Pharmacology study, CBD reduced nausea in rats. And this is not new information as cannabis has been used in ancient China to treat nausea. Modern medicine is realizing this only now. 

10. Supports Healthy Digestion

The human digestive tract comprises high quantities of endocannabinoid receptors. As mentioned earlier, CBD helps decrease bodily inflammation. This is highly relevant to the significant chunk of the human population that has inflammation bowel conditions, such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or Crohn's disease. Gut inflammation can also be reduced with CBD, and healthy digestive system regulation can be promoted. 

11. Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Heart disorder is a medical problem that has been on the rise in the recent past. It is, in fact, among the leading reasons for medical death in America. A healthy lifestyle and diet are paramount for heart health. CBD oil could also be of assistance. As per research, cannabidiol decreases artery blockage, decreases cardiovascular response induced by stress, and can decrease blood pressure. Also, it could reduce cholesterol. 

12. Reduces Smoking Cravings

A study directed smokers to replace their traditional cigarettes with CBD vape cartridges. The outcome of the experiment was smokers decreased their cigarette consumption in a matter of a week, without feeling nicotine cravings anymore. Another study discovered that CBD helped people recover from their opioid abuse. 

13. Helps Healthy Skin

CBD decreases inflammation holistically, including in the skin. Studied found CBD to be effective at combating inflammatory skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema. Also, as per another study, it could help your skin make healthy levels of oil. This has given rise to CBD anti-acne face oils in the market.

14. Promotes Good Sleep

Endocannabinoid receptors can be found in the sleep-regulating portion of your brain too. Weed is known for its sleep-inducing traits. A study stated that THC (the primary chemical found in marijuana that creates a high) promoted sleep. CBD, on the other hand, increased alertness and wakefulness. This denotes CBD could replace coffee for most people.

15. Regulates THC's Effects

It isn't just the sleep-boosting effects of weed that CBD counteracts. Using cannabis recreationally could have undesirable effects such as paranoia or increased anxiety. According to research, cannabis that comprise high levels of CBD caused fewer adverse effects.

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